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March 26, 2012

Good morning to you. Happy to have a chat if the timing is appropriate with you?

It is of much pleasure as always. Would you be so kind as to inquire of our status?

‘ows ya status lately?

It is more that we FEEL many would benefit if they understood that we come from a position of acceptance of who we are. This role which we play within the undivided attention upon your planet at this time is to be one of great participation from the overall perspective. Therefore we would consider it worthy of yourselves to also take a deep insight into that role in which each individual is also participating ... from the perspective of the Earth soul.  We would ask if you are playing your role well? Have you been rehearsing lines and now ready to perform? For indeed it is very soon to be a time when veils are lifted and ones strength must carry them through.

Are you ready for this change? Are you ready to step into position and claim knowledge of all that you are? Standing ground upon your planet Earth. Standing up for/to all your hearts KNOWING?

Can you say in your Truth when you ask your heart ‘YES I AM READY’? Because it is NOW … in these days that are just around your corner that you will need to KNOW that you are indeed in the position that you have been awaiting. You came to serve and service on a scale much larger than you have served ever before is what shall be required of you.

We ask you not to be weakened by bullies. We ask you to hold on to your hats. We ask you to show strength in all that you witness and all that you are preparing to share. We willingly send you atoms of Higher energy that will assist you in this.

Yes you have waited for so long, yet we wonder if you have TRULY considered consequences of our presentations?

For those in a position of security and LOVE, for those who KNOW who we are, then we say to you … gather yourself in a way like you have not done before. In this we mean … PREPARE! Talk to yourselves … we believe this is KNOWN as a pep talk. Begin to do this on a regular basis.

We suggest you convince the doubting part of your minds … 'I am a warrior of LIGHT. This that is to come is why I am here. I am strong. I am here to assist. I am willing to speak Truth. I am ready NOW for all that lies ahead and I shall assist this Awakening process throughout all doubts and fears of others. I shall not be sucked into the fears and doubts of those who have not yet opened up to the TRUTH of their soul. I shall be there to assist them. I AM READY NOW to do what I came here to do. IN KNOWING. IN TRUTH. IN LOVE’.

Prepare in this way. With words that resonate similarly. Build your KNOWING that what has been considered fantasy for so long is so very soon to become your reality. KNOW that your hearts are ready. This is why you came . Fill your souls with Love on a conscious level regularly in order for strength to be maintained.

The LOVE that we have … for your mother Earth and all upon her has no boundaries. You will FEEL this vibration of LOVE emanating from that which we present to you. No artificial replicas are capable of resonating TRUTH in a way that speaks directly to your hearts. Let go of all misconceptions. Of all rumours. Of all that is heralded to proclaim to be something they are not. For we tell you … Dearest Family…. When we merge with you once again … when we return to your planet in these coming days to reunite with you …


This will be apparent and cannot be neglected. Rejoice in your thoughts. Rejoice in your hearts, Visualise these times when once again we become close to you on a physical representation.

FEEL this reality into Being. Changes that are taking place as we communicate are reaching their pinnacle status. The turnaround of events that you hear of shall be phenomenally large in size compared to that which you have considered huge in past days. For that which is to be revealed to you on so many levels of your existence ... is of a magnitude far greater than even those who think they know what we are speaking of … imagine.

That which is to be revealed will be the uprising of the consciousness. When many hear what has been going on secretly behind the scenes ... their Awakening will recognise Truth.  Although ‘new’ to the ear … much will ring a bell … and once processes of thought have settled down and been comforted then acceptance for TRUTH shall allow the next phase to commence.

Which is?

Which is time to put the kettle on!

Be alert Dearest Ones. Smile in your hearts and in your eyes … always NOW. Keep tender in your souls the KNOWING that the place in which you find yourselves is one of great honour. There are many ‘envious’ souls who would have loved to be in your position, yet glory in YOU that are where you are. Build on this momentum of LOVE. Fulfil your destiny and see this transformation through with the ease and Grace in which you specified. 

 There will be times of such confusion that the world would seem best viewed from under your bedcovers. It is then that you remember to breathe deeply and hold your Swords of Light to the sky to be recharged. It is in these times that you drink daily from the Golden Chalice. It is NOW that you remember to recharge your batteries not just now and then, but twice daily .

 Yes the Light is with you and shall and cannot leave, but it is inevitable that in times of great change such as that which is upon you … you will have weaker moments through tiredness and vulnerability. This is why we insist that you PREPARE. By doing so … little damage to the soul shall take place.

These words we offer are not by any means meant to concern you … merely to PREPARE. We would not wish you to find yourselves a little depleted at times and say ’Well, they never mentioned about this part’.

And we say ‘part’, because that shall be all that it is. A small part of the change. When you move house … you are excited about the change , yet even though everything may go as smoothly as possible it does not mean that there is not a lot of work involved.
Remember the balance of your souls is required. For this will assist greatly in how one's handling of any given situation shall receive the most beneficial outcome.

Without doubt, without question ... these times ... for those who are ready to welcome us with open arms ... shall be of such joy to the soul. These days shall have you almost floating in appreciation of yourselves ... for listening to the inner you that has struggled now and then to understand its Truth.

Your inner joy shall be uncontainable. This in turn shall assist in that which is to be accomplished. For this inner joy carries with it an energy that is of a contagious nature. This is nothing new ... yet it shall appear that way due to the heights in which it can reach others energies who are not FEELING as bright as perhaps yourself.

Consider yourselves to be KNOWN as ‘HAPPY HUMANS’. Make a pact with yourselves each day to be a ‘Happy Human’. This is your side of things. We can offer assistance, we can offer guidance ... yet as we have said before ... we cannot do it for you . This is your biggest role.


You cannot be happy unless you are filled with LOVE. LOVE and Happiness are peas in a pod. The happier you allow yourselves to become … the more joyous you openly become … the more LOVE you express to those around … the more courageous your outlook  … the more you plant seeds for those who are too afraid of themselves to be as you are now.

Examples of LOVE are your greatest gift to yourselves and others.


How easily recognisable you shall be to each other. Is this not already so?

The Truth is ones’ smile and one’s eyes speak to another without words. For the heart in this way does all the talking. Just through a smile. You know of this. You are nodding saying ‘Yes they are right’. So smile even more, and as you smile KNOW your heart is speaking.  Spend more time allowing your heart to speak … in the silence of itself.

All these things can you do to assist yourselves as we move into this new time. This new vibration.  When we visit … for the first few times that we come in a more spectacular recognisable fashion … indeed your hearts will resonate on a Higher vibration as we merge. Yet it is still your position to remain in this ‘state’ once we leave . Upon returning ... more shall be accomplished due to the resonation factor that has settled between us.

So much excitement is abounding in many ‘Places of residence’. If you chose to quieten your minds and ‘tune in’… you will FEEL and ‘see’ much that is taking place.

Full steam ahead would be our ‘catch phrase’ to you.

Struth … I think you are rather more advanced than steam automation!

And yet as always, we chose our words wisely and do not see point in wasting them.

Tickety Boo …...  I had a funny vision of an ET with a peak cap on shovelling more coal on the boiler at a rate of knots!!!   'Crystals' and 'thought' I would imagine are more the order of the day. Thanks too for the reminder of the Chalice and Sword to the sky etc … would hate to have these ‘handy hints’ fall on stony ground. In Love and thanks. 

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