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Alpha Ship, February 4, 2010

Artist's impression of the Alpha Ship

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

Well, our channeler is ready to receive our message. We have waited some time, but we are conscious that he also has his working and personal obligations to attend to, as he also patiently waits for us until we are ready to transmit, regardless of the time, (sometimes into the early hours of the morning), we also must do the same.

We know the expectancy in which you all are, so our meeting between your brothers from the stars and even from other Galaxies and you ,the inhabitants of this planet (natives of her and those just visiting), will also take place in a physical form. And we say physical form because that is just what is missing for many of you, who have been contacted by us on the supraphysical planes while your physical bodies sleep. Sometimes, a little nap is enough for our encounter to take place – it is not a requirement for you to be asleep during the night – so if sometimes you suddenly feel tired or drowsy, if conditions are appropriate for that, go to a peaceful place where you can’t be bothered and take a little nap. Why? Because it is very possible that the reason of how you feel is that you are required to be given an instruction or just to adjust any of your energetic bodies (something that you need more frequently than you think, since your physical body and the others more subtle ones sometimes get tired of protecting themselves of the great number of energies that surround you and strive to penetrate inside your personal energetic system). Therefore, if you feel drowsiness at any moment, try to take a short nap; you will see that just some minutes will bring you a benefit as if you would have slept two or three hours. And the reason is that we may be acting upon any of your subtle bodies – or on all of them – we are “inflating your tires”!

We are so anxious for the moment in which we can give you a hug and finally meet each other arrives, believe us, as much as you are, or even more! For us, it will be a great joy to speak directly to you, without having to do it in this way, through a few at service who have been chosen for that duty, and issuing our messages on internet. You can’t imagine all the things that we can teach you after our physical encounter have taken place. Nevertheless, many of these things that we are going to teach you, as the designing of several gadgets of a very advanced technology or the means to use energy sources much more innocuous than those you have been using until now, cannot be taught to you through these messages because first it’s necessary that you understand their working basic principles; besides, building such devices implies that you must be familiar with certain techniques and methods, so you wouldn’t be able to use them even if you wanted to. Therefore, you must be patient and wait for the long-expected, so yearned moment of our future meeting at great scale to arrive.

We are conscious that doubts may arise in your minds, regarding if this encounter will take place or not. But I just tell you to listen to your heart, and it will whisper with a subtle inner voice what is going to happen soon. We are actually there; this is neither a science fiction movie, nor a novel about encounters with extraterrestrial beings, nor a monthly magazine about parapsychological phenomena or abductions. The truth, the profound reality, is that you have never been alone. If we, your Elder Brothers, hadn’t have been taking care of, and protecting you as the apple of our eyes, your planet would have blown up on a terrifying nuclear explosion not once, but several times already. In certain momentums of your space– time, there have been some cases in which some human beings in powerful positions, moved by fear, by uncertainty, by distrust or suspicion of other countries, have given the order to launch very powerful lethal weapons to objectives in other countries considered as “enemies” or “potentially dangerous”, and we have been forced to intervene, disabling those nuclear heads to prevent a nuclear holocaust of deathly consequences for your planet, which would have been destroyed due to the violence of those atomic explosions. We are telling you this for you to be calm, because we are not going to allow the success of any act made by unconscious minds immersed in the ignorance about the sublime laws of love and brotherhood, and encouraged by the always present dark forces. As we have already said it several times through all our available channelers, they are not going to succeed in their plans to extend their domination over the inhabitants of this planet; we are the ones that are going to succeed, you should have no doubts about that!

That’s a success that we do not credit just to ourselves, since we couldn’t achieve it without the help of so many workers as the ones we have “down there”. This help between our allies and us makes a Light force so powerful that it will sweep with unusual forcefulness the futile efforts of the dark ones to make their hegemony prevail over all human beings who inhabit this planet. Indeed , and there is no other possible future; the remaining days for the powers of evil to keep the power are already numbered.

Have faith, and overall, keep the hope. We, all together, won’t fail.

Commander Sohin from Alpha Spaceship greets you.

Channeler: Cristian

Dear friends,

Alpha Starship have started transmitting messages through Cristian since January 2010.

Our brothers and sisters of outer space would become very joyful if their messages can be translated in as many languages as possible.

If you resonate with their messages which are published here and are able to translate to any language or know someone who would be able to do it, please send an e-mail to keeluad@gmail.com.

We are already translating in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch, but any assistance in translating them into any of these and other languages is welcome.

Thank you.

Light and Love,


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