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August 20, 2011

Good evening to you. Just wondering how things are going with you? Down here on the ground we are playing our part to the best of our ability but it sure is nice to have some friendly words of encouragement and advise from your perspective on our worldly matters .

We thank you for your inspiration also to connect up with us when you FEEL it the right time. Continuing on a journey that most of you consider to be treacherous here and there, we would like to convey our condolences to those who FEEL that this is how it is to be.

I FEEL your humour here ... you are catching on!

Yet suffice to say for many this is their TRUTH. They feel that there is nothing but treachery that lies ahead and they are preparing themselves for the worst ... which of course brings upon their BEING more and more fear of what 'they believe' is to come. We cannot express enough that there is nothing that is to take place that is doom and gloom ... or the coming of the end times. Such words that say so are merely ... and note please the word 'merely' ... propaganda. Upon your network matrix more and more of 'what is not' is being integrated with 'what is' so that one becomes more confused as to what they FEEL they SHOULD BE believing. Do you see dear ones? Do you See what is happening? When untruth is scattered amongst TRUTH it makes only for disturbance ot the senses. For in one moment the heart space is 'KNOWING' and in the next 'frame' the heart space is FEELING anxiety and fear. Leaving the senses higgledypiggledy. Note too we have mentioned here 'the senses' ... What is happening, the way this propaganda has been 'designed' is to do exactly that ... to mess with your senses. To put them in a place where they ultimately FEEL upset and concerned. This in turn places your vibration at a lower frequency and this is the intention of the exercise.

Therefore we say again to you ... If something you see, hear or read gives you that churning in the stomach, in the inner part of your KNOWING, it is because it is not resonating on your HIGHEST level of TRUTH. The HEART is informing you that this is a 'no go' area and yet your head ... with all respect ... is often way behind in the intelligence department and begins to blow the FEELING out of all proportion by moving it into the 'think and destruct ' instead of keeping it in the 'FEEL and KNOW'.

In these intense times whist ALL things in your world are moving into their Higher place, there is a force at work that is now desperate to have its last fling. DO NOT FALL UNDER IT'S SPELL. All we have asked of you, all we have stated in order to assist you move away from such atrocities of corruption ... were done so in the KNOWING that you would not succumb to that which does not serve.

Dearest ones. AWAKEN NOW TO YOUR TRUTH. Listen with your breath, not your ears. Feel with your heart not your mind. Trust in all that you KNOW you are. You have gained so much knowledge along your journey, from us and others who have chosen to weave their magic in order to present a way forward.

NOW as you experience the changes ... NOW is the exact time to put all you have learned into place. When you remember the deepest most precious aspect of who you are ... when you remember why you are here ... you will be lifted by a force of knowledge . A force of GRACE that is YOU. A power of extreme integrity that will allow you to recognize that which you came here to do . As each new day presents itself to you, your intuition becomes your best friend. You stir within you the very depths of your soul that KNOW what is . 'Recall' will become second nature and you will find yourself behaving in a fashion that is new ... yet so becoming to all that you FEEL to be TRUTH. Your gifts of DIVINE origin will be awakened once again and bring with them a familiarity that allows you to embrace the coming events.

That which is to occur shall resonate as ' I KNOW THIS'. Fear cannot be present ... for end results are indeed KNOWN and therefore one is simply connecting with the Divine plan and all that it entails.

More than anything we can express to you ... what will be of most importance ... is to unite your brothers and sisters of Earth with the knowledge that you have accumulated through recall once again. This task is not a menial one. For when you look upon your worlds people as they stand now, there are many that are simply not prepared for what is to come very shortly now. Their systems will retreat into shock and panic, creating pandemonium around many areas. It is then YOU, YOU SOULS of LIGHT that have chosen to undertake these positions of authority ... and lead the lost and afraid in to a humbled haven where TRUTH will put their Beings at ease ... and help them to understand that which ... until such a time when it can be fully understood ... was once to them, merely fantasy.

We cannot say necessarily that it is with regret that they are afraid due to misinformation ... for as each of you KNOW in your hearts, if your world was in the place of where it is moving to ... there would have been no need for this great Ascension plan. It is BECAUSE of the fear and the lower energy formations that this great transformation into LIGHT is to succeed. It is BECAUSE of all of the fear and control that one is READY to change and transform ALL. So it is in gratitude FOR ALL involved that we are excited at what is to come about.

Ask the question that just popped into your head.

I wasn't going to ... I decided not to ... you just popped it into my head in that moment.

We feel it will allow a lot of fear to be dropped and this would be beneficial.

Okidokey. Many are spreading fear ... unintentionally ... with concerns of 'ELENIN' crashing into Earth or indeed coming so close that it will cause all sorts of havoc and that now there is the possibility that Oct 28th 2011 is the end of the Mayan Calendar and tying the two together etc etc etc. You see to be honest ... I don't see why you want me to bring this up ... isn't it fear mongering ? Haven't you already brought this up tonight?

And we wonder how many of you will have put two and two together . We would very much like to 'give our take' on the current proposal regarding that which we asked you to mention. It is this .... what so ever is to occur ... no matter what 'form' it may present itself ... is to be recognized for what it is ... the change over from how things are into how they are going to be.

You can choose as an individual to be afraid of the dog next door, if that is how you desire to live your days. Always apprehensive the minute you leave your doorstep that the dog is going to jump up and attack. OR ... you can face it. You can befriend it . You can overcome your fear of the animal by simply making the decision not to be afraid of it any more. You can change your entire attitude about what is to occur when you leave your doorstep before you even open you front door. THE KEY IS ... to KNOW that what you are about to experience is going to be a good one! NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS! In time ... through perseverance ... that dog which you were once afraid of, becomes a part of your day that you greatly look forward to having. You and the dog become the best of friends. You grow to LOVE each other. It is the change of attitude. The decision to change your attitude about everything that does not serve you ... that will serve you so well.

Let not anything ... dearest dearest friends of ours .... let not one thing overshadow the beauty of all that is. FIND ... SEEK OUT ... the rainbows which are present in every atom. If you do not look, how will you see them? Yet look with the eyes within your soul. Only there will you discover a world that has been forgotten and yet now it is once again rising into its rightful position. You are at the brink of this discovery. You are the ones that are standing so strongly in position ... awaiting now ... only for the orders that you already KNOW ... to be activated and carried through. As each one of you rests at ease in the 'new you' ... and FEELS comfortable with all that it entails ... you will be able to carry within you the steadfast awareness of that which you came here to do ... now playing out.

How will you KNOW this ? You will FEEL it. A FEELING inside that KNOWS. We cannot explain it in any other way.

Choose to befriend the dog. We suggest this to be most important. Start now by making all that you are afraid of into your best friend. It is you, after all, who are creating this NEW WORLD. This you KNOW. You are drawing ever closer to it. Turn fear into friendship. Become at peace within all that sits uneasily with your TRUE KNOWING. For your TRUE KNOWING KNOWS that there is nothing that exists that is more powerful than LOVE ... and you are of LOVE ... therefore why would one be afraid of anything?

What you consider to be fearful is only of it because YOU have placed the 'energy of fear' around it ... in you reality ... which isn't really real anyway. Simply ... yes simply, dearest friends ... change the energy around it ... around everything that you are unsure of ... into LOVE. Not through saying 'You LOVE it' ... for words are words ... but by FEELING AND KNOWING you LOVE IT. THEN you can use words ... for it is the intention and the energy they carry that make them what they are.

Thank you ... Yet some would say you haven't really answered in full the question you wanted me to ask.

Yet others would KNOW we have ... in our way. We would ask it to be accepted by the inquisitive mind ... and this is not new to you ... when we say that ... there are some things which are not to be known until they occur. There are a thousand fold reasons for this and we do not have the time now or in the future to make explanation of this. If some things that are not to be known until they take place WERE known ... it would/could alter the course of that which is planned. Interference from certain sources would not serve well.

The element of surprise is now to be undertaken. This has been sourced as the ultimate procedure in the coming times . Yet let it be understood also that WE DO KNOW WHAT WE ARE DOING. Far more than we are sometimes given credit for. Yet this is of no consequence to us. We are not here to seek adoration or score points from you ... we have far more universally important matters to attend to! Yet we do care so very much, that when we present phenomena in your skies ... that to which has never been conceived in the human thought before ... that each and everyone is as safe and of 'sound mind' as 'humanly' possible.

Your well BEING is of great attention in our plans ... For through and in LOVE we are ONE .

That's it for now ... just got the nod. Thank you ... I look forward to what is to come ... however LOVE presents itself ... I welcome it.

In love and thanks my friends. Truly ... thank you!

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