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August 10, 2011

Hello once again. I've been rather busy ( as you probably would know). I 'get the urge' to say hello when I haven't been in touch for a while.

Yet for us dearest one, it is but from one moment to the next . The souls recognition of itself cannot be missed. For that is all we are ... one another ... always present with the self and each other ... yet in different form. As the heart remembers the reconnection valve then there is a change regarding many things.

When one fully understands the meaning of the fact that we are all one, we are all each other ... when one TRULY KNOWS this ... how then would an individual consider causing any form of pain to itself? This is what we are trying to express to you ... we are no different from you in essence ... only in form . The same way that an insect is no different from you in essence ... only form. Yet how ... because of this difference of appearance ... can your human form dispel such hatred and abuse at times for one that simply 'appears' differently.

I know. It is a sad thing I find, that some upon this earth have 'chosen' to consider another 'less' than themselves.

And yet you are aware of the words ' What you do unto another ... you do unto yourselves'. This law cannot be escaped. For BEING ONE , how can you do what you do to another and it not effect you in the same way?

Do you mean here ... karma? I could interpret that a few ways. In that , if one were to torture another ... at some other 'place' in the human experience, the same would be done to them?

That question is taking us into very deep waters.

I'll get my snorkel!

If , for example, a soul was to severely maim another human being ... say by severing off a limb, with the intent of causing grief and pain ... it does not mean that at some point in the lifetimes of the maimer that they too will have the same done to them . Yet we would announce that they will at some juncture in their experience encounter the same 'FEELING' both physicality and emotionally. Yet not necessarily by the severance of a limb. The physical pain is traumatic indeed but the 'karmic law' as you call it ..

What would you call it?

We would term it 'The law of attraction'.


You seem surprised. Yet we say to you that whatever you 'give out' you will undoubtedly receive back ... attract back to yourself. It cannot be avoided.Yet it is more so the emotional repercussions that one must endure. For physical pain eases ... yet the scar to another's soul when they have been severely treated takes a much greater time to heal and the inflictor of such pain has to endure of the same in order to understand exactly what it had put upon ... itself. It is not punishment as many of you consider it to be. There is no punishment from our understanding ways. There is however a necessity for the soul self to fully accept responsibility for all its actions.

You are wondering what we are to discuss next are you not? We understand that there are many many questions that souls of Earth would dearly Love to have answered by us and they ask of you to ask us. There is an acceptance between us that we give forth that which we find most appropriate to speak of . We are aware of this . From our perspective there is so much we could tell , so many avenues to explore and yet such matters we consider to be unraveled in their appropriate time slot. What is to come ... as we have said many times ... will be KNOWN by the place in your heart ... and when incidents occur ... the soul will recognize them. What we consider to be of most value is to help you understand yourselves ... in order to prepare the way.

May I say you are doing a grand job. For you have indeed , through your word's ... assisted many to look upon this live of ours differently from the way we once did.

And this is our quest. Yet we say this is just kindergarten. Once the changes are in place .... the 'Here we are' changes ... then there will be a whole new level of learning and understanding to work with . It will be of great ease for those who choose to acknowledge their Truth instantly. Others may take greater caution . Each individual must follow their hearts path when the changes assuredley get underway . We are aware of many changes that have already taken place , but these are just the baby steps in order for the great announcement to fall into place and that which the soul has cried for at night ... shall come to pass.

We have been here before I know ... and I think so differently about things now than I did three years ago when you announced you were to appear in our skies ... yet ... gotta say it my friends ... come that day when our jaw drops to the ground in awe of your LIGHT presence ... in which ever form it may take ... there will be thousands upon thousands of us whose hearts will dissolve into uncontrollable tears for the KNOWING that we KNEW!

Yet you still now and then have doubts do you not?

Not big ones. I just sometimes wonder if we should find ourselves in 2020 and still no sign ... what would my FEELINGS be about it? Yet, I have changed my attitude so much, that I guess ... if I continue on doing so .... by 2020 'I' will be so very different from what I am even now. So no matter what is going on in our world I will be accepting it from a different place within myself. The thought of you landing on earth on a regular basis and it being the norm seems such a far off dream ... looking at the 'reality' we are dreaming now ...

And yet can you honestly say that you do not FEEL it ... SEE it in your minds eye ... when you think of it and KNOW it to be True?

I don't know to be honest with you. It could just as easily be something that I simply want to happen. Anyway ... sorry I am daydreaming ... wandering off a little .. shall we talk about something more tangible?

You mean something you can get your hands on?

Where's this going?

Your KNWOING is not something that can be touched physically. Your KNOWING comes from another aspect of yourself ... your HIGHER self. This is why we ask so often and why your dearest compatriot White Cloud acknowledges the importance of allowing yourselves to 'switch off ' ... for just a short period of your time and connect up with the fullness of yourself.

Here, ALL KNOWLEDGE IS KNOWN. The more you understand how to access it , the less inquisitive you become because there is nothing you do not KNOW. All the questions that run around in the heads of many will dissolve, when they learn to be at peace with 'this aspect' of the self and allow the connection of all aspects to unite for just a small period of time. Eventually , there will be a time when the presence of the HIGHER self is present within the animated Being as a matter of course. You FEEL that this must be in the very distant future, yet we would change that way of thinking about that FELING!

Once the show begins ... the changes within the self will accumulate at a pace yet unknown. In the vibration you are currently residing in ... the changes can effect your physicality and emotional well being quite strongly and move you off balance. Yet when the Higher vibration arrives carrying within it that which you long to see ... the ongoing changes that will be occurring within the soul self will not 'knock one around' so fully. The adjustments will be FELT with more ease and accepted and utilized in what will become the normal way of BEing. Therefore, once in motion ... the quickening of where ones soul is moving into will be of such ... that one can hardly recognize oneself from one moment to the next.

KNOW ... FEEL ... CONNECT ... with your HIGHER self whenever you think to do so. It is of great KNOWLEDGE and of a LIGHT that would dazzle your human eyes ... and yet .... dearest beloved friends ... THIS IS WHO YOU TRULY ARE. FEEL IT .... KNOW IT ... BE IT.

We repeat again because of the importance ... Do you think we would be wasting your time and ours by offering these words to you if these wonders were not to come about? Think about it? FEEL ... KNOW ... the difference within yourselves these days and how far you have opened yourselves up to your TRUTHFULLNESS. BY FEELING this journey you are traveling ... you will recognize OUR TRUTH . OUR reason in conversing with you dear friends ... is not to simply pass the time of day ... it is so that you can KNOW and BE PREPARED for all that we have spoken about ... to come into your place of existence at this time ... wherever you are.

The waiting at time seems unbearable ... yet when you are living in your Truth ... there is no waiting ... you already have what you are waiting for .

Thank you ... eh ... just a note for your diary ... The pillars of light??? You said by the end of our year ... just so you don't forget. Many are looking out for them. I know we have 5 months , just didn't want it to slip your mind ... knowing how busy you are an' all!

And how do you FEEL about them and the appearance of ?

You know don't you? But seeing as you asked there must be a reason . I would like them to show as you have said. Otherwise ... I will of course have to consider correspondence with you. EVEN THOUGH ... I KNOW you to be of TRUTH and how you are helping so many ... it wouldn't be right for you to say this and then not deliver the goods.

I accept your TRUTH about Oct 14th and why you could not do as you had wanted. I accept that Oct 14th was for many many reasons ... But we have our TRUST in you ... on a very deep level ... and to not have a display of such when you said there wouldbe one ... would not make sense. Your 'street cred' would take yet another dive ... and CLEARLY I don't want that to happen. Do you see where I am coming from? Some say WE are the pillars , some say this , some say that . YOU said there would be pillars of great Light in the sky that would carry the most wonderful energy. For all to see. You did not say metaphorically etc ... you said that we could not miss them. So ... I greatly look forward to seeing them .... OK??? Good. Marvellous! LOVE YA!

Point taken . Point understood. We smile at you as you are smiling at us. Our BENGS swell with LIGHT and Love at you as yours do at us. WE ARE ONE.


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