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Wanderer of the Skies - August 31, 2011

Greetings from the Federation:

We have taken some time since our last communication as we have been very busy of late. There is a tremendous amount of activity on our side as everyone readies themselves for an unusually big event. We remain excited and expectant about the occurrences to take place on your world. We now have an opportunity to update you in this respect.

The recent events in the Americas have no doubt many of you wondering what has transpired. We detected the use of chemtrails and other devices to take what was initially a natural event, a hurricane, and expand it and divert its path. We have taken our own steps to downgrade the ferocity of this event but acknowledge as well your efforts, which have been quite effective, at lessening its impact through the power of your thoughts. While there was great destruction, the vast majority of it was part of the natural world and necessary for Gaia’s transformation.

We have had great “debates” on exactly what should and should not be divulged to you through our discussions. We acknowledge your desire not to be told certain dates regarding Disclosure as this tends to weaken, rather than strengthen, the human spirit, especially since we cannot be certain ourselves of the outcome of these events with absolute certainty. Our discussions also touched upon whether to foretell of the man-made and natural events that occur around your world. We have decided for now not to divulge these events prior to their occurrences unless they somehow fit into an explanation necessary for you.

You will no doubt have noticed a significant increase in the appearance of our ships in your sky in all corners of the world sometimes in very large numbers indeed. This will continue and grow even larger in magnitude and frequency. We are conditioning as many people as possible to our existence so as to prepare for the inevitable. A key faction of the Illuminati’s rogue element has “seen the Light” recently and made a secret deal with those already brokering a power shift that is underway in many of its elemental functions. This should help in smoothing the way towards Disclosure.

Be ready for the inevitable. Focus on the task at hand as matters reveal themselves to you. The subtle Disclosure discussed previously will now make way for a much more obvious and powerful form of Disclosure yet to come. Be kind to each other in these trying times.

Be at peace.

Comment from one of our readers:

I have grown to be in deep resonance with "Wanderer of the Skies" ~I am wondering who channels this being?
Thanks and lots of love
Tracy" (September 1, 2011)

Our reply:

"hi tracy, thank you for your comment. "Wanderer of the Skies" is the name of the channeler, not the channeled being. this name was given to him by the founder of our translator group, luisa. because the channeler had indicated that he wanted to remain completely anonymous. we only know his first name and his e-mail address ourselves.

as he doesn't even want to be a channeler but kept receiving these messages, he called in on a radio show with sheldan nidle to ask sheldan what was going on with him. it turned out that sheldan had already asked his sirian contacts who exactly this new channeler was channeling. they said it was a non-human group within the GF. that's the story!
much love and light to you - kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (September 1, 2011)

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