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Wanderer of the Skies - August 17, 2011

Greetings from the Federation:

We have important news for you today. It appears that for the first time all of the appropriate legal documents, treaties and orders, plans and agreements, between all your nations involved in the disclosure process have been finalized. The last of the impediments to carrying out those plans have been silenced. This is not to say that there will not be other plans undertaken by the Illuminati to attempt another diversion to the ultimate act of disclosure, but we see only the “green light” at this time to proceed. While there is no timetable attached to this process, and we offer none for you at this time, we wish that you prepare yourselves for the tasks at hand and for the purposes for which you have readied yourselves for so long and at such cost.

In the recent past we were concerned with what we perceived as a rise in the level of Illuminati controlled activities, especially where chemtrails and behind-the-scenes government disruptions of third world powers were concerned. That appears to have lessened of late and we find ourselves back on course for the prospect of disclosure and first contact.

From the perspective of those who have not had any understanding of this process at all, it would seem highly unlikely that any of these actions would be taken. Indeed, even to some of you it seems that way. We understand your tiredness in the roller coaster ride that has been ongoing in this disclosure process. We feel it is necessary to keep you apprised of all developments as they occur, since you are on the vanguard of this process. That means, unfortunately, that you share in our disappointments when the process does not go as planned or is sidetracked by one development or another. We could easily keep all of this from you and simply tell you after the fact what was underway. But your involvement in this process is key. Your intention helps to create the very reality you find yourselves in presently, a reality very close to disclosure and all that this will bring for humanity.

Disclosure is a brave and incredible step for any modern leader to take today. The implications are staggering. Your society will change completely but you will adapt because that is the nature of your resilience. You are unique in the cosmos in this respect, especially given your denser forms and amnesiac state. It is truly a wonder of which we never cease to be amazed. You truly are great and powerful spiritual beings. And we rejoice for the time when you will understand that firsthand, without the veil of forgetfulness, when we can all stand together as brethren in our galactic company.

Ready yourselves always and prepare as if disclosure were imminent, even if it is not. Your actions, your intent, will shape your future. We stand ready with you towards that end. Spare no-one in the giving of your love, your hearts, and your sacred honor.

Be at peace.

Comment from one of our readers:

"thank you fr the message*******
it helps us a lot to go on working as amabassadors of peace, love nd light******
we need this support*****
we are ready for the contact ******
annaluce ITALY" (August 17, 2011)

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