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Interview with Sheldan Nidle

Sheldan Nidle
Last monday, Dutch lightworker and radio host Maarten Horst interviewed Sheldan Nidle on his BBS Radio show. After Mike Quinsey and Steve Beckow, this is a third guest that the visitors of our site will be very familiar with.

Sheldan Nidle has been a contactee since he was a child and has been on board of (mostly Sirian) spacecraft many times. They gave him an implant, so he can communicate with them whenever he likes. While producing his weekly updates, he's constantly chatting with them and discussing what words to use to get the message across in the best way. He only uses two fingers for typing, so this process can take up to four hours. You can find more information about him here.

During his interview with Sheldan, Maarten invited listeners to call in. To his own surprise, one of the callers was our new channeler Wanderer of the Skies, who wanted to ask Sheldan some questions about the background of his own channelings.

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For those who prefer a written version, we made a transcript of Maarten's interview, which you can read here.

With many thanks to Puk, for the transcript!

ET-First Contact Radio, June 20, 2011

Maarten Horst

Maarten Horst
Maarten: Welcome to ET First Contact Radio my friends! This is Maarten Horst speaking, your host, and I have my wonderful friend and special guest Sheldan Nidle. Selamat Ja Sheldan!

Sheldan: Hello there Maarten. How are you doing?

Maarten: I’m great, thank you. You know, I’ve been watching your DVD’s today about ‘Inner Earth [You’re Future Home]’, and ‘Back To Being Galactic Humans’, and I’ve been reading you message of June 14th, and it’s just wonderful! I want to start with a little sentence that you wrote there; you know, the thing is that everything is in the ready, that’s what I understand from the Agarthans and the Sirians and the Pleiadians (all of the Galactics). The time is so near now, and it’s so beautiful the way you write, so detailed, so uplifting, it’s wonderful!

Sheldan: Thank you!

Maarten: Yes. What I want to ask you, because there is a lot of speculation, I want to start with the ‘hot’ news, the hard news, because there is a lot of speculation about tomorrow, about the 21st, the solstice, what’s your insight about it?

Sheldan: Well, it’s a wonderful day, there’s going to be a lot of energies shifted tomorrow. To me it’s the beginnings of the final stages of what is going to happen on, which I call, the road to First Contact. As for Disclosure tomorrow, no. It requires really a friendly government to do it, we won’t have that tomorrow. So, what I look at right now is, what is happening because of the administrative glitches created, in trying to get these transformations done, as far as moving governments, which is no easy thing, it’s going to take a little bit longer. But, tomorrow is really the start of a lot of energies, there is the whole concept that they gave me, the ascended masters, about bringing our soul force in so we can bring in the sovereignty for the new age and also the whole process of allowing us to move another step closer to re-integrating ourselves in becoming fully conscious beings. So I really see tomorrow as the beginning more of that. The other more, I call it wonderful stuff, is going to take a little bit longer, but not that much longer. So I’m very confident that the ‘soon’ I’m talking about now isn’t really years or anything like that, it’s going to be very close. We are actually in a period right now when those in charge of us for over the last series of millenniums are now beginning to understand that their reign, which to them was to be infinite, is now actually quite finite and that there is not much longer to go. They are starting to begin to panic and understand the process of the process of what is happening, and they are ready to finally, at the appropriate moment, give up. But they’re trying to stay for the last possible second that they can get out of it.

Maarten: And of course everything is in the ready, the galactic personnel is saying in your latest message that everything is in the ready and the new governments are ready, the printed money for the new financial system is ready, everything is ready, it’s just for the divine moment to occur.

Sheldan: Right, and that divine moment I think is getting very closer every day. And the period between when it should happen en where it looks maybe like say ‘now’ is also every day we go by getting closer. So, I feel this is really this summer/fall is going to be finally where we end this. And I’m hoping it’s in the summer because I would like it to happen sooner rather than later, I’ve always been that way. And that’s one of the things that I want to get done, is to get this happen as soon as divinely possible.

Maarten: Yes, and you wrote in 5 or 4 messages ago that June 21st would be the deadline for Disclosure, so, they will have to intervene then?

Sheldan: What they are going to do is, there is a process right now, there is final sets of negotiations, there is this little final administrative glitch going on right now, and once those fully get done, we’ll have a change. And I think that’s not too far in the distant future, so, we just have to stay tuned as they say and keep our hope up and our frustration in the backside and just keep moving forward to give all the energy for this all to happen. Like I said, as soon as divinely possible.

Maarten: You know what, we have a caller on the line, would you like to take it?

Sheldan: Sure.

Maarten: Here’s a question. He’s from Colorado, and we can bring him in now.

Caller: Sheldan?

Sheldan: Sure.

Zack: Hi, this is Zack, I’m from Colorado.

Sheldan: Hi Zack.

Zack: I just had few questions for you. I’ve been reading your channelings for a while and in one of your channelings you did say that Disclosure would come before the solstice in the northern hemisphere, which is June 21st, so you kind of said that pretty definitely…

Sheldan: It was very much supposed to happen.

Zack: OK.

Sheldan: But as always happens when you deal with humanity and this temporal world, things don’t quite happen exactly as you would want them to happen, so, we’ve got these last minute negotiations which are going to lengthen the whole process out, and so hopefully very soon all this will indeed happen.

Zack: OK, and then a couple of other things. So, there are divine deadlines, it that correct?

Sheldan: There are. What they are exactly, they’ve never really told me, because they said that people on this planet have to know that it is happening and there is a certain time at which heaven will actually say ‘it’s enough’. The decrees from the Creator are such that they must now be followed with no glitches and the process will then move along swiftly. I don’t know what they are, but they keep telling me that we’re very close to them.

Zack: OK, and then there’s one more thing. I notice in your channelings, as opposed to other ones like Mike Quinsey, you tend to focus a lot on Nesara, or the monetary system and a transitional government, well wouldn’t that be unnecessary if we are going to reach ascension?

Sheldan: Well, there is a period between that and when the landings happen. In order for the landings to happen we have to create a situation on this planet where the actual switch-over from ‘humans believing they are the centre of the universe’ to ‘humans now seeing themselves as part of a greater set of humans that are all across the galaxy, and seeing themselves as fully conscious beings’ as to being their destiny, that’s a huge leap. And we need an interactum, a period, a gap, between that happening, and where we are now. And that requires that we have a different government that is willing do those particular things, or to institute certain specific programs that allow that all to happen in the way that both heaven and the galactic federation want it to happen, which is easy, swift, with a minimum of fear and a maxim amount of expectation and joy as it all occurs. In order to do that most governments on this world are, especially the major governments of this world, are all about fear, manipulation, and basically not telling you the truth. The whole concept that the President of Prime Minister, or whatever tells you about transparency is just words, and unfortunately, this government as well as all the other major governments are not yet ready for that process. So that’s why there has to be this change, and we’re very close to all that happening right now.

Zack: And you believe it’s going to be by 2012, because a lot, in all your channelings there seems that you think it’s by 2013.

Sheldan: I would indicate to you right now that there’s an excellent chance that this will all happen before this year is out. So, let’s just go with that and put our energies toward that happening and then, when it all happens as it should, then we can rejoice in it with our joy and with our anticipation and expectations of what’s all about to happen.

Zack: Alright, thank you for your time Sheldan.

Sheldan: Sure. Thank you.

Maarten: OK, wonderful Sheldan, that was a beautiful answer. What I understand from your DVD’s and your channelings is that what you also say in your webinars of course. Soon there will be a new webinar, on the 26th? Is that correct?

Sheldan: Right, our next webinar is going to be on Sunday June 26th, and the second one on June 30th, which is a Thursday. And of course since you probably know Maarten, it’s called “The truth about our spiritual revolution” and it’s about the new role of the Galactic Federation, the Ascended Masters role and our role in this change. And so if people want to enroll in that they could go to our website, which is www.paoweb.com.

Maarten: Yes, excellent! The Planetary Activation Organization.

Sheldan: Exactly!

Maarten: www.paoweb.com. Maybe later we can talk about the "Ummac Dan", the Sirian seal that you use on your website, but first of all, there’s a caller on line 2, may we bring him in?

Sheldan: Sure.

Maarten: OK. Hello?

Caller: Hello?

Maarten: Yes, this is Maarten Horst speaking from ET First Contact Radio. You are live now with Sheldan Nidle, so what’s your question?

Caller: Hello, are you there, Sheldan?

Sheldan: I’m here.

Caller: Oh hi, great to hear your voice. I’m wondering; my question is: if your contacts had told you where my channelings may be coming from. What source they might be coming from. Just to let you know, I don’t know if you’ve heard of these channelings, but, excuse me, I’m a little nervous here. Luisa Vasconcellos calls me Wanderer of the Skies. And I don’t know if you’ve heard those channelings or not, but I was wondering if you had been told what the source of them might be from.

Sheldan: Right, well, they’re just a group in the Galactic Federation. There is a whole bunch of subgroups within the command board. A command board is just a euphemism for it, because it’s all done with what they call fluid-group-management. So each group knows how to interact with one another, it’s kind of done fluidly. It isn't really done hierarchically like we use organizations structures in this world and what they’re symply doing is, they’re using, because most of them are from the non-human group, what they are doing is explaining to people the landings, and so it’s helping the process out and it’s helping the people to get a better understanding of what is happening. Because people will listen to Quinsey or myself or other people, and so they wanted to add their voice to it to give people an idea of, to get a better understanding of this process. There is a great need as you probably know from talking to them, from people to understand the need for the governments to get more friendlier change and also that it’s very important for the GF right now that there be a basic acceptance, a formal acceptance, of their reality, and of what they are doing, because this is basically a divine mission and it has to happen and it has to happen soon. What they do not want it to look like is an invasion. It has to be something that’s coming from the heart, that’s benign, that the people can accept and understand, so you’re just part of the process of helping to educate people about this whole incredible thing which I like to call First Contact.

Wanderer of the Skies: OK, well, that puts me at ease. I had no idea whether it was legitimate or not. [They laugh]

Sheldan: Just go with it, because it comes in a way that seems like it’s not, because they have the ability to blend with your consciousness in a way that you don’t know whether you’re making it up or it’s real. So just understand…..

Wanderer of the Skies: Absolutely! And that’s really my biggest concern, because I actually thought I was just making it up.

Sheldan: OK, you’re not. Because it ducktails with a lot of the stuff that they’re giving me. So I’ve been reading it and seeing how it ducktails, and it’s pretty well doing that. And, I asked who it was and it’s basically a group that’s mostly non-humans on the board who wanted to start a process of communications to show that there’ll be the parts, not just the human aspect, that we’ll be meeting basically at the beginning, but all the other aspects of the Galactic Federation are behind all of this and they’re just as anxious to meet us as the other people are, who are going to be actually be making the original first movement, the First Contact. But they just want people to know that they are really benign, and care. At the right moment they will be introduced. But, the basic part about humanity is, people that don’t look like us, or even resemble us, people unfortunately have the xenophobic type of fear of it. So, they’re just sticking behind doing what they’re doing with you, so, just to show that there is a basic, across the board, acceptance of what’s happening and that all of them are behind, what’s about to all happen very shortly.

Wanderer of the Skies: And how is it that they pick the person who they want. Because I’m probably the least likely candidate that you could come across to do this stuff.

Sheldan: Well, they usually look pretty much into the process of who they are going to do, and you were the one who would somehow fit the basic example, because it was either your heart energy, or they knew that you would except it to the point that you would actually do something that would allow for you to put it out there. And they knew that you had sources around you, that would allow it to get out on to the internet and a fairly large amount of people getting the message. Because they would be, you know the internet, if you do it right, has this viral effect, and that’s basically what’s happened and that’s what they were hoping for.

Wanderer of the Skies: Thanks Sheldan, I appreciate it.

Sheldan: Sure.

Maarten: Thank you, that was wonderful! Those were great questions. Sheldan, we have another caller. A lady.

Sheldan: Sure.

Caller: Hi Sheldan, it’s Nimaway.

Sheldan: Hi Nimaway.

Nimaway: Hi, great questions this morning, great answers, thank you. I guess what I’ll just ask about is our role right now. First of all I perceive everything their saying is really great; we’ve certainly worked on this for an extremely long time, and many lifetimes and a many a long time in this life, and here we are, just about there. So we’re doing some of the meditations you suggested and if you want to help us get familiar with what we can do right now, that would be great.

Sheldan: Well, now we’re reaching the solstice point, which is tomorrow, and so, after that you do three days after that however your meditation procedures are. Just feel the energies, you should now start feeling that things are changing, because they told me when I was writing the next update that it was coming along very nicely. The heaven is happy with it and the Ascended Masters are very happy with it also. So they are looking forward to this being another part of this whole process, another, you might say, hoop getting put down that needs to be put down to move us forward, so that we can successfully finish off this process of the Ascension, which is basically: moving into full consciousness. So, we’re moving forward, it is working very well. I want to thank everybody who is doing that, keep it up. I thank everybody around the world who is doing this. It is helping with the procedure of allowing all of us on this planet to bring in this new reality, to manifest this connection between the Ascended Masters, our new consciousness and ourselves and so, I’m very happy with it, and thanks for bringing that up.

Nimaway: OK thanks Sheldan, best regards to both of you.

Sheldan: Right, best regards to you too Nimaway, have a great day!

Nimaway: Thanks, you too.

Maarten: OK Sheldan, it’s almost impossible to ask questions myself because we have so many callers. We have Randy from San Francisco, oh, I think Randy hung up, he was there from San Francisco. But anyway, I would like to ask also my own questions my friend.

Sheldan: Sure, go ahead.

Maarten: Well, there is something special about Inner Earth of course where the Agarthans live. ‘Ag’ means Inner and ‘Artha’ means Earth as you explained in a wonderful webinar, I think it was Galactic Humans 101. And the Galactic Federations command base is underneath Shambhala in Inner Earth.

Sheldan: Right Shambhala, which sits underneath the old Potala Palace which is where the Dalai Lama used to hang out before the Chinese made the world otherwise.

Maarten: Right, and that’s in Inner Earth below Lhasa.

Sheldan: Right.

Maarten: So this command base; there are getting ships in and out there, Pleiadian and Sirian mostly, because they have a history, they are in fact our ancestors, like also some of the Andromedans and the Lirans. By the way, my dear friends, my listeners, Sheldan has beautiful material, wonderful DVD’s that you can purchase for not a lot of money on his website: www.paoweb.com. And it’s really recommended to see them. I’m getting some questions by watching your DVD Sheldan. What is important to know I think, is that after First Contact, we’ll go to Inner Earth, into the metamorphosis chambers in order to become fully conscious beings.

Sheldan: Right, exactly. So, this is the last stage, after First Contact, after the final interactions between ourselves and the Galactic Federation, and counselors will be assigned to us to will mentor all of us. Then we’ll go down to Inner Earth, and, as you said, we’ll go to special places and Crystal cities that the Agarthans have build for all of us, and finish up this process in the metamorphosis chambers, where we’ll change into being fully conscious beings, with their help.

Maarten: Well, that’s the most beautiful thing that can happen to us, because we’ll remember our past lives. Being fully conscious means also to know where we are going to. We know already a little bit from you, and from the information you give us. And I just want to say a little compliment and that’s that the information that you are putting out is the purest that I’ve ever encountered and it’s really helping me to lift up and to prepare for what’s coming.

Maarten: Thank you very much Maarten, I appreciate that.

Sheldan: Yes, and Sheldan, we have two callers on line 2 and 3. Maybe we can start with Gabriel?

Maarten: Gabriel’s gone, that’s a pity. We have Randy on line 2.

Randy: Hello, can you hear me?

Sheldan: I can hear you.

Maarten: Yes, we can hear you Randy, welcome to the show.

Randy: Hey Sheldan, this is Randy. To follow up with the Wanderer of the Skies, I just want to let people know we are doing a site too www.firstcontactnow.org a very gifted young star seed named commander Adama who has contact from Andromeda and Sirius. We’re going to be putting up more contacts from our contacts who basically support what Sheldan is doing and get more information out there, so, anyways. My question was about the Agarthans broadcast; how quickly after the transitional regimes will we actually have broadcast from the Agarthans and people of that nature?

Sheldan: It will be between days and a week of a week and a half. One of the things that they are negotiating, the Federation liaisons and the people from the various secret societies for the light around the world, which are under the mainly St. Germain and Quan Yin and a few others, is exactly what is the final schedule going to be. And that part is not quite yet been locked down, so, it will be either within a few days to a week and a half at the most. They want to have a short period of time where the people that are in charge of the new governments have a chance to explain to people, which is going to be shocking all by itself, the whole process of what is going to be changed in our planet. And then after that whole thing is explained and implemented, or at least begins to be implemented, then they’re going to get into the whole thing about contact, and that of course leads to the Inner Earth people, the Agarthans. Sometime in that basic timeframe after the first part starts, of which you were just talking about, the government’s announcements: it all happens. So we don’t have a final, you might say ‘put-in-stone’ type of schedule yet. But it’s going to be that, roughly about that.

Randy: And the Ascended Masters, are their messages going to be read or are they going to make appearances prior to First Contact?

Sheldan: Just before First Contact, when it actually gets that close, the Ascended Masters are going to start manifesting, so it will be like weeks before that, they will start manifesting.

Maarten: What a wonderful question. We have Deborah on line 3 Sheldan.

Sheldan: OK.

Deborah: Hello!

Sheldan: Hello.

Deborah: Hi, hello Sheldan!

Sheldan: Hello there.

Deborah: How are you today?

Sheldan: So far, so good.

Deborah: So far, so good. I’m calling from Colorado and I just wanted to say hello. I’m very excited, I know that things are speeding up, I’m constantly feeling a little tapping on my shoulder to get ready. My question for you is, from what I understand from messages that I receive, that this initial Disclosure process and the First Contact is actually going to be with beings that are more human looking at first, and even into the program, but that there are entities and beings that are not so human looking, that have very different features.

Sheldan: Exactly. Right, there’s 45 to 50 nations that are called Ancestor nations, because all of us, depending on where you are in the world and what your ancestry is, all of us have a basis, you can put it all back to the tens of thousands of generations. You would discover that these beings from other worlds were your actual genetic ancestors, as far as our physical essences go. And so, they are the first ones that are going to be in charge of the contact, those are the first people we’ll be greeting. And so, behind them, because they only make up 40% of the wholeness of the Galactic Federation, are other beings, that want to have that same opportunity, but they can’t have it, until we get used to the concept first of all that we are not alone, secondly that the Galactic Federation is benevolent and third there are really benevolent sentient beings from other species that are just as wonderful to meet and be a part of in spite their appearances and how they may look in terms of how our histories go. So, what we just need to know is, they’re there, they’re waiting, they’re anxious, and they want all the preliminary things that come before they can show to happen as fast as possible, because they also are very anxious to see us, so know that they’re there also.

Deborah: So that little tap on the shoulder is just their way of letting us know, hey pay attention?

Sheldan: Right. Pay attention, know that there are things that are happening and just enjoy and be prepared to tell other people at the right and appropriate time that all this stuff that they’re hearing in their media, whether it’ll be paper, newspapers, magazines, especially radio, television or internet, that all of this is real and that it’s not something to be afraid of, it’s something to accept and see it as the great wonder that it’s meant to be.

Deborah: I agree, and thank you. There is one other quick thing: I like your little link on your website for the PAG-stories and I like to read more. I would encourage more people to do that .

Sheldan: OK, very good, because Miles, my webmaster, would love to post more.

Deborah: OK!

Sheldan: OK, thank you.

Doug: Hello Sheldan, this is Doug. It seems that Maarten is… I don’t know, he might have an internet problem right now. I’m going to try to bring him back on, but we do have Tim on line 2 if you would like to take that call.

Sheldan: Sure, let’s talk to Tim.

Doug: Here he is.

[Mumble in the background]

Doug: Sheldan? Is Tim not there? Tim, are you not there?

Tim: Yeah, I’m here. Hi Sheldan, how are you doing?

Sheldan: Hi.

Tim: Sheldan, Carl Calleman and his interpretation of the Tzolkin Calendar; are you familiar with that? And I was wondering if what the Galactic Federation is saying ties in into the Tzolkin Calendar?

Sheldan: What are you talking about; his more advanced date or exactly what are you talking about?

Tim: Carl Calleman is a scientist from Sweden…

Sheldan: Right.

Tim: …and he is an expert on the Tzolkin Calendar, on the Mayan Calendar, which is a Calendar of the evolution of human consciousness as opposed to Galactic Events. And according to him, on October 28th of this year, that’s when we really enter the new world that more or less is birth at that point.

Sheldan: Yes, right. That’s what I thought that was, so that’s why I asked.

Tim: Oh, let me turn that down. Hang on a second. Let me go on over here to the Calendar here. Don’t want to take up too much time. Yes, fruition starts October 11 through October 28 and so we go through a leaf formation, which is on June 25th, and budding, destruction. Destruction by the way is happening according to the Calendar on August 18th through September the 4th. And apparently destruction means bringing down of the current situation, flowering and then fruition, starting on day 7, which is October 11th through October 28th. So I was just wandering if the Galactics…

Sheldan: Yes, it has a lot of validity. From what they have told me. So I will just say that that Calendar, I like it. That’s what they told me and I felt the energy when they talked about it, so. I would say a lot of it is probably very accurate, more accurate than let’s say the December 2012 date which would get me into trouble with a lot of the people and the calendars, because the people expert on the Mayan Calendars have been screaming about the earlier date etc., but I kind of believe that the earlier date is a little more accurate. But we will, as they say, see what we see, but that’s what I would say right now.

Tim: If I can; his name is Carl Calleman, website: www.calleman.com

Sheldan: Right.

Tim: Thanks Sheldan, I appreciate it.

Maarten: Thank you my friend, this was wonderful. You know what happened Sheldan? I was hacked! Yesterday I had a guy on the other radio station, his name is Geoffrey Faulkner, now I have you. And yesterday we were hacked; I couldn’t connect to the server, and my friend there Jeroen, could also not connect to the server. And then there was a signal, transmitting the radiosignal over the internet, so people could hear us, although technically we were not connected so, this is really amazing. And I think that the ET’s intervened so that he could get his word out. And I was just disconnected again, you know? I’m back here, so, welcome to the show everybody. We are very happy to have Sheldan Nidle, welcome back Sheldan.

Sheldan: Sure. Glad to hear you’re back again Maarten.

Maarten: Yeah, you have been there, but I was hacked, my computer was hacked. So, we have

George now on line 3, from the UK.

George: Hello there. I’ve actually got two questions if I may? I’m wandering, because I’m actually new to your information, where would be a good place to start as far as the video is concerned.

Sheldan: Well, let’s see, what would be a good start for our videos. Probably, I would say, when you are going to start, I would say the ‘Back to Being a Galactic Human’ would be a good start. Then after that ‘Journey to Joy’ and then ‘Inner Earth’ and that would be probably the first three where to start with to give you a general overview of what we’re talking about.

George: OK, that’s great.

Sheldan: Sure.

George: I would also like to ask, because of course there’s a lot on the internet at the moment about this Comet Elenin, and I was just wondering, what are your thoughts on that?

Sheldan: Well, I haven’t really, I kind of put it on the back burner myself, I really don’t have any thoughts on it, so. I am sorry I have to defer for that.

George: OK, no problem at all, but whatever it is hopefully it’s going to been seen a lot closer and that it’s a positive thing, that’s the main thing.

Sheldan: Right.

George: But thank you for your answer and I wish you the greatest luck, we’re living in an amazing time, so I’m sure we have a lot to look forward to.

Sheldan: Sure, and thanks for your call George.

Maarten: Yes, thank you and goodbye. So, now we have another one, from Nevada.

Sheldan: OK.

Maarten: So, welcome to the show and tell your name please.

Caller: My name is Vaughn.

Maarten: Hello Vaughn.

Vaughn: I just have a couple of points I’d like you to address, quickly. Just that, first of all people, all of us listening, need to remember: don’t jump into anything blindly. Always use your inner guidance, because I have seen some of the ET First Contact sites that sounded really great, but they had some meditations, that to me, I got a bad feeling about, it was like you segregated your top half and your bottom half and crystallizing, you know, I got a funny feeling. So, everybody shouldn’t they listen to their inner guidance and choose wisely and carefully, before you jump into these, any of these programs? Because we all know it’s coming, why worry about exactly when. We’ve got to just prepare ourselves.

Sheldan: Exactly, that’s why I always tell people ‘just be in the light, do those things that you feel comfortable with, if you don’t feel comfortable with it, don’t do it, and always be in a positive aspect about everything that you do, and do it in a way that makes sense for you, that you move forward to your ascension, your becoming fully conscious beingness’. I would say that’s really important, I agree with all you’ve said.

Vaughn: And it’s really hard a lot of times to stay positive, because you know, most people have no earthly idea when you try to find it, when you know, I try to speak a little of this, it’s just, you’ve got to be really careful to what you let out, for instance, you know the Galactic Centre is the place from which we all came I found, and where we’re supposed to go when we die, that’s the tunnel of light, and that a result on December 21st, Earth will be pulled into a new location, an important location, in our Milky Way Galaxy. I like astrology, and I’ve found a wonderful site of a group that has really been informative, so we have a lot of other things to worry about, other than just the time table. And I think we’ll all be handled as needed, according to the Divine and their process.

Sheldan: Exactly.

Vaught: And we give thanks to everybody, don’t we, involved.

Sheldan: Right.

Vaughn: That’s the main thing to do.

Sheldan: Right, be involved in things that make your heart sing, that’s what I always say.

Vaughn: If it feels good, go with it, and if you feel funny about it: stop.

Sheldan: Exactly.

Vaughn: Thank you, I’ve really been enjoying this.

Sheldan: Thank you, thank you again.

Maarten: We are enjoying this too Vaughn, thank you Vaughn. So, Sheldan, we are having many callers now, and we have a lot of listeners, more than usual, so, would you agree to continue a bit longer so I can ask my questions?

Sheldan: Unfortunately, I’ve got a lot of things to do because I’ve got a webinar on Sunday, and I’ve got things that both Colleen and I are in the middle of, so I have to refrain from that right now.

Maarten: OK, well, that’s alright. I think that was the last caller. It was wonderful to have all these questions from the callers, so thank you, all of you. Sheldan, now it’s just the two of us, I would [like to] go into some questions. The Universe we’re living in is a living Universe and planets, suns, stars, people, all living beings affect each other and you have spoken about spiritual science. The Pleiadians and the Sirians, when they are on their ships they have boards where they can see things when they monitor planets or civilizations and they can see everything that’s happening with the energies of the people in the continents.

Sheldan: Right.

Maarten: What can you tell us about what they are seeing on their screens right now, let’s say what happened in the last three or four months up until now, how we as human beings on this planet are ready according to them for First Contact. What’s your idea about it?

Sheldan: Well, everybody on this planet right now, is moving forward in such a way, that we could move forward into First Contact any time now. But what they are doing is, they have to look at the physical aspects, which is of course the governments that control the different continents, the nation states, all around our planet. And so those things need to be worked on and so that’s what’s delaying the process. We have to understand that from a spiritual standpoint, people on this planet, even if they don’t openly acknowledge this stuff, or even if they feel very frightened deep down about all this stuff, which is namely contact and beings from other worlds, deep down they really, really feel an energy that is going to be accepted. One of the things that people of this world are always doing is polling on this, and they found out that over 70, nearly 80% of all people that they’ve ever polled on this planet, know that something wonderful is very close to happening. And the same thing is what the Galactics are discovering on their instruments and on their ships right now. The people on this are fully cognizant in their deep spiritual essences of a change that needs to be made. They see that this particular reality really can’t go on as it is right now, and they know that something important has to happen. And a lot of people understand that this aspect of something important having to happen, requires somebody from another reality to come here and help move us through that particular procedure and making sure that something new and wonderful happens and that it happens in a way that doesn’t keep the old reality going, because the old reality, everybody now understands, just does not work.

Maarten: The old reality is now broke and the leaders that are leading the world right now don’t have the wisdom to lead us, so we need galactic wisdom to lead us the way to ascension. And I want to ask you about the media, because the media is a big machine, it’s a big war-machine in fact, they’re spreading fear over the population. How far are the Earth allies in taking over the media to do the Disclosure announcements, because I think there are so many forces we have to deal with before we can have access to all television networks, all newspapers, all radio stations. How far is this process in being completed?

Sheldan: Well, as far as the media goes, when the right moment occurs and the Disclosure process has started, they can break in into any worldwide internet, or any kind of television or radio stations, whenever they require themselves to do so. That isn’t really the important aspect that they’re looking at. The important aspect of Disclosure is that people openly accept the fact that they are real, and openly accept the fact that there’s benevolence going, and openly accept the fact that indeed the great changes that many people have longed for and have felt were about to happen, will indeed then begin to happen. They know that, so their just following a process that they feel, from what they know of us, is very important, which is first: we need a formal Disclosure, a full formal Disclosure at that, and one that then allows them to openly interact with us, in this case choosing the media that we have in order for them to successfully begin a process of educating us about who they are and educating ourselves about where we’ve been and where we’re going, etc. And where we are right now in the whole process creating our new ‘You’s’ as I like to call it. So, that’s what they are waiting for right now, and as soon as the rest of all of the stuff needs to happen, happens, in other words governments begin to formally begin Disclosure or change, then they will be able to move forward with the next stage of what we’re talking about, which is Disclosure, not only from governments, but from themselves.

Maarten: Yes, because our governments will be the first probably to do it and then they will come in and educate us on First Contact and the Ascension process and the Agarthans etc.

Sheldan: Right, exactly but, people just do not like to have their radios and televisions and internet suddenly intercepted and no matter what they try to do, it stays the same: people just don’t like that. Just like for instance that’s why they have rules on this planet about people doing hacking, so they don’t really want to do that. They want do it in a way that allows for people to know they are here, and that they are going to do it at specific set of times for their broadcast and the people will then be waiting for them to speak to them, or else to see them and speak to them. And that is very important to the Galactic Federation, that it gets done that way, where people accept the process, don’t just get a surprise so to speak at a particular time at night or day. So they just want to do it that way because this is all about moving us forward in a way that makes us all happy and maintains our joy about it, not suddenly in a startled shocking way of doing it. They want to prevent that, that’s why they’re going to create ways and things to allow us to calm down and not be upset when the initial aspects happen. Because they know even when we get the process that we want, which in the case of the Galactics is the formal Disclosure, still a lot of people are going to still be in a position of being panicked by it, so they want to calm everybody down and make the process as easy and simple as possible.

Maarten: Yes, and will there be decloackings during the Disclosure process.

Sheldan: Right, they’re going to start decloaking when they know for instance that they see that the military radars and other systems are no longer in an aggressive mode. Then they will be able to decloak easily, with no problem, because they would like to have people see that really, instead of just looking up at the sky in the daytime and all you see maybe are a few clouds or in some places no clouds, that really there is something up there besides clouds or the occasional aircraft, going from point to point across the sky. There’s actually tons of ships up there, and the same thing for the night sky.

Maarten: That would be so beautiful. You know, to see that would be the happiest time of my life. And I think for many more listeners this will be. Sheldan, you have a webinar this coming Sunday. And listen folks, it’s only $ 15.--, is that correct Sheldan?

Sheldan: Right, it’s 15 US Dollars, exactly.

Maarten: Yes, I think it’s a fair price. I have attended about 11 or 12 webinars, and they are so uplifting and you learn so much from them.

Sheldan: Thank you.

Maarten: And Sheldan, one of the things you’ve just discussed is what you will discuss in your next webinar. That’s why I speak about it. It’s about this being fully conscious, and I feel that many people are growing now because of the channelings that are coming out from Mike Quinsey, Wanderer of the Skies recently, and you, and I have a special friend, his name is Bernard, he lives with me in the Netherlands. What we do is, after my work the last three years: I drive to his house and we read your message in English, with a cup of coffee, and we elaborate on it and we fantasize about it and he’s such a wonderful friend of me and he is so interested in your work, and we would so much see that this Disclosure thing will happen soon. So will there be a chance that there will be some announcement on television tomorrow?

Sheldan: I think tomorrow will be just like today. I think there will be some changes energetically of course, but, not quite. But it’s still very, very close.

Maarten: Not in news reporting.

Sheldan: No, no, the news will only happen after Disclosure which happens by governments, so a lot of other stuff that we have talked about before has to happen; government changes, the deliveries of, all that stuff that we talk about has to happen. And that has not quite occurred yet. So I would say tomorrow, the basic thing is: we are changing energies on the solstice tomorrow. So keep the soul force meditations going, stay in your heart, be one with your energies, bring that all together, bring down collectively the energies that allow us to sovereignly create our new reality and just keep [moving] forward and look at tomorrow as a blessing, as a gate point that we’re crossing.

Maarten: Yes, OK. Thank you for that, it’s a little disappointment for me. And then there’s a question I have, I’m reading from your latest message from last Wednesday:

“As we await this magic moment, our fleet personnel are carrying out the next steps in our disclosure scenario, one of which concerns our first post-disclosure broadcasts. Our communications team is revising what we intend to convey to you. You now want to know more about us, and so we are completing the presentation which will set the stage for our massive first contact with you”.

You know, when I read those words it makes me so happy Sheldan. So you are saying that they are revising the text, that they will read to us in the post-Disclosure scenario, and you have also spoken about a few truths, 7 truths I think. The first truths:

These teachings concern Love, true compassion, and the unity between all the diverse branches of humanity.

Could you share a little bit about these truths, or is that classified?

Sheldan: Well, what we can just say is, that one of the things that we all have to understand when Disclosure happens, is that we are part of a great family, a space family that extends from one end of this galaxy to the other, and from a lot of galaxies that are far away from where we are right now, that also have humans that have interacted with the Galactic Federation. So what we have is, the basic truth is, is that we are all one, that there is a great living universe around us, that this living universe has among it many sentient beings that look a lot like us. And that these beings all share with us a great need to come together to use our collective energies to unfold creation. And what is going to be done with these other truths: they’re about the nature of who you are as a fully conscious being, the nature of how you react between your host planet, your host star system that you’re on and yourselves, how you bring these systems together. Star nations are more than just people coming together and working out problems, it’s also a ritual of understanding that there is a natural flow of energy and life in every star system. And that what we are about, is transferring that, maintaining that and bringing it to its fullest potential. En so that’s what fully conscious human beings are all about, and they are going to explain all that to us when they get a chance to finally, you might say, have long conversations with their broadcasts, about who they are and who we are.

Maarten: Oh, that’s just beautiful. I’m waiting for this divine moment. Sheldan, I’m going to give again the number to call in, if there’s a last caller who wants to call in and doesn’t know the number. For the US and Canada it’s 888-8159756 and internationally it’s 001-5303277602. So Sheldan, in the last 8 minutes that we have in this interview, may I ask a few last questions.

Sheldan: Sure, go ahead.

Maarten: What I found important in reading your messages, is that they’re very detailed and that sometimes they give very complex relationships between things that are happening between the Earth allies, the Galactic Federation and the Illuminati/the Dark Caba. I understand that there are negotiations taking place right now, as I understand your last messages well, and we are getting to a point, not only for Disclosure, but that things are getting done. I’m asking myself, how can the Galactic Federation, of course they are in the 5th dimension and higher, but how is it possible to kind of interact with these people that are in power on this planet for such a long time, thirteen and a half millennia, how can they turn over this power, and bring everything in the ready, the war machine disabled, everything that is happening here, this machine that is running the last few 100 years, is so strict and so difficult to penetrate. How or where do they get this intelligence, how do they do this?

Sheldan: Well, you know, they have technology that to us would seem like wonder or miracle technology. They can look into our minds and understand exactly what we’re talking about. They can take any device on this planet and interact with it instantly, so there is really no secrets from them. They know what is going on. They have used this also when they need to plan for meetings etc.. What they simply do is they lower their frequencies so they can appear and of course they only appear where their security has made it possible for an interaction to occur without any problems. So, they will do that sometimes they will take these people up to a ship, or sometimes they will go to a very special place where they put fields around it them so no one could interact with them. So that it’s totally secret. And that is how they do this. And they have to do it because, as I said, they have a degree of power that was given to them and they are turning it over, being forced to turn it over, or else just seeing, you might say, it’s on the wind that it has to be turned over. And that’s what’s going on, and it’s not quite finished yet unfortunately, but it’s very close.

Maarten: It’s very close, yeah, let’s hope this. We have Marc on line 3 from New Jersey, hello Marc.

Marc: Hey, how are you doing.

Maarten: I feel fine, thank you. Welcome to the show.

Marc: I had a question.

Maarten: Sure.

Marc: It’s probably more of a technology kind of thing. With Disclosure and the advent of free energy and stuff; are we going to like transform our cars and things like that, or is the technology going to change so radically that we don’t need anything like that?

Sheldan: The giant argument going on between the Earth allies and the Federation is: should they just supply us with vehicles that they can holographically create instantly, or should we go through a massive two-month-conversion-concept. And they’re still arguing about it. So I can’t really say, although I would go with the Federation thing. I would prefer that we just get something that is totally able to do everything that a vehicle we have right now can do, and much, much more, which is it can fly, which can actually teleport us from one spot to another if we so desire. It’s a much more easy to operate vehicle, because it operates on your mind. You just have to have a short period of a few days where you get used to the fact that when you say something, it’s instantly transferred to the technology. So you have to learn to be concentrating on what you are doing. Marc: That is so cool, I think this is my calling. Thanks very much.

Sheldan: Right, thank you.

Maarten: Thank you. We have Joanne on line 2.

Joanne: Hi Sheldan!

Sheldan: Hi.

Joanne: My name is Joanne, I’m from Rhodes Island and I’m quite aware of what’s going on. My main question which concerns some people but, is about the money. A lot of people have money in the bank, but of course don’t want to touch it. But they want to share it but they don’t know….. Money is really not going to be an issue, is it?

Sheldan: Money is not going to be an issue. Money is being looked upon an interim medium between we are right now and when you’re fully conscious. Of course fully conscious beings do not deal with money and banks and all that other stuff. It’s just an interim thing, so they’re just going to be making banks more transparent and they will be creating a hard currency. So the whole process of this conversion period is one of the things these new governments have to do, to have long discussions on the television with their peoples about what’s going on and put things on the internet so people can read it or in newspapers or in magazines, so people have a better understanding of this transition period and seeing that we are moving from where we were under a limited system of economics into a fully conscious abundance system, actually the transition to a fully abundance system, and we that don’t have to worry about money anymore. So this is going to be something that is going to be changed. And when we get technologies that allow you to create whatever you need, whether it be food, clothing, shelter, anything, the whole process……

Joanne: That’s what I thought.

Sheldan: OK.

Joanne: So, in other words, if people have 401Ks, or IRAs, and they’re just suffering because they think they can’t touch that money, is it advisable to tell them, find your happy spot, withdraw your money, you will be ok?

Sheldan: No.

Joanne: No?

Sheldan: I would say, stay where you are right now, wait for the announcements, and then do what you see is the proper and sane thing to do.

Joanne: Won’t that be too late, because I’m afraid all the banks will close and nobody will get to their money.

Sheldan: No, banks are going to change hands, but what’s in the banks is not going to change hands, so.

Joanne: Oh, OK. Alright, I understand.

Sheldan: OK.

Joanne: Thank you!

Sheldan: Thank you.

Joanne: Feel better. Take care.

Sheldan: Thank you.

Maarten: OK Sheldan, we have our last minute before we have to end with this show. There’s a question from a friend of mine Geoffrey West, that I’ve interviewed, and he’s asking about the White Dragon Group. Can you tell us anything about it?

Sheldan: What this group is, it’s one of the various groups around the world that are these secret societies, dedicated to the Light, Quan Yin etc., that are here to help make sure that this new reality happens. And they are using their abilities, their recourses etc. to make sure that it all occurs and that all the other societies [stutters a little and says “I’m getting twisted here at the end”], the other societies are moving forward to make all that happen. So just know that’s what the Ascended Masters are guiding and it’s all going to be part of this process to help create this new reality and they’re part of a group that I’d like to just collectively call Earth allies.

Maarten: Yes, Earth allies and they’re just a part of it, the White Dragon Group.

Sheldan: Right.

Maarten: Well, Sheldan, I hope everything is close and I hope soon we’ll have drastic changes that we can all lift up as human population on this planet and see the wonderful future that we’ll have with the Galactic Federation personnel and with the Agarthans.

Sheldan: Right. And thank you very much Maarten for having me on the show.

Maarten: Yes, it was a great pleasure Sheldan, and I’m looking forward to your message that will come out next Tuesday.

Sheldan: OK, and just know I’m glad I’ve had time with you, I wanted to say: Thank you: Za Zu Ma! And, as we say it in Sirian ‘Be In Joy’: Selamat Ja!

Maarten: Selamat Ja Sheldan. Be well.

Sheldan: Right, Bye bye, be well.

To download the audio version of the interview, please visit: http://www.bbsradio.com/host/et-firstcontactradio/archives/et-first_contact_radio_archive.php

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