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Wally - SaLuSa, September 19, 2013

A stirring and inspiring event is to occur that will uplift many a heart, and convert and convince many who doubt what we are saying is true, including many of those who are hardened skeptic materialists.

Dear Ones Gaia holds you in her embrace and is Birthing and nurturing a new awareness of light, so from our ships we now see many new bright points of light, as you evolve and expand your consciousness, and the Icelandic story is one of these points of light and is a thorn in the side of the last Cabal.

The Arrogance of endless wars, and economic suppression propagated by western nations of the United States and Western Europe are building up negative karma, and the consequences will lead to their ruin and desolation, and then have to face a hard existence, with an inability to receive or make use of money, and be put under an ultra-restricted regime that impairs growth, to stop them from having the ability of attacking or harming the larger collective of humanity in future. We can not intervene were the outworking of karma is concerned.

A loss of power and control in respect to the last Cabal is ongoing and will not stop till they are made destitute and bankrupt, then we can bring all the many new technologies, and this will progress and proceed at a rapid rate, they include technologies in transport, in which you will be gifted with supersonic vehicle to travel in, and in the household with new technologies that will make life easier, with the introduction of food replicators for the home, which can create your meals and basic necessities on demand and work on the power of thought.

The mystifying jargon used on legal registration forms is written with the intention to deceive and obfuscate the true owner and holder of your private property and assets, which is the state, with the result being that you are disaffected and disinherited of your rightful recompense and reward, and has led to a very dark time, but our allies will carry this back and remove this racket, setting you on a new beginning to give you the space to grow and expand.

A word of caution is given in regard to a tendency by many who are becoming fixated on highly idealized and contrived visions of what others should be like, and this is being imposed and implicated of others, and the result is people are becoming highly polarized and split into separate groupings at every level of your society. this is not the way of things As unconditional love knows no barriers and is unbounded. So treat each other as sacred and sovereign so all can thrive and flourish without resorting to antagonistic and hostile attitudes.

You are very powerful creator beings with an innate sense of love for others and the earth and we welcome you into the galactic federation, which is a vast organization throughout the galaxy and we have new bodies prepared for you that will bring you all closer together, in that you will have telepathy, And with our many large motherships, it will be as you say a “home from home” in which your soul can take a well earned rest after your exhausting sojourn into the lower densities, before continuing on.

The barriers and railings put in place by the dark ones will not stop us, as we have many solid backup plans for your planet’s successful joining and integrating into the Galactic Federation, with your life then becoming idyllic and fulfilling, and the dark Ones will be swatted out of the way and put where they can not have any power over you. We know by now our messages are oftentimes repeated and seem cliché, but that is necessary to make certain it is retained and remembered.

In a matter of fact way and without any negative feelings justice and punishment will be carried out with those who have committed crimes against you, But it is not done with the intention to hurt these souls – but rather to show them the flip side of their actions so all can again return to the light and love of creator.

The latest Bird Flu scare is being watched closely and intently by us, and if left unchecked would cause much misery and pain, but we are taking the necessary steps to barricade and roadblock the spread, to severely limit it’s speed and restrain it’s headway.

This is a time for a cool head and steady nerves as you prepare to cut the cord that connects you to your lower dimensional life, but you need to as they say, “bite the bullet” and accept the task before you, in that as your vibration grows in frequency you can become a full member of the Galactic Federation, giving you the freedom of sailing and exploring throughout the cosmos, and interacting with the rich palette of different peoples and lifeforms on the many millions of planets, and inhabiting the higher dimensions which is your true home.

Put your mind to rest and feel secure within yourself, in the knowledge that all will work out as it is supposed to in accordance to the divine plan. The old reality is breaking up and collapsing, because of this we know that many are are annoyed and upset and feel a sense of loss of control in every aspect of their lives, and feel they have had to sacrifice their very best to the changes which are burning through, but you can choose to stay calm and collected regardless of what is happening.

Things are drawing to conclusion, in our plans for disclosure and they are progressing well, and in that vein the dark ones have shown signs of being willing to make concessions and compromises, but deplorably this is a deceitful ruse, as they are showing a snow of signs this is so, as we can read their minds and see clearly their true intentions. If necessary we can alter the progression of time to our advantage as to allow us to get our many craft which are positioned at strategic places to shrivel and shrink any crazy actions by them.

The Galactic Federation of Light are acting to buffer you from the worst of the changes, and to that aim our allies continue to take various legal measures to ensure that the many monies and wealth of NESARA and the Saint Germain world trust get into your hands as the holders, and to wash clean the corruption that is hidden and concealed from view, then the dark will as you might say, “catch a cold” .

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and have a gentle respect for you and watch to see what progress you are making towards moving into the light and your path of ascension, and tell you that your growth is unsurpassed and unequalled. Immediately after we land our craft upon the Earth you will catch up with your old star friends and family in festivity, and ever be with us together. So many star nations have come to see this momentous moment that the skies around your planet are jammed.

Thank you SaLuSa.

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