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Wally - SaLuSa, September 28, 2013

A gorge and glut of legal actions is ready to rain down on the dark ones, and we have the Evidence to prove conclusively in a court of law of what crimes were committed and by who. This will just be the first deposit, which will involve many more to come till this is put right, and this action will include their many lost in logic despots in positions of power, which exercise their office in an unfair and cruel manner, and they will be re-tasked to support the seeds of a fertile future for mankind.

Dear ones it is your right and entitlement as an embodiment of the Great ‘I am’ to ascend and float up to the higher dimensions. Many perceive this as shrouded in mystery and fascination, and rightly so as it is covered in the dusty sands of time, but you are the ones who would brush off this thick layer of mystery and see a clear path to ascension, and in this many have unresolved or repressed negative feelings concerning the path of pilgrimage along the spiritual journey toward greater light and love, which will culminate in mass ascension into the higher Dimensions and union with the divine, and the brotherhoods of light. We sense that many feel this event is unattainable and far away and emotionally distant, because December 21st 2012 did not materialize as anticipated, Dear ones again renew your motion and movement, in doing so you will discover new abilities and opportunities and then you can enter into a road less travelled toward ever greater growth of spirituality and enlightenment.

Lose any morose mournfulness with a playful and light hearted humour, always keep an abundance of joy and fun in your lives as it brings you closer and cleans your emotional cup so you can glisten together, as we all have had situations in our lives where opportunities decayed from our reach, and to then be stricken and overwhelmed by intense emotions as a result, but out of this comes a new breath to blow out what is finished from your emotional field, clearing your head so you can take in new Prana.

Many feel laid bare and highly exposed to the legal authorities and enforcement agencies and it would seem inescapable and incontestable, but this is all relative, as all depends on how you relate and react to any legal issue, as legalese might seem to sound like gibberish, but if you listen more closely, and lose any illusory ideas of the law, you may then see a new description that may help you, and addressing that a new round of changes will remove all that no longer serves and sticks out for your attention in legal system and it will be clearly and precisely cut.

Do not be drawn off the safe path by the flickering phantoms set by the dark ones as your true safe way to salvation is within you, and remember below the crust of your lives you are at core a great being of love and light, all that the dark could ever do is to effect the outer layer.

As the higher energies come into your earth we sense a softening of attitude of those who are slow to grasp the immense benefits of the initiation and commencement of the first landings of our craft, but some will still harbour aggression against us and this will be quickly put to rest as the people have clearly chosen the reign of peace and love. Then your long estrangement and separation from the higher dimensions will end, as you were designed to inhabit these higher realms. So accept and receive them into your being and you will become as one with them, and we are anxiously awaiting this time, we will then together form a Divine Alliance with the most High Light, as we are sworn to safely set you and Gaia on this path.

Many of you have gone about living your daily life balancing and maintaining your family and work obligations, but have heard the call of spirit, and you have to be a bit zany to answer the call. Yet you did and your Light craft and lightwork is a wonder to behold, unique, personal and made with care and love, We know that the task of working to raise collective consciousness has been a long-winded and slow process, but will conclude in opening up your world to many new portholes and portals of information and knowledge.

With the higher energies coming in and baking all in the energies. Some are balking and pulling back and seeking to tie them up and limit their effect, while others are awestruck and are seeking to take them in and fully absorb them, in any event it is stirring up strife.

Religious practices were one is harmed or others with loss of life, including your own, are played around with in many cultures, and not the product of a considered clear minded strategy, as you need to give yourself time to circle the troubled waters of your life to see a clearer path, and these extreme acts are forbidden for one walking the path to the light.

Many are malnourished and have become apathetic and tired living bandied together in refugee camps were ironically they often under go starvation and the wealthier nations have the energy and resources to solve this. Allowing people to live like this is highly uncivilised as they can be given the knowledge and education they need to make a better life, and a say in how they are treated with a representative governance, and this would present no problems and is completely safe, and people all over the world are standing up for this, and is a long established custom and tradition for societies to have freedom, self-rule, and to prosper unhindered.

Politicians who lobby for special interests that only benefit a small group at the expense of the public good, will be sent back to school and work to etch a path more beneficial to all. Then the lost daughter of liberty can again be welcomed and invited back to a place of prominence.

The dark Ones are constantly trying to create disharmony and discord, ever seeking to separate and scatter you one from another and would see the total breakdown of your society, but you can conquer this with a graceful heart and self-discipline, with confidence in yourself and actions, and by your example set a sound course for others to contend with the dark forces of this world. You are not out of the woods yet, as our allies continue working to abolish the power and control of the last cabal, there by ensuring your freedom and sovereignty, and escorting the chaos and darkness to its final resting place. And this struggle and competition can be attributed and ascribed to the light and dark aspects of consciousness. This has been a process of enlightenment and you are nearing the end where you can take a break to refresh your energies, and we are taking steps so that you can all have direct communications with us and to each other, and to facilitate that, the dark energies have been ousted and expelled from the astral planes and this has caused new channels of information to flow.

This is harvest time, and those of the light are being bundled up together and taken to safety, and those who are not will be descending to a denser earth experience and this is according to Universal Law, and is not a judgement, as all are where they need be to advance their soul growth. Your physical dimension will continue to undergo unusually rapid change, so you can expect some discomfort ahead, so take necessary action where you feel called to, and all of this will culminate in you becoming a power house which generates much warm and bright light and love .

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and know that many of you wander many paths looking for opportunities, as a result of the heavy burden placed on you by the perfidy and corruption of the dark ones, in any event know that you will have a soft landing and we have far more personnel than necessary to complete our tasks in time, still many have loss all faith and given up believing that we can help or that we are coming, but the Galactic Federation operates on multiple dimensions and our capabilities are far beyond what can be imagined, so when we arrive we can very quickly put all right.

Thank you SaLuSa.

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