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Wally - SaLuSa, September 12, 2013

Agents of the dark will be paraded before you for punitive measures and you will be shown how their pyramid of control has run rampant over your lives and created hostility and estrangement where there had formerly been love, affection, and friendliness and this structure of power is being exposed and shown up for all it’s false pretences, so all can again become agreeable and kind, readily helping each other.

We are again reiterating to your governments that missiles of mass destruction launched in hostility will have their guidance system completely scrambled to then wonder aimlessly, and we are ever at the ready and primed to take action at a moments notice.

Unlike those that would seek to create a new religion or faith, we welcome all souls in any faith or creed – as we seek to give you your wings, cutting your cord so you fly free into new heights of wonder and boundless opportunities.

Much government money has been used to subsidize media puppets to speak through them things that give them a clean image so that criticism rolls off them, like water off a duck’s back, mostly great Britain and the United States, and we sound the alarm bell and alert you to this practice which is just a showy and flashy display of untruths and lies.

We sense much aversion and pulling back as things surface from the depths of the subconscious into the material for your attention and processing, as they need to be integrated into the conscious state, as you are many times divided and separated within yourself, and in this many men of high social status are at the novice and beginner stages, and will be some of the last ones to adapt to the new energies.

Dear ones it is entirely normal to be confused and puzzled as all the many new changes take effect and the most feasible and practical treatment remedy for this is feeling a warmth of love with kindness and tenderness for all, as you are on a grand and ancient stage in that all you do is clearly seen by all.

Unwanted karmic consequences will start to inflow and return, with many becoming unsettled and try to run into some form of escapism, but the lords of karma will not let anyone wriggle and wrangle their way out of dealing with consequences of past actions. This will be a dark time, where you will have to face your darkest despairing and a dissolving of your will, but out of these depths will light a clear path forward to your exalted glorification and will stand you strong, changing your fundamental make up, this testing time forces you to go within and learn who you really are, which is a very personal process, but when fully complete you can raise your flag high showing all what you have accomplished.

President Obama has agreed to a negotiated settlement involving the Syrian conflict, and he is being guided and advised by us, and is greatly valued. We can guarantee and promise he is being shepherded to create the new age of light and love, we have whispered in the ears of all those involved in that conflict to drum out the exaggerated sense of pride and self-importance which lends itself to peace and harmony, for facilitating the stalling and stopping of the war. With a lasting peace on the earth it will enable all the needed freedom, creativity and inspiration to clear humanities way open for progress, and to expand through all opposition, and this new close bond between the peoples of earth will adhere.

Take note to steer clear of all the gory details of how exactly the last cabal is dismantled, as you can get stuck in that state slowing down your spiritual growth, as their route of dispatch is to a Grand Jury to answer accusations made against them and the conclusions arrived upon will be the realization that a far greater amount and a vast heap more of accumulated crimes against the people that are as yet still kept quiet and hushed. The governments and political organizations will make blatant and sensational publicity of this, with much Monday Morning Quarterbacking and spirited discussion, and result in people becoming more relaxed and releasing long held in tension, and you will look back on this as a very special and sacred time.

The knock on effect will be when it is known that the corporations, banks, and governments where in bed together, it will be decried and condemned intensely, and there will be calls for a system that will warn against this happening in future, and a loud call will then go out to fill a cup full of wrath by very upset people. This will be to the last cabal’s great surprise that they may face severe punishment, but they will not be handled with excessive force at all, but just so, only enough that is needed to mete out justice and punishment with the intention of only doing what is necessary. Far more importantly their operations will be suffocated and bought to a complete stop and their vast wealth will be stripped away from them leaving them penniless, the galactic federation will then with all our mastery in holographic information gathering and telepathy will judge them justly, and bring them to a complete transformation for the better.

We sense much hesitance and indecision of your leaders with regard to making disclosure announcements, as the many structural features of your societies effecting and touching – corporate multinationals, geopolitical power balance, and religious organizations, that would feel negatively put out by the necessary changes, but our allies have made very attractive bids with our many trusts to buy out these corporate interests, and the offers are so attractive that the directors of these interested parties must approve our plan for release of free energy and all the advanced technologies otherwise risk a shareholder revolt. Then we can over fly and start the mass landings and first contact, you can then make your first shy steps toward the galactic federation, and we will wipe away your concerns and in time you will learn to trust us.

Throughout your history we have made various holographic records, so we can show you that we have ever been with you over all of your history, and would gently influence you to become aware that change is inevitable and you must accept it even if it seems out of the ordinary to you, life is always in flux ever being altered, and your acclimatization to the new changes will be only for limited period time so take a step forward into the future.

Many are full of a lively animation for flashy and tasteless things that lack any real substance, in contrast we will bring the alternative medicine to heal the many ills of your society, and Obama is helping us bring forth this new approach to healing at every level of your society, but he is working on this incognito as to hide his true intent, if this was not hidden it would be as you might say, put to the fire, but his misleading appearance will soon be put away and relegated to the past and you will see his true nature, ripe with enumerable possibilities to recreate and restore all that was lost to you, Obama is a great being of light operating at a very High vibration that is far beyond this dimension, soon this will be made crystal clear to you, and he will be put through extreme testing, a difficult time ahead for him.

Sit back now and reflect on how far you have come toward your goals of ascension, and remember how you felt as you were growing and learning and then see where you want to go forth now, doing this will purify your psyche and life flow energy which will put you into orbit, so as your feet never touch down to the lower energies. From the divine perspective the dark’s opposition and antagonism was necessary for mankind to be molded into a higher state of being.

The old way of life is ending and closing off and we have previously prepared a new more capable body for you, with a new place of residence which is sanctified and sovereign, with your consciousness made brighter, clearer and fully conscious, with your vices and depravity disabled, cut out and completely removed. You will still be capable of evil, but you would have gained experience about the consequences of your actions and become wiser from your time in the third dimension, and would have taken notes of what you have needed be aware of, and also have been put to the test by this time of purification, to then overcome the physical to win your prize of ascension to the higher realms and kick back and enjoy the glory.

This is to lead up to the Event, and it is awaiting you at the ready and is very alluring and captivating, but you will have to choose this, some will react with vitriol and scorn while others will become serene and peaceful. Whatever you choose we hold you blameless as there are many paths to return to source, some will still prefer the cloak of illusion. We love all no matter what their choices are and will show caring consideration and helpfulness to all. But without choosing to ascend into the realms of light you will blunder aimlessly, semi-conscious, without any self-control and lost in the 3D illusion in your rebelliousness of God’s plan for you.

It is your fate to ascend but it is in your time, so whenever you are ready to return to the path of ascension we will hold a joyous celebration as it will mark the dawning of a new day for you, and your old life with all it’s pains and aggravation will fade from view like the ghost of who you once were, then will grow in you an unwavering love and affectionate intelligence for all, seeing life through the eyes of a child with your mind body and spirit in oneness and balance, becoming a super being supported by the earth and the trees of life.

The Galactic Federation of Light will cause those who hurt humanity or the earth to receive the full color of the consequences of their actions and we have been given unlimited power by authority of the Creator, and can only do what we are authorized to do by him, from our office of duty and it will be carried out in a formal and precise manner.

Humanity has cried out and stated enough is enough, in a combined and united request, so oppression must now stop and cease, and this request has made its way up through the airways all the way to God, and the Creator hears and sees all and knows of your desires, and will make sure your freedom and sovereignty are returned to you in every possible way and from every angle.

The American working class will face a testing and trying time ahead, but if you pass it will prove prosperous with your most cherished plans coming to full fruition.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and you are all seeds of Divine consciousness with great potential for good and we are making our pilgrimage to you, and we would feel privileged to stand in your presence as you are deeply loved and honored by all of us, and when we arrive all of your problems will dissolve and melt away, and give you stability and security setting a solid firm foundation for your life.

Thank you SaLuSa.

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