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Wally - SaLuSa, September 5, 2013

Using your own ingenuity and resourcefulness you may solve many problems in your life and also turn your problems around so you can see them from a different angle, also see that many facets of your personality are circular, as many times you are simply repeating patterns already experienced so this then becomes the framework and backing to support the new you. Many of the things you feel are of great significance and importance in your life have grown to be unhealthy obsessions getting you so preoccupied with them you fall into emotional imbalance and you need to pry and prize them off you, to then open yourself up to peer and peep into spirit which is your greater unbounded self.

We see your many protests and demonstrations around the world in your refusal to accept that which is on offer and placed before you, as you can not let evil and corruption go unchallenged as this would lead to a dark and cold time. Dear ones we wish to gently and lovingly assure you that we are here for you and we hear you calling to us, as you who by your very nature are birthing the New Age.

The Age of Pisces was marked with many excesses of money, power and control, illusion and superstition, hidden and secret mysteries, impractical will fullness, and the like, this has been very difficult and troublesome time for Humanity, but this New Age of Aquarius will be very different and depart from such and in contrast become a happy and easy-going time, this has long been promised and foretold and also that we your Star Families would come back and become as one with you. Distinguish and discern if what we say resonates with you. This Age marks the end points for so many agendas and a time of celebration and festivity and is expected in a reasonably short time frame. We know that many view this with incredulity and skepticism but take this information and store it away somewhere safe as you may need it in this time of transition and restructuring.

A decriminalization and legalisation will be made of the use of substances to expand your senses and perceptions so that your sight is not blocked by the veil of illusion which has been placed in the way and which blocks and inhibits your vision of higher realms beyond your current reality. And we are assessing and evaluating you to see how well you will do in the ethereal and non-physical realms without freaking out or going into a flurry of hysteria. We have had some success in curbing this human instinctual drive to fight and flight when in higher realms and other dimensions and persuaded the Sirian Council of Light to conduct initial tests but further testing has stalled until you can peel back the layers of the onion and get to the core and center of psychological hang-ups with this issue which if unresolved would be to your disadvantage and detriment and once this has been done you can get fully on board with us and be completely integrated into the Galactic Federation of Light.

We will converge our ships at sea in specific areas where the oblivious and unenlightened are neglecting and disregarding ocean environment in which Dolphins and Whales are suffering which is prohibited by Universal Law as these are Sovereign Sentient Beings and Actionable measures will be taken with respect to the Younger Brother.

You have done very well and we salute you with praise for over coming the deceit and cunning of those who have tried to dull and weaken your light and in response you have caused to come into existence a new and powerful beam of light which is shining a clear pathway for all mankind to be guided by.

Many are paid insufficiently low wages and have to work very hard just to keep their head above water and you would view with irony and sarcasm that you are those very ones which create the wealth in the first place and are the supporting shell that holds up the economic system and new legislation and regulations will be made to bring this to full resolution and remedy.

Unrestrained and rampant speculation in the markets will be instigated by agent provocateurs which will spread at an increasingly gathering pace causing injury by devaluation and depreciation of currency and financial instruments which is only made possible by a sickness in the Justice System. The public will be told half truths and lies of why this has happened and all the while squandered opportunities continue. Many who will suffer have consented to these traumatic experiences at a deep level of consciousness, but this discomfort will only be for a short time as a discovery will be made in subatomic particles physics that will usher in a boom time with a great flowering of your economy and society and this new energy system will be modular so as to give you independence so that you will not have to be connected to the grid. The production of energy from fossil fuels will then wane off as trade in this business will move into a less active phase. The monopoly and dominance of petrol chemical industry over energy production has at many times been enforced by violent and brutal means and these hostilities will come to a ceasing halt.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and while I am not here with you in the physical I am always with you in Spirit and we admire your strength and persistence in your ability to hold your ground and overcome minor difficulties and problems and we celebrate and honor the lightworkers and all those who work toward a better future.

We are aware of a tendency by many to suspect us of exaggerating and overstating our claims and are viewed by many as a strange spectacle but this is ill-fitting and inaccurate as our Arrival and appearance amongst you is assured.

Thank you SaLuSa.

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