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Wally - SaLuSa, August 28, 2013

The prosperity packages are on the way and much golden and sweet benefits exist for you to collect. The energy is ideal now to move forward with our endeavours and our allies are working busily toward birthing this golden age of prosperity and collectivism, both socially and with all life forms on the earth, feel with your heart if what we say is true and resonates with you. We sense much mistrust and apprehension for all the changes coming but let us assure you that you will be sheltered and covered with respect to any negative affects of the changes. Wild instability or volatility in the new financial system will be non-existent and of little importance as peoples nature will change to become obliging, readily helping each other in hour of need.

The current Banking system with all it’s carefully amassed information will be detached and separated from the rest of the economy and hastily taken away out of reach or sight, after the changes a very slight and tiny amount of the divine feminine inclination is all that is needed to counter the current modus operandi and keep the economic system free and in the peoples hands.

We know many of you get by on very little money, and if we were to take a random poll most of you would say YES to a lavish lifestyle like that of the rich and famous, and you can have this and more when you reunite and reunify with us, your Star Families, this will be a most momentous event of great significance with rousing music being played to celebrate this event.

You will be given new Bank Cards so you can access your share and proportion of the prosperity funds, with an apology for all that has been done to you, your experiences on earth have taught you valuable lessons and you have learned much and now you will go on to learn at an even more advanced and higher level.

Dear ones, you are very precious to us and more resistant than you think to the dark energies of this world, so set sail into new world of freedom and infinite possibilities. Endless trivial paper documents of laws, contracts etc. will be broken down and turned into things people actually want or may find more useful, but credentials in the way of qualifications achievements training etc. that you have collected in the course of your life will still be honoured and esteemed.

The great stores of food and basic necessities of life that have been kept from the people will be given out with a humanitarian and charitable mindset for the welfare of all mankind rapidly and in short order. The relationship to Developing World by Developed Nations has at many times been parasitic and this has caused many problems and complications in which many have lost their lives. But are now in the fields of God with the emotional mental and physical baggage of their lives taken away by the Goddess, to then be nurtured restored and placed in a new lifetime.

The agents of the Dark Cabal will be expelled from amongst you, as they have caused much chaos and pandemonium to prevail in your societies and you will be protected from their evil influence, unable to effect you, they will become the object of ridicule and cast into the sea of emotion becoming fully transformed.

To sexual expression engaged in excessively and in overindulgence a warning is given of this, as it causes a displacement and dislocation of your ability to communicate and connect with the vast and unchangeable divine-self, the infinitely larger and wiser part of you, otherwise this could lead to a vicious cycle taking you further away from your spiritual evolution.

Your vibration will be raised up so that you can meet with us in a most ecstatic and euphoric rupturing of the veil of illusion, so that you can become One with us and all your aches pains and worries will be made featureless.

The Galactic Federation of Light is working with your fellow Brother Forces and we have empowered them with our advanced technology to destroy and disable any Nuclear Missile launched in hostility. We are again retelling and reiterating this to your governments that this type of warfare will not be allowed. The outgrowth of US power projection in that of encircling their enemies is just a show of force. The long term consequences and ramifications of a world war would be an obstacle and impediment to successful profitability and prosperity of financial system. You are following unquestioningly your political leaders to exist only in darkness by the use of glossy and flowery words but the rising light of a new day is making its way to you.

Key members of the Banking elite are in a dangerous and distressing quandary.

A transfer from Ecclesiastical and Religious authority to Civil and Secular authority is under-way as the Vatican is beyond correction, reform, or alteration. It is as you say, ‘a lost cause’.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and we have been studying you, in all the ways that make you who you are, and we have watched over you for many recurring cycles and periods of time, and wish you to know that these cycles of time can be easily moulded and are pliable, so you do not have to repeat your past mistakes.

Thank you SaLuSa.

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