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August 30, 2011

4 Ik, 15 Uo, 8 Manik

Dratzo! We return! Your world is beginning to feel the effects of the great change which will overturn major governments and restore your unalienable rights. This massive transformation is sending shock waves rippling through your global network of stock markets and causing major governments to alter key elements of their foreign policies. These changes are creeping up quickly on the dark cabal even as the illuminoids meet in secret to discuss how to react to what is shortly to transpire. Our Agarthan cousins have seen to it that their special liaisons oversee and inform these dark ones that their time in power has finished and that a grand denouement is at hand. The agreements to transfer financial responsibility from the US Federal Reserve to the new Treasury Banks are now being executed. Moreover, the new hard-currency financial system is in the process of final implementation. This new system restores monetary policy to the people and returns this world to a sound and true economy exchange. Nevertheless, this only scratches the surface of the changes to come!

The crucial element involves returning government to the people. Over the centuries, governments have favored those who had the time or money to develop 'special relationships' with members of the legislature and/or the executive branch. These special relationships have warped government and need to be dissolved. Our Earth allies have created a taskforce to come up with solutions to this fundamental dilemma to modern governance. We have asked that the new caretaker governments immediately implement those items approved by this taskforce, and these have now been included in the agreements that were officially signed a few months ago by more than 160 nations. Our desire is to see your governments become capable of 'listening,' and then enacting laws that are agreed upon by the vast majority of their citizenry. The era of government by and for a select, affluent few needs to be swiftly ended. This constitutes an essential step toward the way galactic society governs itself.

The arrest and coming trial of this dark cabal is being done to make a very important point. The karma created by the dark since the end of the Second World War needs to be properly addressed by the Light. This war saw the ascendency of the illuminoid factions of the United States, while Europe took a back seat to the interaction between the Anunnaki overlords and the American cabal. This situation encouraged these US factions to defy their off-world masters when these ones departed, and to disregard their injunction to follow their lead and allow those individuals seeking the return of the Light to be given the reins of command. This bidding was strongly resisted and resulted in the 'difficulties' that are only now being successfully abated. It is this prolonged mêlée which has created the karma that the coming trials are to wash away. The new caretaker governments will move your reality in the proper direction, the one leading to disclosure and the path to full consciousness for Gaia and for each one of you!

Disclosure, as we often remind you, will be a decisive threshold in your history. After disclosure, your world will be opened up to the wonders of this galaxy. You will learn about your origins in different regions of the galaxy and about the large human contingent in the Galactic Federation of Light. As you become more conversant in these matters, you can then be introduced to the other Beings who make up the grand diversity that is the Milky Way Galaxy. It is advisable for you to absorb this information in stages, and in this way, be prepared for the immense amount of data we need to pass on to you. In one swoop, you will be transformed from xenophobic Beings who fear the unknown to ones who welcome your diverse spiritual, space, and Inner Earth families. Our dossiers on you show clearly that most of you are deeply curious about the truth of who you really are and why we are here. We intend to answer these questions, and then begin a wide-ranging, open discussion between us, which will quickly set the stage for your return to full consciousness.

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come today to inform you that the time for your deliverance arrives. The dark has done all that it can do to delay the inevitable. Our associates have completed their preliminaries, and the time is upon us for the unveiling of your new reality! We have watched as our Agarthan friends beat down the many plans hatched by the dark that were designed to perpetrate their reign. We are preparing ourselves for first contact and the wonderful announcements that are to follow. Meanwhile, those assigned to take charge of your various new temporary governments are ready to assume command. The first broadcasts they make will address those measures necessary to transition you from your present state of disorder into the joyous realm that awaits you. This new realm is your glorious destiny! Here is where we can all meet and celebrate the return to your world of the Light in its full glory!

What we wish to do is to get you to remember the wisdom of self-healing and the ways to enlightenment. Long ago, we ascended and began our journey as the divine intercessors between Heaven and Earth. We taught our spiritual disciplines and described the grand day when Heaven was to descend to Earth and turn a dark world back to the Light. This magic moment is now upon us! You are the beneficiaries of the Creator's infinite grace. We know our new teachings of the Masters will be received by you with great Love and divine appreciation. All of us have prepared our devotees for this, and we are serenely in joy about what we can now tell you. Many mysteries that we have learned can now be shown and explained. We intend to do this and to bring with us many Councils and Orders that make up our shared, divine lineages.

The journey that remains will be an easy one for any person who accepts the path to Ascension with Love and grace. Love one another deeply in the way that you Love yourself. Become aware of how your reality is subtly changing. Each moment, a grand blessing from Heaven raises your world's frequency level slightly, causing her to reform and become what the Divine is flooding her with. Realities are like water: when you combine Love with divine intention in your blessings, it alters the characteristics of water and even its composition. The same is true of a reality. As a reality is reshaped by your collective Love and divine intentions, it begins to transform swiftly into something more suitable for a return to full consciousness. This is now happening, and you are inexorably on a fast track to full consciousness. Namaste!

Today, we discussed the happenings on your world. Numerous events are ready to manifest which will literally morph your reality, and which will provide a huge impetus to the transition of your political domain and an opening to the Divine. A great spiritual catharsis is ready to uplift your world and lead you back to the Light! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Website: Planetary Activation Organization

Comment from one of our readers:

"Yet another WOW! message to uplift our oft' weary, anxious and sometimes even confused hearts, minds & spirits!
THANK YOU dearest Sheldan, all our Ascended Masters, Galactic families and friends, and ALL those who help to share these divine and eagerly awaited messages, both God and Creator and ALL within the Divine & Angelic realms too of course.
With abundant love and light and so much gratitude!
@nnie on behalf of ALL Earthlings, especially my beloved, fellow South Africans." (August 31, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:


I really love this message but unfortunately I cannot become very excited about it because although they use language indicating imminent and immediate action we all know that is what they always do.

Because they don't experience time the way we do, this message could mean that things will happen in months or years, who knows ????

Yours truly...... Dissolutioned" (August 31, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Dear 'Dissolutioned',
I and countless others also either share your 'sentiment' & disillusionment at this precise moment in our limited linear time and history, or at least have done at some stage during each of our individual 'Ascension' process & spiritual evolvement, but allow me to share some valuable wisdom received from Matthew Ward's dearest and precious Mom, Suzy, with you and all others who may be feeling the same.

From: Suzanne Ward
Sent: Sunday, July 03, 2011 10:39 PM
Subject: Re: On SaLuSa's latest message

"Annie dear, doubt is contagious, but you don't have to "catch it"!
As for "the so called caretaker governments that are coming soon" not being reported on any news programs: Isn't it really absurd to expect the Illuminati-controlled media to disseminate that kind of information?!
Everyone who reads messages from SaLuSa, Matthew and other light sources who say the same things has the choice to believe and be patient or disbelieve and create the negativity that seemingly keeps things status quo. Earth's ascension isn't affected, but individuals' destiny IS!
Blessings, LOVE and PEACE...

HOLD THE LIGHT dear one!
~@~ :)" (August 31, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Many years ago my Spiritual Master said many of the most advanced chelas began with doubt. I've thought of his words many times over the years. Doubt, he said, turns to wonder, and wonder, in time, becomes knowing.

So, are they coming or not? I'm personally more wary of people gushing faith than of people with doubt. I think faith may be a good thing to start with, but if faith doesn't lead in time to experience and knowing, the faith is probably misplaced. I've concluded from years of observation that a great deal of mainstream faith is grossly misplaced. Personally I prefer to work with masters who still have physical bodies, but I still find more than ample reason to give the ones who don't, along with the other ET's we hear from, the benefit of wonder. If one ignores their predictions of actual events, everything they say has the ring of truth. Truth rings; falsehood clanks.

I was told many years ago, during the Viet Nam fiasco in fact, that the Great White Brotherhood had been trying to bring about world peace for 50,000 years. That's almost twice the 26,000 I understand it takes for our solar system to whip around the zodiac. Fifty thousand years of persistence is pretty impressive to someone like myself with a 20 minute attention span! When I consider the changes in consciousness of many segments of earth's population I've witnessed in my 64 years in present embodiment, I find it no stretch at all to suppose the ET's might finally have their act together and that I'm here to lend a heart and hands, some smarts, and a few thousand years of experience on earth whenever they decide to show up. If you don't see me holding my breath until they do, it doesn't mean I'm not doing whatever I can to be ready!

I think we can help by having lives, by counting and embracing our blessings on a day to day and moment to moment scale. If you can't be happy now, why think you'll be happy after Ascension? O.K. we've been promised; but we've also been told we need clear our karma. Maybe karma comes in the form of the things standing between ourselves and being happy. There's a lot of responsibility involved in, well, taking responsibility! There are masters and teachers who are here to help if invited. It's very possible, even, to attain God Realization without waiting for the rest of the world to ascend. People have been doing it for eons with the help of competent teachers (Masters). We don't hear about it because the mainstream religions - that crowned the kings yore or get invoked at current public events, don't want us to.

All that said, I'm excited in spite of myself!
T." (September 1, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"I read your wonderful message. I hope it's true. I just can't be sure about that as I have been wrong many times and my imagination has fooled me. In any case I am currious about the date at the top:
10 Men, 8 Uo, 8 Manik What does it mean?
Ulf" (September 1, 2011)

Our reply:

"hi ulf, thank you for your comment. this is the date that the sirians use for our earth. it shows many similarities with the mayan calandar.
much love and light to you - kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (September 1, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"I always look forward to Sheldon's posts. I feel a lot of these changes are starting to take place. I feel that if I meditate like all these channels tell me to, i will realize that changes are in the air. I do not wait for things to happen, instead I sit and watch things change before my eyes. He talked about waves in the market and I watched the Dow bounce like a ball. Another time he talked about earth changes and there have been many.
I generally read these chanelings several times and then look at the Internet and see the changes they are talking about. For instance, Prime Minister Kenny and his banishing the catholic priests, according to Montague Keen. This was supposedly the beginning of what all these channels are referring to as part of the changes we are going to see happen. As mentioned by one of the readers, time has a different meaning to the Sireans and Pleadians. Also, time has a different meaning when one meditates.
Thanks to all who post these messages and keep up the great work.
Stephen" (September 2, 2011)

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