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September 6, 2011

11 Muluc, 2 Zip, 8 Manik

Dratzo! We return! Your world continues to experience a new freedom! The various governments that have worked hard to create a new global financial system are jubilant. The US Federal Reserve has been effectively subsumed by the new American Treasury Bank system and all that is now required is the series of announcements from the new American 'caretaker' government. A key component of this new banking setup is the worldwide hard-currency system which will convert the illegal and much-manipulated fiat system into an entity able to reflect 'true' values and to function as a 'true' medium of exchange. Remember that your world is to retain only briefly a system based on a physical medium of exchange, in order that it may reflect the great abundance that is now poised to swamp you in a wave of freedom and luxury. This prosperity will in effect create a bridge to a moneyless society by allowing the rapid spread of the technology that will replace the need for money and prepare you for the fully conscious realm that you are shortly to inherit. This is the realm that we reside in.

Your prosperity will facilitate the rapid spread of new technologies across your planet, some of which will supplant shops and supermarkets as the prime sources of your food and clothing. Moreover, the nature of these technologies will drastically revamp the way your economy operates by making redundant the current to-ing and fro-ing to deliver goods and services over long distances. Once we land, we intend to begin your education in all things pertaining to full consciousness, beginning with how to relate to the other living things in your environment and giving you direct experiences of the nature of your future roles as Gaia's guardians. Gaia needs a great deal of help to preserve many aspects and niches of her global ecosystems, and it behooves you as individuals and as a collective to learn how best to assist her in this. We will be your mentors, introducing you to what you need to know and then letting you implement it. All this is just a preliminary step before you enter the realm of full consciousness.

Disclosure constitutes the next big step once the new financial system is up and running and fully explained to the world. A major function of this new financial system is to embed universal debt forgiveness into the new banking rules and regulations, and together, these form the foundation for the release of the prosperity funds. The openness of the new banking system combined with the new monies creates a fitting framework for your new prosperity, making it possible to add disclosure to the total package. It is these upcoming developments which will expand what your society is able to do, and to this end we intend to introduce our technology and merge it with those devices sequestered for decades by your governments. The nature of these sundry devices will bring you personal experience of a wholly different way of seeing 'reality,' introducing you to concepts that will see you safely through to full consciousness. It is by means of this hands-on method that we intend to acquaint you with the wisdom of Heaven and of the stars.

As always, your development into superb galactic citizens is our main concern. In consonance with this, your Agarthan cousins have compiled a syllabus they would like us to teach you. They would like you to acquire certain perspectives that are to be demonstrated via a series of proven examples just after the mass landings are completed, and have requested that we instruct your personal mentors-to-be in the implications of this complex program. We have agreed, and once your mentors had spent time with their Agarthan counterparts, the general consensus was that these exercises are indeed important to your overall training program. They involve becoming more vitally aware of your subtle interactions with Gaia. These daily exchanges can be used to explain the true nature and operation of your living energy fields and can demonstrate the reality of your constant stewardship role with Gaia. This program can also help explain several things about your transformation into full consciousness.

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! A great revolution in spirit, in consciousness, and in freedom is taking place around your globe. This need for transformation has led to the fall of governments in the Near East, the call for a new economic system in Latin America, and the cry in Africa for justice and freedom for all. This clarion call is evidence of the winds of change that are sweeping like an unstoppable desert sandstorm across your world. This need for change is now ready to manifest and it begins with a flurry of deliveries sponsored by the St. Germaine Trust. These funds will be accompanied by a change in governance for several major nations and a series of announcements leading to global debt forgiveness. These broadcasts will also expound on the new precious-metal currencies and the new, more open global financial and banking system.

Our intent is to use the new financial system to support Saint Germaine's prosperity program. It is essential that the monies given to the Light be distributed within a system that encourages ingenuity and thinking 'outside the box.' Gaia is asking you to explore your spiritual and new-consciousness resources, and as you begin to share this with others, you will require support in these efforts. Shortly, a vast redistribution of wealth is going to ensure that you, and those allied with you, possess just such a resource. These enormous amounts of money are there to fund centers, heal your fellows, and bring out and promulgate all sorts of marvelous inventions and ideas. They can also fund those who wish to support the Divine and help those programs undertaken by dedicated supporters of the Galactic Federation of Light.

We see these radiant centers of Light rippling out to interlink and cover the globe, creating a foundation for building your global galactic society, and merging eventually with the galactic society that already exists in Inner Earth. The Agarthans have waited for millennia to help co-create this solar system's new star-nation, and it is to be highly honored when it formally joins the Galactic Federation as a full-fledged member. Your destiny is to be mentors for nearly half this galaxy as it moves toward its moment to accept full consciousness. Long ago, Heaven told us that this world had a very special place in the consciousness evolution of the Milky Way Galaxy. Part of our spiritual task has been to shepherd humanity toward this most magnificent future. The time now comes to unfold and jointly experience the manifesting of this prophecy.

Today, we talked about what is happening to you and your reality. Everywhere, a bright future is surging up between the stinging nettles that were planted by your dark cabal. The dismal gloom of the dark's world is about to be supplanted by the brilliance and exhilaration of the Light! Together, We are indeed Victorious! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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Comment from one of our readers:

"Hi Colleen and Sheldon!

I wanted to Thank you for responding to me as I know how busy you are. Good news is I truly think my Mom’s situation was to do w/changes. I do notice my mother who is 86 starting to smile, talk softer, that’s a huge accomplishment for my Mom. She’s just always been one of those people who scare people with her “tone of voice”, but I do see her changing for the better. So I am very thank ful for that.

and we have another leak yet again. Mother Gaia is cleaning house! It is down pouring here in Rhode Island. Today I shall continue on with my “create solutions thought process”, just wish the announcement would hurry up.
GF very smart announcing the money first that’s really it seems that Americans think, talk about. That was very smart, what American is going to complain about debt forgiveness besides those who are dark? Please, everybody is in the same boat, which I may need if this leak in my house doesn’t stop, ha ha.
So once the money situation is done people WILL be more open minded.

I do have a question and I think it’s an important one so when you have time, be my mentor please, here it is- I know I can heal with my hands. I don’t have a degree in it. I know I can change someone’s mind process to a negative to a positive. I’ve been doing this my entire life. I’ve always been the “happy” one. My question is this. HOW do I make this happen without a degree? I know there will be someone out there who is miserable/jealous of my “out of the box thinking” and could have authorities look me up to see if I am legit. Mentally I am, by degree/paperwork I am not.

I was just about to try to put something together to try to start a class on Positive thinking, or “Let me show you how to be happy”. I need to make money and I know that is not the way to look at it but I do, got bills to pay. Or do I do this for nothing and the Universe will supply what I need. I’m thinking about a business.

I have many ideas, but I don’t have “degrees” in phycology so what makes me so special that I know how to do this, understand? How do I put on paper what I do? For instance in one of my “sessions” (I do this for my friends and it WORKS) I do visual boards, they work. I am trying to get people to think, dream, complete what they want, ask.....

Every time it rains I think Mother Gaia is crying, time to whip away her tears please.

Namaste’, thank you both for all you do!
Peace Joy Love
Joanne" (September 8, 2011)

Our reply:

"hi joanne, good to hear your mother is positively affected by the rising energies, just like so many others.
about healing with your hands, i wouldn't really know how to set up "business" for that, personally. if i were you, i would just keep doing it with your friends and maybe some others, maybe put up an ad in a paper somewhere, or make a website or a blog about it, and let it grow naturally. if it's meant to be, people will come to you automatically.
i wouldn't ask money for it myself, but that's just my opinion. but i do speak from experience. three years ago, i decided to be a full time lightworker, because i felt it was right and the signs i received were so clear, i couldn't ignore them anymore. although i have a huge mortgage to pay each month and a family to support, it worked out well so far. it seems i always have enough money (but JUST enough money!) to pay the bills.
maybe other people who read this, would have some advice to you of how to set up a practice for this in the best way.
much love and light to you - kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (September 9, 2011)

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