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August 2, 2011

2 Ix, 7 Pop, 8 Manik

Dratzo! We return! Everywhere, your world is undergoing transformation. Those in charge of manifesting this new reality are in meetings. The purpose of these working sessions is to put into effect the new governmental and monetary systems. These new ways of administering your financial and governmental powers are forcing out the old ways and the many institutions that have controlled your globe since the beginnings of the so-called "Age of Discovery" some six centuries ago. Those who benefited from this wealth and power are finally losing their grip and their swift slide to a new epoch has indeed begun! We are impressed with how effectively the various Agarthan liaisons assigned to this divine task have implemented methodologies that can be used to manifest all of this as quickly as is truly possible. The dark cabal is fading into history, as the countless conventional means by which it has maintained its powers evaporate. Thus, the dark's grand schemes to keep the impossible going are proving ineffective in preventing the new social order, and its multitude of adherents from taking their inevitable place in your history. The dawning of a New Age has finally arrived!

This wondrous new time will also feature the unprecedented formal disclosure of your space family and a monumental first contact that grows closer by the day. We are proud of your many groups dedicated to the Light and of their ability to support the divine plans of your Ascended Masters. This shift is, in fact, a spiritual one. You are changing your perception of what and who you truly are. You are showing a willingness to pass through whatever travails await you as you return to the glory that is full consciousness. The dark has created many ruses and numerous false events in a fruitless effort to delay the inevitable. Yet, you have stood your ground and moved forward, toward your destiny. Even horrid and formerly hard-line regimes have been forced to relent in the face of your brave and courageous movements, which promise to free humanity at last from the fear and manipulations that previously kept these dark governments firmly in control. The hour arrives for a new period that will be merely the swift transition between your old and your new reality!

This transitional interlude will not last long. Heaven sincerely desires you to be prepped, prompted and prepared for your formal transition to full consciousness as soon as is possible. This mission has been slowed by the persistent lingering of a number of dark states that have run your world since the end of the 16th Century. These regimes have flaunted their power and used frequent ruses to appear to be righteous and sovereign rulers. In fact, they were all merely fronts for the dark minions and their Anunnaki overlords. The Anunnaki have recently left. Their minions, however, refuse to abide by the decisions of the Anunnaki to rejoin the forces of Light. This has left you and your supporters in a ticklish plight: how to successfully overthrow the dark Earthers and their impressive show of strength. This is where our technology and commitment to the Light enters the picture. We are here to bring into existence a new age of eternal Light and to help you swiftly morph into fully conscious Beings.

This operation by the forces of the divine to return you and Gaia to full consciousness has inestimable consequences throughout this Milky Way Galaxy. Literally billions of individuals who formerly were the backbone of the dark's Anchara Empires now yearn to become fully conscious and free. This desire has brought your efforts to the forefront. To these Beings, what you are on the brink of accomplishing is a sign that their deepest desires can be fulfilled. You are thus a most important example of what Heaven can achieve. This curiosity has brought us a large group of sympathetic observers who sit at the very edge of your solar system, watching intently as you move forward on your divine mission to become fully conscious. It is for this reason that we tell you that one of your first missions as a member of the Galactic Federation will be to assist many of our newest star-nations in becoming fully conscious Beings of Light. In effect, you will be cementing the new relationships that are destined to guarantee permanent galactic peace!

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! Your world is moving quickly toward the time when a new governmental and financial system can become manifest. Those who now control your world are using their final desperate tricks to maintain their ever-slipping grip. We have asked our associates to prepare for the magic moment that we all have been waiting for. The Galactic Federation's First Contact Team is to send special liaisons to three major governments. Their task will be to ensure that the transition to a new financial and governmental system starts immediately. Over the past few months, agreements have been signed that transfer this power broker role to a committee consisting of individuals designated by the dark, together with a much larger group belonging to powerful secret societies dedicated to the Light. This extraordinary committee has set a time for the transition to begin. The agreement is now about to be enforced.

The agreement and the committee it spawned are very specific as to what is to be done when it is enforced. This statement of purpose was hammered out only after a great many formal negotiations, and a deadline was set for the approval of the documents that came out of those heated discussions. Their points are now clearly spelled out. What is needed is a party with the indispensable oomph to ensure that each distinct item will be set forth. These documents entrust the special liaisons with the legal force to carry out the measures needed to manifest the documents' various intentions. Therefore, we fully expect that the meetings now underway will bring about the actions outlined in these pages. The individuals designated by our associates are currently ready to assume positions of authority in these several caretaker governments.

We are happy to say that those liaisons from the Galactic Federation's First Contact Team have assured us that they consider it their responsibility to quickly carry out a series of governmental transfers of power and the implementation of a new global financial system. This will include a full debt forgiveness program, as well as a complete reorganization of bank operations and the fiscal responsibilities of each type of bank. The new system will permit a general re-issuance of new currencies, based upon specific hard currency reserves. These monies are to be concentrated on central banks that are truly part of a nation's public treasury. Government-run "treasury Banks" will be the outcome of these actions. The resulting prosperity is yet another aspect of the program outlays that are to flow from St. Germaine's world Trust!

Today, we elaborated upon the actions that are now taking place around your world. They are to lead to new governments and a new world-wide financial system that will introduce a whole new era of prosperity to your global society. It will also be a mere swift forerunner of first contact and your return to full consciousness. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Website: Planetary Activation Organization

Comment from one of our readers:

"greetings to you kees and to everybody who reads your messages ,,

i was reading around the site today and there seems to be some sort of eminent event that's going to take place soon ,, but while i was reading a strange thought entered my mind ,, and it's one that i hope won't happen ...

what if after a month or two , one of your channelings would say that the changes already happened and that anyone who didn't see them is one of the people that were left behind , i don't want to be left behind ,,, but the thought made me very sad because i am hanging alot of things from my life on this event to take place and if it didn't i would just be devastated beyond measure and in ruins ,,,, i really hope i am wrong about this ,, but so far i have not seen any sign that is showing me that i am on the right track !!!!! am i gonna be one of the people who will still have more lives on this old earth or am i ready to ascend ???? how can i know ????????????

thanks for reading my poorly constructed message , it's just that i can't put my thoughts into words because english is a second language to me

peace and love :) basem" (August 3, 2011)

Our reply:

"hi basem, thank you for your comment. well, no need to feel sad, because what you describe is impossible in my opinion. i know that some sources support the idea of the earth 'splitting in two', a new earth and an old earth, but most sources describe ascension otherwise and that version makes most sense to me.

from what i understand, what's happening is that the energies coming to us from the central sun are rising. as we live in those energies every day, they raise our consciousness. this is shown by the protests against "the system" that you see all around the world. suddenly people begin to see how the system works and how they've been enslaved all their lives.
the central sun, just like all suns, isn't just a huge ball of light. they are conscious beings like mother earth, and they give this universe its shape. the central sun is where the highest beings reside, unimaginable beings of light that determine how the universal cycles work and provide the blueprint for all life in this universe. the energies that they send out will keep rising and rising exponentially, until they reach their peak on december 21 or 23, 2012. energy = vibration = consciousness.

people who have enough consciousness, will live through this and will find that after this date everything has changed. evil can't exist in a high vibration, so the rule of the illuminati will be history. but this won't happen all of a sudden just on this date, it will happen at an accelerating pace in the process towards it. just like other people who can't handle these high energies, they will die. they will just go to nirvana/heaven as all souls do after dying physically, and then they will start a new life somewhere else. this will be on another 3D planet, or even lower for some of the darkest illuminati. as the whole universe ascends, this planet won't be in this universe but in another one.

so, the idea of ascension happening while many of us don't even notice it, seems impossible to me. besides, if you're already attracted to the channelings of light that we publish, that's a clear sign of a consciousness that will be high enough to live through ascension on this planet. if you were of a lower vibration, these messages wouldn't resonate with you. so no worries, my friend!
much love and light to you - kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (August 3, 2011)

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