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September 28, 2010

6 Cimi, 4 Tzotz, 7 Eb

Dratzo! (Sirian for Beloved Souls!) We come again with much to discuss with you. The past month has been filled with concessions and rebukes from the dark cabal! Every day we come together as a committee with our Earth allies and the top leaders of this cabal somewhere on your globe. These meetings are part of a procedure set up by Heaven. The dark ones know by now of the inevitability of their downfall, yet they persist in falsifications and in seeking to delay even further what needs to be done. We have therefore embarked on a series of projects designed to transform these stalemates into a desired outcome. So far we have been able to get a large majority of what is required signed off on. The rest will be done when we have assisted in driving these dark ones from power. The key remains the dark minions' wealth and power. We are presently wrapping up an operation that denies them the ability to secure their wealth. This greatly troubles them and permits us to force numerous concessions out of them. This is leading to a way to remove them from power.

Our unwavering perseverance in these matters is fragmenting the cabal into many smaller groups, each of which secretly plots against the others. Many individuals have abruptly disappeared, leaving a power vacuum behind in the main group. Strife, stratagems, and subplots abound! What was once a unified block is now crumbling into ever-smaller factions. The nemesis for them all is lack of money. These groups are in bankruptcy and unable to prevent this fact from becoming public. We expect announcements to this effect to begin seeping into the mass media any day now, and many on the Internet who are in the know about these matters have been forecasting this over the last few months. When these facts become public and are admitted by your governments, the global corporate state will rapidly disintegrate. As this happens, those agreements already signed can come into effect as these documents constitute the basis for the new temporary regimes. It is these regimes that are to return your world to Common Law and global prosperity.

These points of order are intended to bring the present de facto corporate regimes to their knees by the use of bankruptcy and denial of funds. These regimes in the past have stolen literally trillions of dollars from their citizens! The dark cabal was working toward making each of you first into chattel, and then into outright slaves of the corporate state. The Anunnaki plan was to progress from subtle forms of control to a full-blown holocaust of depopulation, as too many people create a level of pollution that is unacceptable to them. Their solution was to deny you access to healthy food and supplements and substitute these with a wholly toxic food chain. They expected this to cause massive pandemics designed to kill billions. These ones have no use for the average citizens of Mother Earth; to them you are a waste of space and resources, and better off dead. This belief is common among those who make up this global cabal, but it flies in the face of a simple, divine truth: all life is precious! We have watched in horror from above as their secret councils discuss such issues.

As the dark approaches its defeat, we must discuss with you what is to happen. Once in power, the new regimes will take into custody the members of the previous dark governments. This will free up the 'airwaves', allowing a true and open dissemination of information concerning all aspects of the incoming new reality: general debt forgiveness; distribution of tax refunds; delivery of prosperity funds; new monetary system; creation of global peace and nuclear disarmament. After these are thoroughly explained to you, the subject of us, the Galactic Federation, must be discussed. Indeed, the end of the 'UFO' cover-up is a major issue all by itself. We will be introduced alongside the revelation of a whole slew of secret technology. As you can see, a great deal of information is to be released to you in a relatively short period. Also, most of those who were incarcerated for non-violent crimes are to be released after a review of their cases. Lawyers will be retrained and the entire court system overhauled.

The new institutions will be people-oriented. At present, governments, banks, places of work etc., are all geared toward serving the wealthy and powerful, as they have been for centuries. The daunting task of our Earth allies is to turn this attitude on its head and transform the dismissive indifference of your social institutions. We have talked long and hard with our Earth allies on this one subject alone. Special transitional organizations are needed in order to move from authoritarian and hierarchical institutions to decentralized and people-friendly ones. Some of your more forward-thinking corporations have adopted this approach, and this is a good start. However, we favor a complete reorganization of governance along these lines. The average citizen must be able to provide input and, where appropriate, be able to monitor and oversee the changes agreed to. This can be a start for employing fluid group dynamics.

Interaction between government, institutions, and citizens needs to move onto a decentralized footing. Interpersonal communication is set in general to change immensely. Not only does your environment rely heavily on electronics and the Internet, but once abundance sets in, this too will change the way you relate to each other. Further, you are in the midst of a huge shift in consciousness. To top it all, we are about to be added to the mix, and this will create something unique. This coming environment is utterly different from your present one. Moreover, it will be based on one simple fact: personal sovereignty, with full unalienable rights. These various rights cannot be abridged! What we are asking our Earth allies to do is simply to make your organizations user-friendly and environmentally responsible. In a nutshell, the new regimes are to change how governments, banks, and corporations respond to you.

The goal is to create a prosperous, informed, and concerned citizenry. This diversity can solve any problem that comes up. You are to receive great wealth, astonishing technology, and a super-abundance of information. Plus, you are approaching the point of becoming fully conscious! We are here to monitor this and to mentor you when needed; however, the bulk of the responsibility stays with you. Each of you possesses innate wisdom and Heaven's blessings. Your future is bright and the sky is literally the limit! You have enormous resources and a living planet to protect. Included in this is the vast realm of Inner Earth. The Agarthans are part of your world, and like you, they have a huge reservoir of wisdom. Come together to make a wondrous new reality!

What lies ahead of you are the first challenges of your new star-nation! We know that you are destined to succeed in all that you do. You are a great people! 900,000 years ago, Heaven sent the best and brightest of fifty human star-nations to Gaia. Your ancestors were then co-opted by the Atlantean elites and fell into limited consciousness. For 13 millennia you suffered, learned, and survived. Now the time comes for you to take up the mental cudgels of your frustration and transform them into a glorious and merciful Love that will be the cornerstone of your transformation into full consciousness. Alongside the Agarthans, we await the moment to make ourselves known to you. The magic instant will be when you let go of your past and take on the mantel of who you really are!

Today you stand on the precipice of a new reality! This new world will be a fully-conscious one, filled with an ongoing series of wonders you can barely at present conceive of. There is an entire solar system to be readied for your guardianship and your exhilarating destiny! Know, dear Ones, in your Heart of Hearts that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Website: Planetary Activation Organization

Comment from one of our readers:

"Hi Kees,
This is certainly encouraging that the "human" aspect of the dark Ones is beginning to retreat and crumble.
However, another critical issue remains to be mentioned.
What is happening with our little "friends" the Greys who are holed up underground with the dark humans?
Are they also preparing to pack up shop, and throw in the towel?
Or are they a bit more stubborn, and perhaps even a bigger challenge than the Illuminati?
Scott" (10-06-'10)

Our reply:

"Hi Scott, that's an interesting question. Of course I couldn't tell you what will happen to them, but for sure they won't be allowed to be part of the false flag alien attack that the illuminati have been trying to stage. Matthew commented on that some time ago (point 14) and SaLuSa commented more recently that the Galactic Federation indeed prevented such efforts. Furthermore, most of them won't be able to ascend. Because only beings with a soul can ascend, and as the greys procreate through cloning mostly, this will be the end of the line for them, I guess. I don't know to what extend their experiments to create human/grey hybrids with a soul were a success (which was the reason for all those abductions some time ago), but my impression is that they weren't very successful. So, as the whole universe will ascend, I guess they are just kind of trapped and biting their time in those underground bases over here...? Much love and light to you - Kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (10-06-'10)

Comment from one of our readers:

"I have heard that Obama was sent by the light to be president at this time, then I hear he is the Antichrist. I am confused, could you comment on this. Thanks
Georgette" (09-29-'10)

Our reply:

"Hi Georgette, thanks for your comment. Sheldan's Sirian contacts have never mentioned Obama by name. They only say that the current world governments need to be replaced. Indeed the opinions about Obama on the web seem to vary a lot, even among lightworkers. The fact that the secret services like the CIA have professional disinformation agents out there whose only job it is to create fear and confusion, doesn't help. The only thing we can say is that both Mike Quinsey's contact SaLuSa and Matthew Ward say that Obama is a highly evolved soul and he's the man to guide us into the new era. Follow your heart, I would say. Personally, although not completely a fan of his policy so far, when I see Obama's eyes, I believe and trust him. But that's just my opinion :) Much love and light to you - Kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (09-29-'10)

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