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June 21, 2011

12 Eb, 10 Kayab, 7 Ik

Selamat Balik! We come again! Your world is reaching the magic point where it begins to transition into a new reality. The dark cabal, at its recent meeting in Europe, was at a loss on how to prevent it from happening. Our Earth allies have set up the final timetable for transforming your world, and the forces of Light are preparing to make the definitive push. Discussions with our liaison personnel are addressing how best to remove the dark's main agents and where to sequester them. Then, the subsequent trials are to be swift and equitable, as a long, drawn-out process serves no one. This courtroom 'drama' will expose the true events and deliver proper verdicts on each individual. There is no need for this historic event to dwell on the excesses of "man's inhumanity to man." The goal is to explain this sorry history thoroughly, then make the emphatic point that a new epoch has begun. This is the purpose of laying bare what the dark cabal has been up to and the nature of the egregious deeds they had planned. As one of your proverbs says, "Knowledge is power." This knowledge is to accentuate the end of your exploration into the dark reaches of limited consciousness.

The new caretaker governments will first announce and fully explain their many programs. It is felt that a time needs to be set-aside for the world's population to absorb completely what has just occurred. Your reality is to be literally flipped on its head, and this needs informed and forthright commentary by both governmental and private individuals. After a period of assessment and activation, the next item on the agenda is disclosure. Disclosure is a unique, historic event. Your global society is predicated on certain commonly held perceptions. Disclosure, as it unfolds, will shatter these basic perceptions. Our task is to assist you through the accompanying shock. We have culled from our information on you the best possible way to explain to you the implications of disclosure. It opens up what your ascension process is all about and alters your societal approach to Gaia. Although your society's attitudes on this matter have been uninformed at best, you have made some laudable progress on this front which we can build upon, and we fully intend to do so.

After disclosure, our subsequent series of broadcasts will introduce you to the Galactic Federation and its technology. Then we will show you Inner Earth, and the Agarthans will begin an illuminating discussion with you. Our immediate task in this post-disclosure world is to monitor your governments, launch the new technology, advise you on your ascension process, and prepare the way for our mass first contact. These activities will ensure that the final stages of your immersion into full consciousness are done in a smooth and timely manner. Heaven has drawn up a series of dates to guide the setting-up of your star-nation and your joining us as full-fledged members. By then you will have participated in several intergalactic councils on moving a number of selected galaxies to the Light. These events mark your emergence from the long quarantine imposed some 12,500 years ago at the behest of Heaven. Your unique brand of wisdom and your useful insights have been missed!

Disclosure is dependent on the transferal of government power to be carried out by our Earth allies. These promised changes did not happen on the assigned date given to us; glitches occurred that delayed the process. Hence, disclosure is to happen sometime after the solstice. We are in talks with our Earth allies to work out a scenario that is to be completed on the date we jointly agree to. Our mission here requires that the changes needed, before a formal disclosure announcement can be made, be achieved on schedule. To this end, we are asking a special group of Agarthan liaisons to guide these various affairs to a rapid conclusion. It is critical that either a number of major regimes be ousted legally from power, or that they carry out a full disclosure, a most unlikely contingency! The present attitudes of these major governments in truth leave us only the first option. The Agarthans assure us that these maneuvers can be done quickly. Thus, disclosure remains a done deal.

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come to you today with information on your Soul Force exercise. The initial response has been much welcomed by Heaven. The stage is being set for the flowering of your new reality. Each of you, in your own unique way, has amiably accepted those responsibilities given you. We, too, are most pleased. You have demonstrated yet again the amount of sacred power you collectively 'bring to the table'. As you continue to raise your spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical bodies with the assistance of Heaven, your growing consciousness has accepted the fact that you are veritably at the point of transformation. This immediate period in your history has so far been marked by a rising tide of chaos which is now about to peak. During this peak, an unprecedented transformation is to happen: Your world is to be inundated with new governance, prosperity, and, of course, disclosure!

Now, we are watching as our associates complete the final negotiations for getting the deliveries out. These talks also involve the leaders of the outgoing governments who are trying at the eleventh hour to 'strike a deal' and haggle over the outcome of the trials. We are fully aware that these prevarications are yet more delaying tactics on their part. Each minion of the dark cabal has done great damage to Gaia and to humanity, and these crimes require a full exposition followed by a just sentencing. Anything less is to palter with universal justice. This exercise in justice is to be a means to gain a degree of equity for what the dark ones did to your world and your society. Once done, bless them, and seek mercy and forgiveness for all! You are closing a long chapter in your dealings with the dark. Let us move with the Light into the next era, in joy and full acceptance of the great wonders that await us.

The time ahead is one of miracles and marvels. Long ago, our world was plunged into darkness as once-mighty Atlantis sank beneath the waves. Since then, we have all experienced the misery, pain, and frustration of life on Earth's surface. This life is now to change. Heaven has put in place a process for Ascension and a means for transforming this reality. Our many lifetimes have shown us what a great opportunity this is for you to make this nascent reality a most beautiful place, and our sacred task is to use the knowledge gleaned from our many lifetimes to lead you down the divine path of Light and Love to full consciousness. We are not alone in this; we have many allies who are ready to reveal themselves when their presence is needed. Be prepared for great surprises. Be prepared for the exhilarating joy that is full disclosure!

Today, we continued our discussion about full disclosure and the changes that are destined to transform your world. The dark's position continues to deteriorate by the day. The program set up by our Earth allies, under the supervision of Earth's Ascended Masters, is ready to manifest! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be In Joy!)

Website: Planetary Activation Organization

Comment from one of our readers:

"These messages always promise “jam tomorrow” and tomorrow never arrives. I fully expect that come the end of 2012 the messages will be exactly the same, so I nowadays just skim through them in case there is anything new in them.
Recently they seemed a bit more positive but now wax circumspect again. I thought these guys could see into the future so how could they not know if there was a hitch in the plans and adjust them accordingly. As for the supposed changes in governments etc there is little evidence of any changes and even in the middle east, changes are being forced by the people themselves not through allies of GFL. If these talks had taken place then you’d expect it to show in how governments behave but as far as I can tell it’s “business as usual”.
If GFL are what they say they are then they should realise that constantly tantalising people by building false hopes and then letting them down is far from what one might expect of supposedly enlightened beings, and plays on some people’s sense of frustration or even desperation. The excuse that they don’t experience time like we do is lame – they know how we experience it. Therefore I ask, what is the point of these messages? Of course the obvious explanation is that they are just BS.

Kemo" (June 23, 2011)

Our reply:

"hi kemo, thank you for your comment. i think you are right on many points, but in my opinion, that doesn't mean that these messages are BS. the galactics just see things from a different perspective than we do, and know what's going on behind the scenes. but that doesn't mean they won't take action when it's needed.
we still have over 500 days to go until december 21, 2012. personally, i estimate the chance that by then, we will still be reading these same messages, at 0%. i expect many, many things to be different by that time. of course, that's just my heart speaking, and my common sense, after having read and watched so much material on this matter. but i understand your skepticism. i wrote some more about that here, here and here.
much love and light to you - kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (June 23, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"What does one really need to add to Sheldan's latest message? Perfection needs no alterations. A wonderful message indeed. Thank you, Sheldan for your continuing work with your channeled source. Your Wednesday morning updates mean the world to me and so many others, literally! Thank you so much for everything. Bless you, dearest Sheldan.

Most sincerely,

Dan from Ingleside, IL." (June 23, 2011)

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