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"Are the Channelings True?" (2)

Quite often this website receives e-mails from our visitors asking if they should believe the channelings, describing a beautiful new world that is coming for us. Of course we don't have all the answers, but we did make a study of it, and read and watched tons of material about this matter. With that knowledge, we try to reply to those e-mails as good as we can. As we think other visitors could benefit from these conversations too, here's a follow-up on our previous example.

E-mail from one of our readers:


I have been interested in your site and have been following the channnelings for the past year with very keen anticipation of future events. It all started of with Blossom Goodchilds oct 14 message and my interest has grown since then.Unfortunatly the more I've read the more I have found more doubts creeping in.I then went back on everybodies very earlier channelings and to my disapointment the information was the same,Even back to 2007 the federation were preparing us for first contact,mass landings and changes which were just around the corner.The messages were saying that back then things ready and within the next few months and within the next year

I'm sorry to sound so negative but I feel that the federation are not what they say they are and the channelers are being mislead Without some dramatic event or and undisputed sign that they are here then I truly beleive that we will be going round in circles for few decades. I'm sure Im not the only one feeling like this.They make these annoucements with the indication that were on the final stages, the green light is on and everything is in place only to annouce that the plans have to be altered.

You can see our fustration that all is not what it appears to be.

One last point I would like to make and would appreciate you comments ,is that whilst doing some research I came across the federation or a integral part of the them called (the council of nine) back in the 1970s who were being channelled by no other than Uri Geller.They again were promising and preparing for us for first contact and mass landings nearly 40 years ago.Uri geller after so many predictions and promises that never transpired walked away from channelings.He came out on record and said they were nothing but a bunch if jokers and would have nothing more to do with them.

Although I agree with there teachings about love ,understanding,empathy and peace I feel as though that all this is nothing without federation honouring their side of the bargin.

I hope this isn't to confrontational,it is only done out of fustration..As the old saying goes "The proof is in the pudding " the federation can't keep stringing people along forever.

thanks for the sounding post
S." (04-13-'10)

Our reply:

"Hi S.,

Thanks for your comment. I understand what you're saying, and I know that many others have these doubts too. First let's talk about the time factor. It's obvious that higher beings see 'time' differently than we do. To them it means nothing, as linear time only exists in our 3D dimension. In higher dimensions there's only 'Now'. They can see the future as a most likely scenario from 'Now', but nothing is fixed.

Apparently, our galactic friends have been actively involved in this process on Earth from around mid century (the end of WW II). This current cycle, like previous cycles, has been going on for over 11,500 years. So a couple of months, years or even decades more or less doesn't make much difference to the galactics. It's all "soon". They can see our consciousness grow, so they know this old paradigm will break, one way or another. It's like boiling water I think - you don't know where the first bubble will show up, but you know there will be bubbles all over the place.

I know it's frustrating down here sometimes, because we have to drag ourselves through each day and for us it feels like it's taking ages before anything real is happening. But you have to see this in the greater picture. Apparently we have from now until 2015 for Ascension to take place, which has to do with the alignment of stars and planets. So there's still quite a bit of time. And don't forget, this scenario comes not only from channelings, but from many other sources, like [let me copy&paste here, out of laziness ;)] indigenous people all over the world, scientists from the black ops circuit who become whistleblowers, ancient texts, modern scientists like Gregg Braden and Nassim Haramein, hypnotherapists like Dolores Cannon, researchers like David Wilcock, channeled ET's, ET's who have physically visited us, people who have died and are now in contact from the other side with their loved ones here, like Suzy Ward and Veronica Keen, etc. etc.

Although several sources have stated that they would have liked to see big changes taking place earlier and there has been some delay in their plans, all sources are saying that the growth of our consciousness is right on schedule. So we just have to wait for the first breakthrough. And of course we can speed up the collective consciousness ourselves by visualizing a new and peaceful world every day.

If providing us with 'proof' of their existence was what the galactics wanted, they could easily just show themselves, or even take over our TV channels and impose their message on us. But the Divine Plan has always been to do it with a minimum of intervention from their side. They want us to do it, they want our collective consciousness to grow and this way make the changes happen. That's why they keep encouraging us and have been telling us basically the same story for years and years. And it works, because no doubt our consciousness is growing. The proof is (on) the internet!

Hang on! :)

In love and light,

Kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (04-13-'10)