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"Are the Channelings True?"

Quite often this website receives e-mails from our visitors asking if they should believe the channelings, describing a beautiful new world that is coming for us. Of course we don't have all the answers, but we did make a study of it, and read and watched tons of material about this matter. With that knowledge, we try to reply to those e-mails as good as we can. As we think other visitors could benefit from these conversations too, we publish one as an example here.

E-mail from one of our readers:

"Hello Sir / Madam,

Im a married man, my name is A., I Iive in Holland, am 38 years old and have read - among many other things - many, many of your channelings. I believe in a whole lot, but especially in that which resonates with my inner beliefs. I love reading your messages, however...

What if.. what if these messages are all given from low energies, pretending to be beings of light? Nowadays, there's simply so much disinformation, I do not know anymore what to believe. I am just scared it is all a big scam like eveyrhing else has been in this world. Why would this be any different? This world has always been about power, greed, wars and total control. Why should that all of a sudden stop and be done with? Dont get me wrong, I pray for this to end, but somehow these messages seem too good to be true. Do you know aht I mean? I have serious trouble believing what is being said. I know about the lower entities pretending to be beings of light and who can tell me this isn´t one of thier actions as well ? I hope not, but lately I am no longer sure of anything. The messages you publish are consistant, but what if this is build up to yet another great deception of mankind ? I am scared by that. I know about the wars being fought in the early days as well as here on earth. War was all these was in this universe, no ? And us humans are a simple breed, a mix of apemen and higher blood, am I right? That also explains why us people can steep horribly low and yet also reach tremendous heights. Simple. And we were regarded as property in the old days. Who can tell me we are not property still? And who can assure me the entities owning us are trying to control us completely just by bending our minds into expecting 1 big enlightenment, when in fact it's our dark destiny to once again be slaved and controled. I know what I describe is what has alwasy happened on earth here as well, but between different groups of people.

I dont exactly know how to explain. I am not religious. The only religiun I follow is my own inner religion. I know a lot about us people, but not about whats unfolding in these days. It scares me as I dont know what decisions to make. What's the right decision ?? Who to believe. End of the world nonsense and all that, I never bought. It;s more the evolution of mankind in general that seems to be trembling these days.

But as 1 of my gurus once said.. just look at a rose bloom. The rose starts at the ground, and slowly and steadily it grows bit by bit, until it reaches its full shape of the rose it has become. Thats how I see mankind as well, and what doesn't match with that filosophy is that sudden enllightenment being channeled in your publications. You know, It's like it is all too good to be true in a way. You can't be here today and suddenly jump 3 stores higher tomorrow without having past the 2 stoors in between. I hope I am making sense. I sure hope some of what SaLuSa is channeling will indeed come to pass. I am doubtfull though. I am in conflict. There´s just so much going on in the world today, and ofcourse I know that what we hear in the news is not the true picture. Some things that happened indeed happened but I am smart enough to realize that the true reasons for things that are happening will never be said. In that sense we have been and still are being misled. That kindof stripped my believes somehwat. Like I said, with all things happening on earth, your information seems simply too good to be true. I dont know whatfor. Maybe to distract us from whats happening NOW on earth.

I hope this mail finds its way to the right person. I wish you well and will ofcourse keep on reading. And hoping.

Best wishes,
A." (03-27-'10)

Our reply:

"Hi A.,

I think many people who are 'waking up', as it's usually called, have had this doubt at some point. Me too. And it's a good thing, because you shouldn't believe everything that is told to you, you always have to use your discernment.

But as you read more and more about these things, the more and more I got convinced that this is the real deal. This is the truth. It is confirmed by so many people and higher beings, from so many backgrounds, like indigenous people all over the world, scientists from the black ops circuit who became whistleblowers, ancient texts, modern scientists like Gregg Braden and Nassim Haramein, hypnotherapists like Dolores Cannon, researchers like David Wilcock, channeled ET's, ET's who have physically visited us, people who have died and are now in contact from the other side with their loved ones here (like Suzy Ward and Veronica Keen), etc. etc.

The more you read about it and the more video's you watch about it, the clearer the picture gets. It's all so logical. It all makes so much sense, there's not one illogical part in this whole story. When you start with Creator and it's plan to experience itself through all life in all universes, and you know the plan for each universe is to evolve with all life until we are one again with Creator. And you know that higher beings always help lesser evolved beings, because we are in the same boat so to speak. And you also know that living a life in a world of duality like we do, is very beneficial to a soul... Then you know why the dark were allowed to go ahead, but only to a certain extend. They are never allowed to disrupt the balance of life, neither on Earth nor in the universe. They're not in charge, God and Creator are.

Just look around you, look at the beauty in nature, look at the love between people, the innocense of children...do you think that is all made by a hatefull God, or a loving God? Of course it's a loving God.

It's a fact that there are dark energies and entities playing with peoples minds wherever they can. But don't forget, the Law of Attraction works also for them, the same as it does for us. They hate love and harmony, it's like a bad smell to them. They get much more fulfillment in talking someone into violent behaviour, or committing suicide. These beings are attracted to low things, like the reptilians, they're attracted to war, killing, rape, blood, raw meat...

There are so many beings of light being channeled in this time, it's enormous. And the channelers, like Mike Quinsey, feel the wonderful energy of the channeled entity as soon as the channeling starts. It wouldn't make any sense that these are only dark entities acting like beings of light (sometimes on a very regular basis, like SaLuSa), and spread messages of love, light and encouragement. They have nothing to gain from that. They enjoy living in a world of fear, not of love. That's why all our controlled media are focussed on spreading fear. They want to keep the collective consciousness as low as possible, because they also know that the collective consciousness creates our reality and our future. That's a proven fact, just watch the video's from scientist Gregg Braden for instance. If everyone on this planet was living in love, hope and harmony instead of fear, there couldn't even be any dark beings here.

And, well, when you know that telepathic communication is the usual way to communicate anyway in higher dimensions, then you see why the channelings that we (and many other sites) publish, absolutely make sense. And that the universe indeed moves in cycles and that the process of ascension is very much a reality.

You speak of a "sudden enlightenment", but do you have any idea how much help we're getting from all corners of the universe? Just read the books of Suzy Ward for instance, our galactic friends are really everywhere. Many hands make a heavy job look light, as they say. And when you know the divine plan (ET souls incarnating on Earth in this time because they are much more receptive to the light), then it's not so 'sudden' at all. Your guru uses the comparison of a rose, but have you ever seen a red poppy starting to bloom? That goes with a big bang as well!

Red Poppy

Well, there's so much more I could say about it, but I think it's best just to let your heart do the discernment. If you feel that love is the base of everything (which will become more clear as soon as you stop watching tv), then go for that. If you believe that everything is really dark, then you can live your life on that assumption. It's your choice, but to me the picture is crystal clear

Good luck!

In love and light,

Kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (03-28-'10)

Comment from one of our readers:

I was just reading "Are The Channelings True?" and thought I would add my experience of confirmation that there are in fact some kind of spaceships in orbit above Earth. Since before Thanksgiving 2009 and continuing up to the present, I have seen and photographed up to eight (8) objects over Oakdale, California that are definitely not stars. They always appear, on clear nights, just after sundown and stay in the same formation until I go to bed. They are very bright, enough so that I can take pictures of them at 1/180 second with a Pentax digital camera. They are colored, from red and blue to a pale center with a green ring around the outside. I do not know what they are, but anyone can see that something is there.
Sincerely, Malcolm." (04-06-'10)

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