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July 5, 2011

13 Cimi, 4 Kumku, 7 Ik

Selamat Balik! We return! The major operations leading to full disclosure are moving steadily forward. We monitor these activities with an eagle eye to ensure that they overcome any resistance put up by the dark. The various policies professing to 'save' the economies of several nations are mere window dressing, designed to cover up the irremediable inadequacies of your global structures. In truth, the economies of your world are sinking under a massive debt that is impossible to recover from. Debt forgiveness is the only way out for these many beleaguered nations, but the greed of the dark's minions prevents this sensible solution from being enacted. This is why what our Earth allies are doing is so vital to your future. The present economic system, like the rest of your reality, has had its 'time in the sun', and this sun is now setting. Our Earth allies are fully aware of this and are working diligently to implement a new economic system, which is nevertheless to be only a stopgap while you progress swiftly toward your destiny as fully conscious Beings of Light.

This progression toward full consciousness means that a grand transformation is rapidly overcoming the control of the dark. The difficulty has been the dark's refusal to acknowledge what is happening around them. The Ascended Masters have wondrously altered the grids of your reality and, with your help, infused Light into every corner of your world. Love and Oneness is your future. The hatred, schisms, and wholesale manipulation wreaked by the dark's minions through the ages, and which constitute your familiar world, are fading fast, and we are here to assist the Light to manifest the new, fully-conscious realm. This time of year is important as it marks the remembrance of one of Saint Germaine's most cherished projects: the American Declaration of Independence. The unalienable rights promised to all do indeed include Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, which translate into freedom, personal sovereignty, and following your true inner joy. These qualities lie at the heart of what being fully conscious is all about, so let's look at this more closely.

Being fully conscious is a true state of divine grace: you are able to communicate easily with your higher self (your divine I Am Presence) and live in a wondrous realm which integrates the physical with the spiritual; in this state of Beingness, you can plan your life with your spiritual councils, seek wisdom from your experiential life encounters in the physical, and contribute to the unfolding of the divine plan in all the realms you move through each day. In this way, you grow spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. The wisdom garnered is shared constantly with your immediate podlet (a family-like community of up to 64 individuals) that you have known since babyhood. This knowledge helps not only yourself but your podlet and your entire society as well. Galactic society is a vast interconnected maze you are happily entwined in. It provides you with knowledge, wisdom, and above all, a way to contribute your abilities to sustaining the magnificent star-nation you reside in.

The ongoing defiance of the dark cabal is indicative of the overbearing entitlement it has used to justify its domination of you for nearly 13 millennia. Our Earth allies are about to wrest its members from their now-shaky perches, but it has taken a weighty coalition of powerful individuals, Ascended Masters, and several very wealthy groups dedicated to the Light to bring the dark ones to the end of their long reign. The deciding factor in this is us: the first contact team of the Galactic Federation. Our presence tells these cabalists that this 'quiet revolution' is unlike any they have previously encountered, as they are up against an alliance backed by two elements that are greater than they are: your spiritual and your space families. Now, indeed, the global tide has turned. The only remaining question is how long before a momentous global power shift follows. This power shift is geared toward acknowledging first contact and, with it, the expunging of a realm created long ago by Atlantis and their Anunnaki allies.

Blessings, dear Hearts! We return to your divine Presence! Our associates are readying the 'special greetings' we have recommended for the dark ones. The results of this 'package of goodies' are divine, as they are to secure your freedoms and manifest the personal sovereignty you brought in last week. This time of year has a special significance for Saint Germaine as it celebrates the occasion, over two centuries ago, when he boldly proclaimed the prototype for your emancipation from your status as enslaved chattel imposed on you by the dark. This document, which established the imperatives behind your liberation, is being used once again as the foundation for the legal pronouncements that are ready to be made public. In effect, these constitute a 'second American Revolution', but this time it is to free not only America but the entire world. These officially authorized decrees are to swiftly initiate the means to set up a whole slew of new governments.

We have watched you suffer under the relentless heel of the dark cabal, and these Beings are still unable to see that their time for letting go has arrived. What is coming will wake them up and orient their sight clearly on the birthing of a new world. Our divine purpose is to spread the Light across this beautiful globe and prepare you for full consciousness. This mass global ascension is firmly decreed by Heaven and sanctioned by the Creator. We are in joy that this sacred moment is upon us. Our associates have done much to prepare for the series of special announcements that are to signal the creation of a new reality filled with prosperity, freedom, and sovereignty for all. It will also be a time when our Agarthan family can reintroduce themselves to you. We intend that this be done swiftly, easily, and with much joy!

As the time comes for a new epoch to be launched, we wish to note that the mission we all took on millennia ago is reaching its moment of fruition. The formal arrival of the Galactic Federation of Light anchors in this new era for humanity. The days ahead will be characterized by much joy as the procedures leading to the mass landings are announced. The new governments and new prosperity will change greatly your way of life, and the weighty responsibilities you are to take on will also reprioritize your outlook on life as the implications of the information you will be privy to begin to take hold. However, be assured that you will be able to handle it and apply it to your personal environment. Just know that this moment is a profound one. You are to go through the beginning stages of acknowledging your ascension and putting to rest your misplaced anxieties.

Today, we continued our discussion and gave you a brief accounting of unfolding events. We wish to reiterate that these events constitute the start of the transformation of your reality. The time comes for us to meet and celebrate our new adventures together! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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