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July 12, 2011

7 Ben, 11 Kumku, 7 Ik

Dratzo! We return! We sit and wait in much anticipation high above you. We know that the divine moment for our Earth allies approaches! The dark has long been in control of your governments and, indirectly, your lives; and now this long reign of tyranny is to come to a long-awaited end. Certain agreements are ready to be made public which will dictate the termination of the dark's rule. Although the new monetary and financial system is also ready for immediate implementation, the finalizing of a necessary set of accords constituting the legitimacy of the new temporary governments is still delaying matters. The heads of these interim regimes will completely revamp the world that is familiar to you. They will institute the distribution of universal wealth and set up new governance that is truly transparent and obedient to the people. These caretakers are to oversee the introduction of the sequestered technologies and the formal disclosure of our existence. Many dedicated adherents of the dark are to be revealed and arrested for serious crimes against the people and the world. And this is just the beginning.

Restructuring government is one of their most weighty tasks: it entails nothing less than a full reexamination of the daily workings of government and the manner in which its many services are executed. It is essential that each of you play a role in assisting these caretakers in carrying out this in-depth overhaul. As you move ever close to full consciousness, you become more able to add your well-considered suggestions to the process, as it is this very process of open dialogue between citizens and the new governance that will make the transition smooth and constructive. Naturally we expect glitches and some bumpy times ahead, and we know that advice from us on many issues will be needed as this restructuring phase plays out. Reframing your entire global society in such a short space of time is a truly daunting undertaking, and you are being asked to 'jump in the deep end.' Differences of opinion between you are inevitable, and we therefore offer your Agarthan cousins and ourselves in the role of mediators and counselors.

The path ahead of you is being paved by the actions of our Earth allies and by the series of formal announcements which are to completely transform the world you now know. A post-disclosure world will at first feel utterly different. Also, the dark's increasingly ominous supremacy will be at an end. Resources hitherto withheld from you will be yours, and these will brighten your journey through the transition into a new reality and show you the undreamt-of potential you possess. Similarly, your relationship to Gaia is to change dramatically, and the presence of the Agarthans will stand your current notion of her geophysical make-up on its head! You will learn about how planets are created hollow, and this will found a new planetary physics, initiating a wholly new scientific paradigm for your society, one which combines Spirit and matter. These new physical sciences will lead to fresh views on the origins of life and the nature of physicality, allowing you to better understand what we are to bring into your lives.

This revolutionary scientific and philosophic knowledge, as well as official confirmation by your governments of your collective ascension, will define your last days as surface dwellers. The next step will introduce you to the wonders and beauties of Inner Earth. Planets are magnificent Beings who possess both inner and outer realms. Our task is to help a planet to link these realms and to sustain them at their full potential. This work brings you into contact with the flora and fauna of both realms, allowing you to discover the amazing differences and similarities of the two worlds and thus, how the ecological balance is maintained. This husbandry is one of society's primary tasks. Once you are fully conscious, all the animals and plants can speak to you and explain what they require to live and prosper. The podlets assigned to specific tasks at the planet's various nodal points use this prime energy to sustain the complex ecologies of both realms. It won't take you long to become true stewards of Gaia and all her life forms.

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! The final parts to a very convoluted puzzle are now being put in place. Over the past few millennia, the dark and its earthly minions have been able to run this world as they pleased. Nevertheless, during this time the Light slowly gained adherents in key places, and these cracks in the dark's solidarity allowed us to form several crucial secret societies around your planet, dedicated to serving your Ascended Masters. These organizations are now using their connections and resources to force the dark from its seats of power. This mission has produced a series of legal precedents which are about to achieve our aims, and we are ready to make the announcements, which will doubtless shock many of you. It is generally assumed that these illegal regimes are immune from change, but such is not the case! Prepare yourselves for some astonishing broadcasts in the immediate days ahead!

The Light inundating your world in an ever-strengthening flow is melting the veil between your spiritual and physical realms. This action also raises the frequencies of your cellular RNA/DNA, waking people up in record amounts, and so the numbers of people calling upon us each day has risen exponentially. We hear your prayers and requests, and use our own energies to help and sooth your growing distress, which is a direct result of the increasing collapse of your reality. The dark is determined to cling to the wreckage they created, and we are equally intent on transforming it into Light. Heaven has given us the decrees to transform this 'veil of tears' and we are eager to finish this sacred task! In anticipation of this, our associates have placed themselves in positions where their triumph is now assured.

The period we are passing through is when Mother Earth is to be made over to the Light. This process is nearly done. The end of this particular stage will be the formal announcements that proclaim that our space family is here and ready to disclose its program for the landings. At the same time, the first broadcasts from our Agarthan family will go out. We have lived among them for millennia and know how much they desire to reunite the realms of Inner and surface Earth. They intend to show you around their glorious world and prepare you for your journey back to full consciousness. The environs and residences where this is to take place are ready and waiting for your occupancy. We have supervised all the preparations and greatly look forward to completing your ascension. It is vital that the divine plan be manifested, and manifested now!

Today, we gave you more information about the progress of some of the changes that are to transform your world. We also explained that a number of programs are close to instituting a new financial and monetary system, as well as several new caretaker governments. We look forward to meeting you in the physical and being your mentors during your return to full consciousness. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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