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March 1, 2011

4 Ahau, 18 Zac, 7 Ik

Selamat Jarin! We return to continue our discussion with you. Gaia is now increasing her warning signs to humanity, which has hereby been put on notice that the time has come for the great transformation mandated by Heaven's numerous decrees. Those still using their wiles to prolong their time in power are also being warned that Heaven desires that these great changes happen forthwith! Accordingly, we have instructed our liaison and diplomatic personnel to make it clear that any further delays are no longer advisable. Meanwhile, our Earth allies are working pedal to the metal to complete the remaining tasks, and we, for our part, have commissioned a series of events to push any remaining tasks through to completion. These operations are to converge at a point on our timeline that has been pinpointed by Heaven and her many hierarchies. We are committed to these changes and have alerted various governments that we will not tolerate the status quo once those dates have been reached. Our technological advantage has been demonstrated to these regimes sufficiently to prove that we mean business.

The warnings to the recalcitrant regimes are being accompanied by more proof of our abilities in the form of the crippling of much of their secret technology, and we intend to widen the scope of these activities as the specified date approaches. We are further emphasizing our resolve by 'taking' many leaders of your major governments in order to impress upon them at first hand that certain requests made by us need immediate attending to. We are using very basic measures to emphasize these points, but we need to get across to the dark cabal the fact that it is up against capabilities that are far beyond their ken. Furthermore, this force has a divine objective and it cannot be stopped until the main objectives of this first contact mission are fully realized. To this end we have increased our degree of intervention and are focused on removing the dark and its coterie of minions from power. The run-up to your transition period is nearing full-throttle mode, and we trust that the dark cabal has now grasped the fact that the moment for its unconditional abdication is upon them.

This dark cabal has run your world in one form or another for nearly twelve and a half millennia. It is no small matter for this assemblage to admit that its reign is truly over, which is why we saw fit initially to use velvet gloves in our dealings with them. Naturally, this approach took us only so far, at which point we went to the next stage by taking away some of their highly valued assets, and this action made them sit up and take notice. Yet even this tactic failed to budge them. This led to the abductions mentioned above, and this did indeed increase their willingness to take heed! These leaders where spirited away in plain view of their security details who were unable to stop our actions. We have promised more of the same and have impressed upon all and sundry that our powers go far beyond this. This escalated proof of our resolve sparked emergency meetings of the dark's ruling councils, which nevertheless resulted in only minor concessions. This is why we have been compelled to arrange several sorties to render inoperable a wide range of secret-government technology. This finally, truly caught their attention!

Our goal is to permit our Earth allies to oust these tyrants from power and allow you to taste the freedom, sovereignty, and prosperity you so rightfully deserve. Preparations on your world have reached the stage where these conditions can easily manifest, and indeed, your global populace is demonstrating clearly that your desire for these God-given rights burns ardently within all of you. Heaven fully supports your heartfelt desires, and our mission, accordingly, stipulates that these conditions be manifested prior to first contact. Thus we have steered our Earth allies down a path that can make this happen for everyone. We are aware of the enormous frustration and seemingly unending deferment that you have endured; we also respect those brave souls who have come together to demonstrate the inherent power that these desires can generate. Your global society is at a crossroads, and there is a palpable feeling out there that the moment has arrived for fundamental change. And indeed, this is now manifesting!

As you move into this transition period the first thing you notice is the growing chaos across the planet and this naturally begets a proportionate increase in your frustrations, but this passion is actually driving much of the street-action that is toppling a number of governments. Although the dark can turn this to their advantage, it also opens up several opportunities for the Light! The shifting sands of recent global events herald the many changes that are ready to appear on your horizon. Our Earth allies are bent on making sure that the major regimes on your world have a short future, and ensuring this is also a prime requisite for us. We have given these dark cabal-affiliated governments many compelling motivations for exiting the scene, and we expect full and timely compliance on their part. To assist them on their way we have appointed our personnel to oversee the activities of these regimes as they go about their business of complying with this divinely decreed turn of events.

The surface changes contemplated by Mother Earth are in their elementary stage. A major point of focus is the Pacific ring of fire, where the intent is to begin raising the Pacific seabed to reestablish Lemuria. This means that a number of lands near those major tectonic plates are now at risk, and earthquakes, like those in New Zealand and off the small island chains of the Christmas and Fuji isles, are to become more common. The entire Pacific basin is now in motion. This movement is unique, as it anticipates the raising of those lands that are eventually to unite with the coast of Australia, Indonesia, and numerous others. These new lands will redraw the map of the Pacific, and what will emerge is an ocean that once again contains the ancient, long-lost continent and a more even distribution of land and sea. A global phenomenon indeed!

The return of Atlantis is another bone of contention for the cabalists as each ocean contains secrets they have long been at pains to keep under wraps. The Atlantic Ocean holds much undeniable evidence of the existence of Atlantis: man-made grids, large pyramids, and the presence of strange energy phenomena. The dark has had to be very diligent to keep this information secret; many expeditions of discovery have had to be interfered with or made to desist under threat from the 'proper' authorities. Now we intend to make it easier for explorers to uncover the truth. The fabled lands of Atlantis do exist, and a good spot to begin this discovery is off the southwestern tip of Cuba and in the sea between the Yucatan and Cuba. We ask those interested to begin their search there and follow our ships to further sites for their investigations.

Our journey to your world is just the latest of many; we have been watching you for millennia, and our studies were made in cooperation with the Agarthans. Now the time has come for first contact and this necessitates the divinely mandated removal of your dark ruling cabal. Each of its governing bodies requires a firm boot to get them to resign. We are determined to assist you in claiming your rights and obtaining the prosperity that you are entitled to as sovereign and highly conscious citizens of Gaia! You have a divine destiny and Gaia knows the meaning this has for her and her most precious ecosystems. We come to facilitate all this and to ensure that this next step happens at the moment specified by Lord Surea and Heaven's sacred decrees.

Today, we talked about what is being done to bring events to a head and closer to first contact. We are ready to make a very important announcement that prepares the ground for our formal first contact with you. The time has arrived for some truly essential events to take place on your world. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Website: Planetary Activation Organization

Comment from one of our readers:

"Thank you, thank you , thank you. It feels so good to have Sheldan and the Galactic Folks on our side...I can hardly wait!
Now, what can we do to be of service to those in the areas that may go through the upheaval that he speaks of? Certainly we will send prayers and blessings.
Is there anything else we can do now. Sorry to ask, but I am such a 'doer' by nature, and being from Chicago we are the type to role up our sleeves and pitch-in where ever there is need.
Linda in Chicago." (03-02-'11)

Our reply:

"Thank you for your comment, my friend. Indeed sending love and light to the people who need it is one of the best ways to help, I think. Energy is never wasted. I wouldn't know of any other way to help those people over there personally, because those countries are so far away. Of course we can donate, but I only do that myself to organizations (preferrably local ones) who have proven to do a good job. Most of the money donated to big organizations which are related to the UN, like Unicef, never makes it to the people.
In general, visualizing a bright future, joining every protest online and offline, adding enlightening comments and links on news sites where people have not yet woken up, smiling at people, and posting spiritual documents on social networks are some of the things we can do I think to make the changes happen.
More suggestions to help the people in need are welcome! Much love and light to you - Kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (03-02-'11)

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