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February 22, 2011

10 Ben, 11 Zac, 7 Ik

Selamat Jarin! We come to carry on with our discussion about the transformations taking place on your world. Our Earth allies continue to forge ahead with their plans to bring forth a new and much-needed financial system for your global society. These worldwide changes are predicated on true hard currency, comprising six main currencies. We have overseen the setting-up of gold and silver depositories at special points around your planet and these serve two purposes: first, to stabilize your global currencies and allow a radically different set of rules to come on line to regulate international banking. Second, their special placement is intended to provide essential points of energy for Gaia at her most vulnerable nodes on the world grid. Most of the nations involved in these complex negotiations have committed finally to these plans. Now outstanding are a few logistics associated with installing the various caretaker governments. These talks are in their last stages and are expected to be completed momentarily. Several key nations have already agreed to the contents of the announcement on the new international pact on government.

Meanwhile, we are in discussion with several governments and our Earth allies regarding the formal announcement of our presence. We wish to come aboard formally within the first month of these temporary governments' establishment. Some want to delay this until the middle of the second month. We feel strongly that disclosure needs to be made as soon as the initial announcements have had a chance to sink in and the implementation procedures are completed. This, according to our Earth allies, is on a two-week timetable, yet many still disagree. The disruptions caused by the dark cabal need to be decisively attended to before disclosure is made. We believe it is also vital that the new technologies, either those already existing on your world or those to be revealed by us, become publicly known beforehand as this can make a big difference to how each of you reacts to these initial disclosures. In the same vein, the new regimes also require definitive proof that the world being created under them is far different than any before. Full disclosure and announcing astounding new technologies makes a winning point!

The new policies and disclosures demonstrate to everyone that the world they live in has altered dramatically and beneficially. It sets the stage for our announcements about the final stage of your journey into full consciousness. Our broadcasts are to be done in such a way as to cast a most encouraging and auspicious light on what lies ahead for Earth's humanity. Another timely plus is the formal introduction of your Agarthan Inner-Earth family, which can lead to truly enlightening interaction between you regarding all that is suddenly happening to and around you. Your individual ascension processes are unique to each one of you, with genetic and epigenetic sequencing that is inimitably you. Ascension is a process you agreed to before you incarnated in this reality, and Heaven permitted us to assist in this operation and create the Light chambers that are to complete your leap into full consciousness. Heaven is guiding each step of your ascension and has given decrees to those angels assigned to you. This process is on a schedule that is rapidly reaching the point where various facts need to be made known to you.

First on the agenda is the fact that the entire global populace needs to be informed that ascension is well under way. Secondly, you require a formal timetable and concrete signs that it is happening and is not to stop until all of you are fully conscious. Thirdly, you need to be able, en masse, to take in how this is to be accomplished and be assured that the process is safe and is to have only a hugely beneficial outcome. It is here that the announcement of our technology comes in. We can demonstrate what is involved, and then take you on various tours to show you where it will all take place. Your living world, Gaia, wants you to fully comprehend what is ahead. Further, the upcoming transition period will be swift and best spent educating you and getting you comfortable with the wonderful transformation you are to go through. Our technology can not only demonstrate but also allow you to somewhat experience all that we are talking about, and this can substantially appease any qualms you may have about the process.

Your ascension into full consciousness was promised you by Heaven eons ago. Your ancestors came to this realm nearly 900,000 years ago, and your first settlement was a joint surface-world and Inner-Earth colony that had the full approval of Gaia and her Spiritual Hierarchy. The daughter colony of Atlantis was in actuality the last of Earth's colonies to be founded. It was in the main a surface colony, while in Inner Earth, great crystal cities were constructed and peace reigned there undisturbed for over 800,000 years. The founding of Atlantis was the first time that human rebel groups had been allowed to come together to form their own region instead of being scattered among the various colonists. Secretly, the Atlanteans had a very different agenda; they fully intended to become the future rulers of the planet. The opportunity for this takeover first came into view when the Lemurian council set up separate administrations for each surface colony, around 50,000 years ago.

About 25,000 years ago, Atlantis' nefarious plans came to fruition, leading to the corrupting experiments that created the environment that led to her demise. Then, around 13,000 years ago, you were caught up in this declining situation and, in order to survive, became greatly dependent on the remaining off-worlders that you now know as the Anunnaki, their Sumerian name. This group of then-dark Beings cast you into a fright-filled world of wars, hatred, religions, and want, and yet you learned to survive in this land of fear and toil. Now you have reached the point where all of this is destined to change. You have become capable of calling upon the wisdom stored in your epigenetics which, when combined with the ascension process, is to turn you into a most wondrous prototype for change throughout the vast regions of this galaxy occupied by the former dark children of Anchara.

This destiny of yours is most important to the Galactic Federation. The many peoples that until recently opposed us now eagerly await your return to full consciousness. We applaud the way you have mastered the many obstacles on your return journey, and the galaxy is very pleased with the way you are fulfilling the decrees of Lord Surea and the diligence you have shown in preparing for the final great push to your lofty goal. We are here to assist you and, later, to act as mentors. As we have said many times before, let it be known that we come to help and to ensure your success. Your dark cabal persists in opposing the inevitable but this role of theirs is winding down. The members of this first contact team are poised to create the conditions that will complete your journey. Then we can jubilantly welcome you into our ranks.

Gaia is a most vital entity! She contains within her the energies which formed this galaxy over 20 billion years ago. At that time we were simply divine Spirits who were being made ready for our journey in the infinitely shaped curiosity that is physicality. We all arrived together in numerous forms and densities and since then, in graciousness and joy, have unfolded the divine plan in these realms. This lengthy and intricate odyssey is chronicled in thousands of books found throughout the human star-nations, one of which is the Sirian 'Book of Understanding.' It tells of the migration of a people from Vega to Sirius B (Akonawei) over 4 million years ago. These narratives are to be given to you when the Agarthans make their own announcements.

Today, we discussed the progress being made in your return to full consciousness. First contact is merely one of the final steps of this operation. We come to meet and greet our cousins and to celebrate your triumph over the dark! This time of joy is very close! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Website: Planetary Activation Organization

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