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"Are the Channelings True?" (4)

Quite often this website receives e-mails from our visitors asking if they should believe the channelings, describing a beautiful new world that is coming for us. Of course we don't have all the answers, but we did make a study of it, and read and watched tons of material about this matter. With that knowledge, we try to reply to those e-mails as good as we can. As we think other visitors could benefit from these conversations too, here's a follow-up on our previous examples (1), (2) and (3).

E-mail from one of our readers:


You mention that you view Ascension as a certainty because many credible sources have confirmed it. You no doubt count channellings of extra-terrestrial and other-dimensional beings to be among those that are credible.The entire light-worker community, in fact, is nearly unanimous in it's support for the likes of Mike Quinsey and Sheldon Nidle because they've passed the "discernment" check... how well they resonate with the heart, uplifting and positive tones, et al. I applied many of the same techniques myself when I first started following channellings. The spiritual content of the messages was a major draw for me, and quite plainly, what was said made good sense.

Two years in, I now find myself seriously questioning the authenticity of these messages, and in fact, all Ascension and Disclosure related conjecture. How can you be so sure that Ascension is a certainty? How can any of these "sources" be sure about something so tremendously overarching in its effect on all of humanity?

Many of the individuals in the light-worker community that have been channelling messages have been doing it for years, writing books, holding seminars, and even making a living out of it. I've gone back and read some channellings from as long back as 2006, and to me, the core content of their messages is still the same. Disclosure, release of advanced E.T. technology, restructuring of the financial system, end to all wars and famine... these were all as imminent 5 years ago as they are now. When it was widely confirmed by many of these sources that 2010 would be the year of a vast transformation of our reality, I was among those brimming with excitement and joy. I recall how SaLuSa, in one of his messages last year, stated that 2010 would be the year humanity would look back at as the most important year in human history, as when everything changed for good. It wasn't just him either. David Wilcock and the gentle folk at Project Camelot have been talking about the imminence of Disclosure at least from late 2009. Keisha Crowther, Little Grandmother, stated in one of her seminars last year that 2010 would certainly be the year the star people would arrive back on Earth. Sheldan Nidle and his gang from Sirius have been talking for months and years about the nearness of the commencement of the changes leading to Ascension.

How can any of these people, human beings, no different from you and I, make such bold predictions? I understand that they are mere messengers, and others such as David Wilcock have substantial reasoning and historical evidence to support these claims, but how can anyone be sure?

I think it's time we gave ourselves a large dose of reality. I've been through every one of the setbacks and heartbreaks accompanying each failed prediction over the last two years. I've based major decisions in my life on the premise of Ascension and Disclosure. I've sat back gently smiling at the world and those around me as they went about their lives ignorant and oblivious to what was just around the corner. I've been alone in my "understanding", unable to express something I KNEW was real, something I was certain would happen. Oh yeah, I've been through it all, and all by the ripe age of 24. :)

I now find myself caught in between worlds. Hollywood can release as many alien themed movies as it likes, and the FBI and New Zealand can churn out as many UFO files as they please, but I find none of these "precursors" to be of any real value any longer. I remain firm in my conviction about the existence of benevolent intelligence outside of Earth, but I am not willing to spend another moment of my life waiting.

My intent in writing this email is to shed some perspective to those that find themselves similarly disillusioned or confused. I know how hard it is to be there. In closing, I encourage all readers to apply their own intellect and intuition to the matter, and be bold enough to make a decision either way, even if it means admitting that you've been devastatingly wrong.


Rohit." (August 25, 2011)

Our reply:

"dear rohit,

thank you for your e-mail.

i understand your frustration, and believe me, you're not the only one. we get many e-mails like yours.

it's true that so far many of the predictions that the galactic federation and other channeled beings made through the channelings, haven't come into being. but they also say that they can only see the future as the most likely sum of the current situation. in other words, if something unexpected happens, the whole scenario changes. apparently, this happens quite often.

but the divine plan is, and has always been, to let many pure souls incarnate on earth, so they can help to raise the vibration of the planet. and when the moment is there, to make the jump to 4D. and soon after that, 5D. this is happening undeniably, in my opinion. all around the world, especially on the web, you see people awakening. spiritual sites and protest sites (like Avaaz.org) are popping out of the ground like mushrooms, there are protests against "the system" all around the world. less and less the people are accepting the actions and explanations of the governments, you see this in the comments on news websites for instance. this is a true sign of the rising vibrations.

the problem is, that most people still have no idea what's going on, because the media are still competely controlled by the dark. so of course the media don't pay much attention to the awakening of the people.

in my opinion, people who are enlightened but still have doubts about this process of ascension, only do so because they still give their governments and the media the authority to decide for them what the truth is and what not. if obama would publicly claim that ET life is real and that they're helping us at the moment because our planet is heading towards a big shift, only THEN would they accept it as true for themselves. but i don't feel it that way, and luckily i'm not the only one. if i follow my heart and use common sense, this process of ascension feels very natural and true to me. it's meant to be, i see it and i feel it.
and even some of the media confirm it. for instance, have you seen the press conference of former US military personnel last year on CNN? they claimed that their nuclear bases are being watched and even shut down by UFO's, just like the GF has always said through channelings that they do. if even these things don't count as proof for you, i don't know what would...?

as some of the channeled beings explained, another reason for the continuing delay of the big changes, is that the divine plan didn't work out as planned in some aspects. for instance, matthew explained that many pure souls had incarnated within the illuminati. it was in their soul plan to turn over to the light at some point. but in reality, almost none of them did that. they stayed on the dark side. in my personal opinion, obama is also an example of this, although i haven't given up on him completely yet.

as i've said before, i think the channeled beings should refrain themselves from making predictions. because it only inflates the value of their words if these predictions don't come true. but i understand the temptation of making these predictions, knowing how much we thrive on it and how much it lifts up our collective consciousness, which creates our reality. and apparently, quite regularly they see big events happening in the future (again, as the sum of the current situation), so why not make that prediction? channeled beings aren't perfect, just like we aren't. they all have their own vibration, just like us, we're all on our journey through dimensions to become one with the source again. they've said that they're still learning all the time, although they are miles ahead of us in evolution of course. i think we shouldn't see them as gods, we should see them as loving and wise friends and family, who only want to help us.

but one thing that all sources have said from the start, is that there will be a shift in consciousness, a jump to 4D (and later 5D), and it will happen before the end of 2012. and that long before that, everybody will be informed about this.

the first part, the shift to 4D, is apparently a natural phenomenon. it's as sure as the changing of the seasons. it has to do with the incoming energies from the universe, the central sun, that sends out the blueprint for all cycles and all life in the universe. this is confirmed by people like david wilcock and pane andov and by many channeled beings. not only those that we pay attention to on this site regularly, but also sources that are hardly known, this one for instance. if so many different sources confirm a fact, i take it as a certainty. and i think science would also, if they weren't so controlled.

the second part, about everybody being informed about this, is of course not a natural process, but something that the GF and us down here would need to take care of ourselves. the divine plan intends that we do it ourselves, by raising our collective consciousness. but a breakthrough in this process could only happen on a worldwide scale if the dark forces lose their power, or give it up themselves.
although we still have over 500 days to go until the end of 2012, knowing how much delay there has been over the last years, i wonder if we can really do it ourselves. personally, i think we need an x-factor, as david icke calls it. we need some divine intervention, because the way it is going now, it seems like an endless chess game where neither the light nor the dark can make a decisive move. the light is gaining ground, but it's going so slowly, that it might take years, even decades, before the dark forces are weakened so much that they give up their power voluntarily.
so, as much as the GF rejects the idea, for karmic reasons as they say, i really think that they need to step in more actively. they should show themselves more. they say that they don't want to cause any panic, but if they would just show themselves en masse very high in our sky, for instance as thousands of extra stars at night, i'm sure that nobody would panic at all. well, maybe some illuminati would, but 99,99% of the people would just like up in awe, i'm convinced.

well, in his latest messages, montague says that "they" are preparing something grand, so i hope that this is that x-factor!

that's all i can say about it, my friend. a couple of wrong predictions don't mean that the big plan isn't happening, it's just being adjusted all the time. walking the thin line between respecting free will, the law of non-interference and karmic laws, it is a very complex undertaking.

i've written some more about this in the answers that i wrote to the people who wrote to us before you about these questions. if you like, you can find them here:




hope this benefits you in some way, rohit!

In love and light,

kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (August 29, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Thanks Kees for your follow-up to Rohit’s message and thanks to Rohit for writing so sincerely. I totally relate. I am constantly looking for positive signs. Well, although the following wasn’t primetime coverage it’s another step ... CNN’s Don Lemon’s report last week : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-uMh3VibRps

So then I thought that aside from just reading channeled messages and hoping for change, that we could push the media for further and further coverage. Maybe if we keep hounding them, and they take our cue, it will awaken more people and thus push the U.S. government to UFO disclosure. (BTW, I’ve written the President and my local representatives and still haven’t heard anything back ...) Here’s a link for CNN ‘Send a story idea’ page on their website and ask for PRIMETIME UFO news coverage with Anderson Cooper or the like : http://www.cnn.com/feedback/forms/form11e.html

Thanks again for your great work, Kees, and for Rohit’s message
-Jill" (August 29, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Dear Kees,

I read your last editorial letter/response to the letter from Rohit with great pleasure. Both of you have touched upon vital issues in the current esoteric discussion concerning Ascension 2012 and economic collapse 2011. However your optimistic view will turn out to be the correct one in the fall of this year. The level of discussion is very high and enlightened, and I congratulate both of you for this achievement.

I would like to recommend you now to visit my new website, which I have only started last week. However, it is an archive of 5000 pages - 15 books in four languages and many publications - which I have written since 1992 on Science and Human Gnosis (Scientific esotericism), which is a further development of the New Age esoteric and channeling literature.

You can find many new facts and proofs, confirming your view and forecast, which are based on a sound scientific ground, as well as some new glimpses into the upcoming scenario from an "insider", so to say.

I will strongly recommend you all my articles on Ascension 2012 and economic collapse 2011, which have been written or revised/actualized in August 2011 and are thus "breaking news".

The Ascension scenario has been extensively discussed in my last book

"The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction. Why and How the World Economic Order will Collapse in 2011",

which I wrote in January 2011. This book was fist published by Alfred Webre in examiner.com on May 31, and was rapidly distributed in Internet. I am also publishing regularly at Webre`s page exopolitics.com (The Golden Age and 2012 Ascension") and Anthony Kanes's "Sovereign Being". You can find many links on my website to exopolitics.com and examiner.com. Steve Beckow has also published some of my articles.

My last book can be regarded as a standard work on the Ascension scenario, although this was not my primary goal. I rather discuss the fundamental blunders of modern empirical science and its failure to comprehend the transcendental weltanschauung of the New Age, respectively of the new Human Gnosis, and why it has no clue about the upcoming events. This is in the core of your dispute with Rohit: Whether to believe the official opinions or those of the New Age. However, make no mistake - there is much trash in the New Age movement.

I hope that you will be satisfied with my recommendation.

In Light

Dr. Georgi Stankov

http://www.stankovuniversallaw.com" (August 29, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Hey, Kees!

I appreciate your posting Rohit's email. I share many of his sentiments. It's difficult to read all the channelings (here and other places) and believe them when it seems like absolutely nothing has changed on the outside, especially when the channelings have been saying basically the same things for years.

I want them to be true…more than anything else. What they're saying is absolute heaven on Earth…literally. I feel inside of myself that something is going on….something is changing and on the verge of breaking through. I feel it so deeply, and with all the sources saying that a major shift is already underway or about to be (the changelings here as well as Carl Johan Calleman - Mayan calendar expert, Dale Allen Hoffman, David Wilcock, Little Grandmother, etc.), it's just so hard to completely discount. Even Tom Kenyon's channeled Hathors say our planet is entering a critical transition state, and they don't talk about the Galactic Federation (I suggest reading them because they have a slightly different, yet 'compatible', view of things. http://tomkenyon.com/hathors-archives)

It's very confusing to my ego based mind. Like being in two very different worlds simultaneously.

To Rohit (and others), I highly suggest that you do not stop your life. And the reason is because if all this stuff is true and is going to happen, you will end up in the perfect spot, the most perfect spot, for you, in order to be the most help to others, no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Anyways, we don't have long until we find out for sure.

Love and light!

-Scott" (August 29, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Nice work, Kees! ;?)

God's Blessings with ALL of it. To expand on this issue, do a search on youtube for august 2011 ufos. You will find mass sightings are starting to show up more and more in the USA, and they are undeniable and can't be explained as swamp gas, balloons, or chinese lanterns. It seems the USA is having trouble hiding the elephant in the living room these days. There is a pretty impressive mass sighting in Witchita (?) recently.

I believe one of the last holdouts is the USA because they have concerns about their authority, power, and control hold over the world...not to mention their misinterpretation of the word freedom. They also have been cooperating behind the scenes with some species forcing atrocities. They don't know how to handle the truth of any of these matters because it would prove their collusion in them for profit, gains, power and control. They've been hiding it behind closed doors far too long. It is an ego and integrity blow to those we have labeled "respectable". The eyes of the "man on the street" are starting to reveal the "men in the house" to be self-serving and quite treasonous with their deception and withholding of information that could be used to benefit the citizenry. Our "leaders" have accountability issues they need to deal with, and someone needs to define the word "responsibility" to them. They need to be "man enough" to stop looking for a scapegoat and face the facts.

Until then, the galactics will step in and display the facts quite nicely, and they will be undeniable. ;?) Collectively, we are powerful enough to deal with the truth and bring justice to the world. There are SOME things the United States Government CAN'T control. GOD/DIVINE FORCE IS ONE OF THEM. ;?) Divine intervention is unfolding nicely. Keep the faith, and watch what unfolds. ;?) The liars will be standing down. The truth will be standing up, and it will be undeniable.

God's blessings in bringing your time, talent, efforts, and energies to the world. You do it very well. Thank you. ;?)
Nancy B. " (August 29, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:


I read your reply today to the disenchanted Light worker. She may be a person who relies fairly heavily on TV news, because if you get your news from the internet (Alex Jones and the like), you will realize the illuminati’s illusion is coming to an end very soon, and that’s by our own ‘reality’s/illusion’s rules. The banks have played the up-side down economics game, stacked in only THEIR favor for so long, their bubble economy was bound to ‘pop’ eventually…and that’s what’s happening now. Gold & silver are making their debut BIG TIME, and about to break free of the system’s manipulation because they have so few people investing in their rigged stocks & bonds now that they’re playing within their own ‘club’ now. This is a definite sign that the dark hats are snakes eating their tails now!

It’s making sense to me, that many people who have bought the government’s & media’s lies for so long needed to play out their naiveté & ignorance to the bitter end, experience the results/trauma of finally discovering how fooled they’ve allowed themselves to be, so they won’t allow themselves to be fooled in future incarnations by their trust in those with all the power & money. If the ET’s had interfered any sooner, many wouldn’t have had the opportunity to learn these lessons!

I too have written you about my disillusionment as to the validity of the messages. But since then, I’ve realized that in allowing more time for the dark to reveal it’s true dastardly intensions for humanity, it would have been a ‘rescue’ which would have cheated millions out of needed hard lessons they came here for. I do believe that the dark was expected to give it up long before this, but to the ET’s amazement, they didn’t. (Sometimes I’ve thought they’re so loving they underestimated the decadence & determination of the power to extinquish humanity and/or enslave them in the worst ways, within the Globalists). So, I think the ET’s are learning from this experience too.

Anyway, these are just a few thoughts I wanted to share. I know the extra time has been rough, but now, I am more awake than I was 6 years ago when Sheldan’s ‘friends’ started telling us First Contact was ‘right around the corner’. I’m grateful now for the extra time actually.

Love & Blessings to you Kees…deeply from my heart.

Paula" (August 30, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"I wanted to throw out some thoughts about your recent post "Are galactic channelings real?

But first, some background information about myself and what Ive come to believe. My first experiences with the metaphysical, and thoughts of 'alien" visitors, came in a series of dreams in the late 80s or early 90s. They were vivid, powerful dreams set at night, outside. All of an instant, great bursts of color exploded into the star-filled night sky, and countless spaceships appeared, some huge and breathtaking, arcing across the sky in gorgeous displays; there was an intense feeling of joy and excitement at thier arrival. I still remember those dreams 20+ years later, and am now convinced I was priviledged to witness at some level the arrival of the Galactic fleets. I was also deeply moved by Shirley McClaine's book, 'Out on a limb.' Another favorite spiritual book of mine was "Nothing in this book is true, but its exactly the way things are". I felt my view of the world was being altered and expanded; but it also wasnt quite time yet.

The moment that really started me on my path was about 4 years ago. I was lying on my couch dozing and suddenly a voice whispered in my right ear; it was a deep powerful male voice, and all it said was "Michael". I bolted upright and stared around me, so vivid and real was the voice! Later that night for some reason I went on the computer and went to the Art Bell radio show website, clicked on a link to David Icke, talking about reptilian visitors. This cascaded into a wide ranging exploration of topics, from the galactic federation, to nibru, to ascension. Each day, month and year brought new dimensions to my thinking. Somehow, that simple, powerful voice started years of intense learning and discovery.

Which brings me to the question: Are the Galactic Channelings Real?

My experiences have taught me that the ONLY meter of authenticity and truthfulness is the manner in which the information resonates within your own soul, expands your conciousness, and elevates your thinking. Nothing, absolutely NOTHING else matters. No-one can tell you the truth. You have to find it within your own self. I have spent the past 4 years wading through all sorts of nonsense, promises, diversions, dead ends, and remarkable discoveries. It has been a highly personal journey, as it is for everyone who delves into this subject. I was a strong follower of Sheldan Nidle for years, even testing the waters of joining a paoweb group. I drifted away from Nidle's channelings as they seemed to repeat the same message over and over, and did not seem to offer any new information. I found a wonderful source in the Matthew Messages about 2 years ago, and consider that to be my favorite spiritual source. And just a few weeks ago I found the Galactic Channelings site and have grown to enjoy some of the other sources, such as Mike Quinsey and The Wanderer of the Skies. But I also know they are only way-showers. The answers are inside.

I too, share in everyones frustration and dissapointment at the delays. I, as many others did I am sure, stood outside and stared at the sky that one day when Blossom said we would see a definite sign; and I felt her pain when it didnt happen. But again, for me, it is the CUMULATIVE growth and knowledge, the changes in my own perceptions, understanding and perspective, that tells me this is REAL. I have grown immensely in the past few years, and have the deepest feeling that I am preparing for a dramatic period of change. I also believe that anyone that is reading the messages coming through has an enormous edge over those who are completely oblivious. It has taken me 4 years to gets as far as I have, and I feel that I know less then when I started. Imagine how hard it will be for those who have NO idea at all? It is going to be up to US to be the voice of reason and knowledge when the truth breaks. Whether it happens tomorrow (I wish) or months from now, we have to look inward and examine our own selves, and prepare for when everything hits the fan.

So read, explore, learn, and also test everything with your own BS meter. Take what feels right, and discard the rest. And get ready!

Michael" (August 30, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Hi Kees! Kudos to Rohit for posting the question...just look at all the beautiful responses to this message from all these beautiful people. Everyone of them I resonated with. I felt as if I was "home" after reading what everyone said. VERY IMPORTANT that you put this out. Wow! I have "family" everywhere. I, too, have my moments of "what is really going on!" Then, I center myself and remember...patience...must be a lesson in that. Your response along with the other messages spoke truth to this heart. I trust that.

Thank you so very much, Kees,

Kitty" (August 30, 2011)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Greetings, beloved souls…

Thank you for all that has been written. I know we have all been in our spaces… finishing up the details of our new garments of Light, adjusting to the new vibrations of thought, and silently witnessing the changes about us and in our world. Some of these changes have no words… it is a feeling… a thought… waves of Lighted Love that sweep through and within our energy bodies. It is everywhere… in every message we are drawn to see, feel or read. It is all about us… in every heart we encounter – something is different! We can comprehend more… children receive higher vibrating thoughts and comprehend – as easily as an adult who has their heart open. This is how truth resonates… with absolute Love.

I still read many newsletters – medical, scientific, channeled messages from ascended masters, angels, and galactic beings in the higher dimensions, etc. It enthralls me, personally, and I waiver little from God’s campaign slogan given to me several years ago… “No Soul Left Behind.” I am enticed at the Love of God toward our gift of free will. And truly, taking it down to the last minute… is all about Love and our gift of creation… free will. I feel assured that mass consciousness has been reached toward Love. It is evident as the people insist their tyrant rulers step down. Yes… I believe truth will be revealed… truth of our planetary history… truth of all our religious orders and doctrine… truth that we are not alone in this universe of which our “officials” know this and have proof. The truth will prevail because that is where the Love is.

These are all excellent commentaries about questioning the validity of the spiritual messages that have been coming through for several years about ascension. We can all see… the linear time it has taken for the manifestation of the “Golden Age” to arrive has taken a toll on many. Listen to the heart… BE Love wherever we are… and we will be ready for anything! As things are revealed in the times ahead (and oh they will be – no matter what philosophy we come from)… Allow only Love to be teacher and guide… and when the time comes… that is all we will ever need to help others feel the truth of being.

As well… I wait… in loving anticipation of beautiful discoveries for all! And the best ones are within our own hearts. Much love to you, beloved sons and daughters of Creation!
Eternally, Joni

P.S. Thank you for the Galactic Channeling site and all that is being done from the hearts of so many to radiate and shine the eternal source of All That Is… Love. Angel Blessings…" (August 30, 2011)

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