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Kris Won, April 6, 2012


Greetings to all our brothers and sisters,

Here speaking with you is Esmeralda, also a member of the crew of a small spaceship whose Commander is Espallán, who has previously spoken with you, as well as my other sister, Salomé, who has also contacted you before. There are still two more crew members of our spaceship that have not spoken with you yet, but who will when the time is right. Kris Won, the channel that we use to communicate with you, knows the name of the two other spaceship crew members who have not as yet communicated with you.

My particular mission in the spaceship is, mainly, to pick up, classify, and in some cases, genetically modify the plant samples that we gather from the surface of Gaia, your planet, as well as from the bottom of the ocean.

I also carry out artificial photosynthesis treatments with millions of trees in all of your continents, for which we have to keep on moving about constantly from place to place in your forests, plains/prairies, and mountain chains.

In some cases, I also apply a special treatment to rocky formations, ravines, narrow gorges, etc. of some mountains in order to avoid a corrosive erosion that could, in the long term, damage them; and on occasion, (also) to the icebergs in frozen areas of your planet, like Greenland, the Antarctic or Alaska, among others, where we emit cooling gases in order to prevent them from melting as a consequence of the rise in planetary temperatures, produced from the increase in the solar flares of your Star, the Sun.

Many of you blame the gas ejections to the atmosphere - like the aerosols or the gases from the car exhaust pipes or the airplane turbines - as the agents that are provoking what is called "the greenhouse effect", but even though it has a negative effect on the pollution of your Oxygen-rich atmosphere, it does so to a small degree; nevertheless, I must tell you that the main reason for the increase in temperatures that you have been suffering for the last few years is due to the solar flares, which reach your atmosphere in the form of radiation and a very intense heat.

The closer your planet of your Solar System is to the Sun, the more intense it suffers the effects of those immense solar flares that occur in its corona, and your planet is the third closest to your star, behind Mercury and Venus.

This increase in solar flares, clearly visible from your observatories, has been caused by the entrance of your star along with all its planets orbiting it, in a strip that is directly influenced by the photonic and radioactive effects of the Central Sun of the Milky Way, which is the name you give your Galaxy.

This influence of your Central Sun over your own Sun is providing an ideal framework for the Cosmic Fire to coincide with the Individual Fire of each one of you, a circumstance that the Creator of all Universes has decided to utilize as an ideal one to help all of you to make the quantum leap that you are beginning to experience, and which will ascend you to the 5th Dimension, regenerating your metabolism and molecular configuration until you become beings with a more crystalline and translucent appearance, instead of the fleshy and opaque one that you have had until now.

As I've told you before, my occupation in the spaceship under the command of Espallán, is that of a Biologist, to utilize a term with which you are familiarized yourselves, even though our way of working, that of our Biologists, is light years different from that of the Biologists of your planet. With the archaic means at your disposition, we would never be able to carry out our work in a planetary laboratory like we are doing now, where we act in both, the mineral kingdom as well as the vegetal kingdom, on firm main land as well as in your oceans, seas, rivers and lakes.

Well, now I must continue with my work, but not before I remind you that in the time that we remain with you, we will be working towards the preservation, protection, and maintenance of your planet, and on the preparation of the land that will serve as the habitat of the new human race that will inhabit this beautiful and so very special planet in the Universe: Gaia.

I send you a brotherly embrace from here.

Source: Esmeralda

Channel: Kris Won

Translator: Gloria

Let's All Join Hands on May 5!

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