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Alpha Ship, November 30, 2010

Artist's impression of the Alpha Ship

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

Bursts of stellar winds caress your solar system, bringing good news from distant points of the Galaxy.

And what good news do they bring? Do you want to delve into them with me? Let us enter, then, into the finer truths that are coming to us and to you from very unlikely places in the Milky Way.

Well, in your religions of today, such as Christianity, Islam or Judaism, you can find references to God's messengers who bring you the good news of God Almighty, whom you call Angels. But in reality, these luminous heavenly messengers are not like your artists have drawn them, as long-haired blond beings with wings on their backs!

The reality is that these Messengers of God are shapeless beings, and if we were to identify them with a shape so that your rational mind understands, we would say that they are like balls of energy, which receive the information directly from the Creator, and traveling at the speed of thought, they move to any point of the Cosmos to communicate this information to the being or group of beings to whom it is addressed.

These exalted celestial beings do not require any stellar or interstellar spaceships to travel from one end to the other of any existing Universes, as their minds are so marvelous that they move wherever they wish, bypassing any obstacle that for us is insurmountable, with the same ease in how you cross a street.

We have to move ourselves in physical ships, since our bodies, though more subtle and sophisticated than yours, are still physical. But they, being composed of pure energy, are not impeded by the barriers and the limitations presented by the physical Universe, so they are free to move to where the Will of the Divine Father-Mother leads them.

Among them exists a Hierarchy, equal to the Hierarchy of the White Brotherhood here on Earth. They are divided into groups, not because some are more evolved than others, since their closeness to God is similar, but according to the type of work or mission they are assigned to carry out. In fact, if one of these beings is called by the Supreme Consciousness to move to another type of mission, it would move on to become part of a different group.

For them it does not represent any inconvenience, since they are not attached to their work or any similar being, but live just to fulfill the plans of the Supreme Creator, and that is their greatest delight and happiness. Nothing makes them happier than to fulfill His orders, and they live immersed continuously in a state of joy, praise and blessedness.

At this point, we want to share with our brothers and sisters of planet Earth, Gaia, that one of these beings of pure and pristine consciousness has been in our Interstellar Spacecraft, to share with us a piece of good news that we wish to transmit to you, as well.

(Note from Kris-Won: Here Commander Sohin pauses, perhaps to find a way to communicate what they receive from the Being. I wait for a few minutes until Sohin continues his speech)

We were following a tactic to control and counteract the retrograde actions of the dark forces still present in the areas of power on the planet, when this wonderful Being visited us. This being has given us a name to call it, which we may write as Allan in your terrestrial languages. (Note from Kris-Won: The second syllable is stressed, like “al LAHN”).

Allan has brought us a proposal of the Supreme Intelligence, which suggests that we make a certain change in our strategy. We cannot specify what constitutes such a change, since these messages are public domain [and] could reach certain people when it is of no interest to us to have them know of this information, do you understand?

But we can say that this change of strategy is going to mislead so much our adversaries of the dark that is will greatly accelerate the final process of ascension for the humanity of this planet.

Be content and happy, because the good news that they bring, that we share with all of you from here, is the most promising in accordance with the overall process of acension for all of you.

The long-awaited moment of First Contact is therefore even closer, so stay tuned for that great moment that we are seeing closer and closer within your linear time!

With Peace and Love, Commander Sohin bids you farewell.

Source: Commander Sohin

Channel: Kris-won

Translator: Steve, Gloria

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