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Alpha Ship, November 23, 2010

Artist's impression of the Alpha Ship

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

Inner peace is fundamental in a human being, be it of this planet or of whatever other inhabited planet. Calm, inoffensiveness or non-violence, tranquility are common qualities in evolved souls of illumined planes, but difficult to see in terrestrial beings.

You have been conditioned to live a life full of strong emotions, aggressive sports where what counts is to win, when what is important should be to play and have fun doing it well without that concept of competition, which is so widespread in everything you do, be it practicing sports or also in the work world between some commercial enterprises.

They don’t look towards the common good, they don’t make an effort to achieve the welfare of their community; rather, primarily they compete with one another so that, that which they represent will be what brings them the most benefit.

But it is not your fault; it is the system you live and were raised in which is at fault and is preventing you today from enjoying inner peace.

In the old days, despite not being as technologically advanced as now, it was more common to see happy and contented human beings, even though they only had the necessary things to survive. Since the only thing they were interested in was to have enough food to eat every day and having two or three pieces of clothing was enough, their hearts were purer and their minds were less contaminated by the selfishness and the desire to amass riches so rampant in men who inhabit the planet today.

The richer and more powerful a human being becomes, the more mistrustful he/she becomes for the accumulated riches, becoming a greedier and more ambitious person. His/her heart hardens like a stone before the suffering of others and nothing affects this person unless something happens to himself/herself.

Well then, with this frame of mind, what can we think of the man who inhabits this world, called “Gaia” by some, and “Earth" by most others?

We all want a better world, and we want this as much as you even though we were not born here, but we know that all individual souls form the One Soul; therefore, this world just like all the created worlds of this universe belong to all, and at the same time, nothing belongs to anybody.

The best way not to become attached to only one place is to know that all planets, all stars, all solar systems, all galaxies and all universes are your motherland, your home. The best way not to become attached to no one and to no place is to know that each one of us has hundreds of thousands of life existences until we return to the Origin, to the Fountain, so that there is no way we feel any feelings of possession.

Broaden your vision and in this way you will broaden your scope of action. Grow outwards, expand towards the infinite and do not look any more only to what’s before your own nose.

The great men and women of this Earth have been the ones who have strived for the betterment of humanity and to leave a better planet than the one they had when they came to it.

God, the Supreme Creator, blesses one and a thousand times those sons of His who work hard for the welfare of others. And we treasure them immensely because they are invaluable instruments for our common objective, which is to raise the consciousness of the human being in this planet and lead him to the New Earth (New Terra) that we are announcing, and which has also been revealed by the Sacred Scriptures of your old annals.

It is of utmost importance, rather, it is essential, that a great number of human beings inhabiting Gaia forget about themselves and be willing to even sacrifice their comfort for the good of humanity as a whole, who will think about all the families in this world and not exclusively of their own.

Thus, we need heroes who won’t skimp on efforts to do what’s necessary for the common good of all! These are the real heroes, those who make an effort to improve the lot of the human beings and not those who you inappropriately call ‘heroes’ because they have dedicated their lives to defend a piece of land which in reality belongs to all, or for representing the point of view of those who are installed in power.

Do not fool yourselves, do not be fooled by the few, nor allow that a wealthy minority decide what is best for you!

Many of you have already woken up to this reality and have taken away the veil over their eyes. They ask themselves when this promised New Earth will come, and some of you go even further and instead of questioning without doing anything, they observe around themselves and start to feel inside what can they do to help bring about this new world.

Blessed be these souls who have come to this world in these moments of great transcendence and who have listened to the call of the Divine Father/Mother, for they feel that the moment of change is HERE and NOW!

I bow before those men and women, and it is because of them that we are here. Together we will help the humanity of planet Earth! Here, now and always!

Peace and Love,

Source: Commander Sohin

Channel: Kris-Won

Translator: Steve

Comment from one of our readers:

"It seems to me that this message from commander Sohin is (also) a great compliment to many of the people that mainstream press often refers to as radicals. People with a great sense of justice and inner guidance. They do not believe they are sacrificing their own comfort, because it so evident for them that they need to act as they do. They would be deceiving themselves if they succumbed to the superficial drive for wealth and comfort, only to end up deeply unfulfilled and unhappy. So many of these heroes in the industrialised western world will never read these kind of messages, as they do not consider themselves to be "spiritual", even though their walk of life suggests otherwise.
Wilfried, The Hague" (11-23-'10)

Comment from one of our readers:

How true & beautiful this message is, it certainly makes you look within.
Thank you & in Gratitude,
Zyg & Tracey, Australia" (11-23-'10)

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