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Alpha Ship, December 6, 2010

Artist's impression of the Alpha Ship

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

Arduous are truly the efforts of the Light Workers who spare no effort to help spread and expand the messages that some of us communicate to you through our channels; and we would like to emphasize as well, the translators’ work so that our communiqués can be read in other languages of the planet, and the work of those who publish them on their web pages and through some other means of communication.

I want you to understand how useful the work of all of you is; each of you is a valuable gear of the ‘machine’, which is moving the afflicted humanity of this planet towards a better future.

Without the help and collaboration of each of you, this effort we have made to lead humanity towards the spiritual and material level that they must ascend to Now would have been in vain.

Thus, we feel we are in debt to all men and women who use their available time -- making space in their private life -- to help the rest of humanity reach the necessary level of consciousness so that the human race is able to make the quantum leap forward to the level that is already appropriate for them, because that is the Will of the Creator and nothing and no one will stop this from happening.

Nevertheless, you should be very selective with the people you send this information to. Not because you are in danger if you send this information to incredulous people--you are not in danger--know that we are protecting you just like the eyelashes protect the eyes; rather, because those people are not open to this type of information, as their minds are fixed on issues more mundane and selfish.

You would have wasted your time with these people because they are not willing to believe, even if they were presented with a palpable and irrefutable proof right before them. Simply, this is not the time for them, and they will have to wait for a new cycle of evolution to achieve the step that you will be able to reach, because of your belief in a better world, the effort that you make for this to come true, and the faith you have placed in us.

We have worked so much with some of those skeptical people that you cannot imagine; nevertheless, we have had to sadly give up and get used to the idea that this is not their time.

But it makes us sad because we, your Guides and emissaries from space, know that those people had self-committed to participate in the evolution of humankind as part of Gaia, and in their own individual evolution as incarnated souls on this planet of redemption.

Regrettably, they are not fulfilling their mission because they have allowed themselves to become entangled with the distractions of this three-dimensional world.

What a pity of a lost incarnation in search of vain and frivolous things!

On the other hand, we feel very proud of our brothers who are ‘down there’ dedicating themselves to a smaller or greater degree to spreading our messages, which are crucial to the achievement of our goals in favor of Gaia’s Ascension.

Time is so precious, and the way you use it to carry out your activities is so important! Remember that time not used for doing good is lost time. And once it is squandered, there is no way to get it back nor return to it. That is why you should utilize your time well and not squander it, when it is so precious to accelerate the process of awakening the human beings of Earth.

I bless you so that you carry on your mission to a successful completion, just like you proposed before incarnating in this physical body that the Mother/Father Creator God gave you to achieve this goal.

Peace and Love

Source: Commander Sohin

Channel: Kris-won

Translator: Steve, Gloria

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