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Kris Won, January 29, 2014

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

Countless distances divide some worlds from others, some stars from others, some galaxies from others... Distances that would be insurmountable for any flying machine created by the man of this planet. And, nevertheless, here we are, amongst you, coexisting with you, without the majority even knowing of our presence amongst your communities, your cities, your rural areas, or your forests, your mountains or even within your oceans.

Even today, and in spite of the numerous occasions in which we have made ourselves visible to your military, your national and international airline pilots, your air traffic controlers, your professional astronomers and also amateur astronomers, and many, many citizens who have seen us on foot flying over the cities, valleys, mountains, rocky deserts, lakes, seas, and oceans of all types..., in spite of this, we have seen that the majority of the terrestrial human beings still DO NOT BELIEVE IN OUR EXISTENCE.

Well, that is demoralizing. How would you feel if everything was the reverse? Would you not put your hands over your head and ask yourselves incredulously, "how is it possible that, despite all the signals in the skies, the proof your radars provide you, the photographs and films that we have allowed to be taken of us, that you still do not believe that you are not the only inhabitants of this vast and almost unkonwn outer Universe?"

Anyway, even if the lack of interest of the citizens of the Earth is disappointing in general, who worry themselves exclusively with the economy of their own pockets and their basic personal welfare, despite this we still remain here, we continue working towards your Ascension process. May those who do believe in us and are willing to sacrifice part of their welfare to achieve the betterment of the planet, for it to be a better habitat for the beautiful diversity of living beings inhabiting this planet, do not worry about the apathy and lack of interest of the mayority of your fellow men.

If Master Jesus were to come back to today's world, there is no doubt in our mind that he would be newly mocked, vilified and martyred by a society of fallen arms, which would apparently lack any interest in changing the world. For in order to change the world you have to begin transforming yourselves, and then the change and transformation of thousands of people, and then that of millions of people, which would produce a chain-reaction process that would raise your consciousness to unsuspected spiritual heights for you.

But, how can you change the world if you do not do the minimum effort to transform yourselves, if you do not learn to join forces so that, together, and with the force generated by the union of many people united by an altruistic longing to better their world, do not make the corrupt politicians and leaders get up from their seats, those who still lead many of the powerful as well as the humble nations, from the so-called "first world" as well as those of the "third world"?

We have helped you unmask all of those who have abused their positions of power, to bring to light the truth of all their embezzlements and capital flights they have been responsible for, with money that belonged to their peoples, not to them. Thus, we have promised you in your day, should you remember it, and we have fulfilled it.

But then, where are the citizens of your countries' reactions and clamours for justice and freedom, the honest workers that sigh for government systems that are clear and transparent, and not corrupt and falsified?

We assist you with profound dissapointment, but not despair, your mild indignation when we uncovered each "Watergate", so sutle like an ocean wave licking the rock of a reef, like a hammer hiting the anvil, or a ray getting lost and extinguishing itself in the immense ocean.

We will keep on supporting you and assisting you wherever we can, but we, your Star brethren, cannot do all the work; we are here to support you in your Ascension process, but it must be you who make the decision to change the world. Do not depend on your Older Brethren, who can help you clear the way, and do not wait either for us to do all the work for what you are gambling with is, no more no less than,either the possibility of remaining stuck in a karmic backward world like the one Earth has been until now, or make the quantic leap forward and transform into a planet with all rights to belong to the Evolved World League!

Yes, we will remain here amongst you, even assisting you more than you can imagine. But we also want to see that you involve yourselves more in your positive longing to ascend to a world that until now has only lived always looking at his own navel.

You have our blessings.

Peace and Love.

Source: Commander Sohín

Channel: Kris Won

Translator: Gloria

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