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Kris Won, December 15, 2012

Good day to you all. My name is Melchizedek, and I am also called by other names, like The Ancient of Days, or the Ageless Master.

I am making this brief incursion in your objective tridimensional world to make an announcement to you that will make you very happy.

I know that many of you are wishing that your world, the Earth, made an evolutionary leap and become what has come to be known as the New Earth. I have come to tell you not to wait any longer because during this month of the current December (2013), the transfer process of the old retrograde [reactionary] energies to lower density levels of existence has begun, while the living human beings are being transformed into a higher vibration, and due to the fact that your electrons move at a higher than normal speed, propelled by our Higher Will linked with your desire to go to a higher dimension, both things together will produce the beginning of your much awaited Ascension, which, as I have mentioned, is being activated starting this month of December of the year 2013.

I tell you this for the simple fact that being conscious of this, your transit towards the next higher dimension will be a more effective adjustment and will have a faster effect than if it were to happen without the previous knowledge of at least a critical mass minimum amongst you.

When you are in solitude, in the stillness of going within, try to feel how your electrons have increased their vibratory rate and are being projected towards a new world that you will discover little by little; bring this to the reality plane consciously and with first-hand knowledge.

The change is already being brought forward! Feel it so, and make it yours within your consciousness and with a deep joy and gratefulness towards the Infinite and Eternal Omnipotent and All Knowing Being.

Congratulations, and knowing what you know now, may you be happy, and may your joy spread to all human beings you enter into contact with, even without saying a word.

From the Kingdom of God whence I come


Source: Melchizedek

Channel: Kris Won

Translator: Gloria

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