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Kris Won, May 19, 2015

Transcript (also viewable by turning on the subtitling in the video):

Deborah: Hello.
Sometimes not only helps speaking words, but also mobilizing energies.
This is what I have done to enter the body.
Deborah: Well, yes, they were a little disturbing. Very good, thank you.
Things look different from the physical eyes, than the way we do.
It has been my channel that has moved some headphones then he can hear me better.
Deborah: Where are you coming from?
In a very distant time I was incarnated on Earth. Not now.
Deborah: Were you happy?
My nature is to be happy forever. Better say that I helped others find their happiness.
Because being happy does not mean always smiling or laughing. Being happy is an inner peace that continually is felt inside when you know you are one with the Divine.
Deborah: Yes, of course.
When you understand that everything is connected and we are all One. That this wonderful energy that binds all things as if they were links connected with others is Love.

The realization that all is one, the same thing, which is subdivided into many forms, with different properties. Science studies these properties. The Spirit unites them. Studies them as well, but seeing in their back the Unit. Science does not consider that unit, sees all things as separate. But science is progressing, slowly making their way from the truth.

And from the other side they are sending more and more scientists, who also have a spiritual base, which is necessary to go further. Otherwise, they get stuck in the same place; and however they much study the effects and properties of physical things, they can not advance more, if they do not take into account the invisible world, which is much greater than the visible world. And no less real. The physical world is real, but the spiritual world is much broader, wider; considering all planes of existence, your physical world is the most material basis of all, is an infinitesimal part of what is Creation.

So, as I say, until science it will go and start to consider the things you can not see, though more and more will go knowing them, it will be discovering technology to be able to detect them, better and more. Until they do that, they will be very limited.
Deborah: do you like to talk about science, were you a scientist when you were here on Earth?
No, but I observe. Many things that science studies here, in the place where I come from are for preschool children (Kindergarten). We are much more advanced than terrestrial scientists. Even without being scientists ourselves, like me. In the place where I come from, even a child knows more than the greatest scientist on this planet. A child who is not yet a boy. Therefore, people who are like you are very interesting on this planet. You have a good scientific base, but you see everything from a more or less well understood spiritual background.

Deborah: Many scientists are blocked.
At least the base is understood, and you are well entrenched with spiritual information that is needed to advance in science, as I said. Otherwise, the scientists are against a wall, and can not go beyond it, because everything they lack to know is supported by the invisible world, laws that are unknown, as they are not registered by the five senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.

We must go beyond them. What you call intuition, sometimes pure intuition and sometimes communication also, as you both do now, with beings who come from a higher level than the one the creatures of this planet move, that are limited by the things they use to move around, for example, at such a slow speed and desperate for some of us, or limited by what the senses like sight or hearing can perceive.

Well what happens, everything that is beyond the eye’s ability to see, still helped by instruments like the telescope to see the macrocosm, or a microscope to see the microcosm, everything that is beyond the vibration is not believed by the scientists because they do not see it. But it exist.

And all that is in a higher or lower frequency of ear’s capability to register also exists, although it is not detected by the human ear. All what the human mind can not understand yet, does that mean is not there? No. It does exist, is only that humans have not noticed it, much less understood.

Deborah: They are our limitations, which seemed to be perfect for this world, right? Every moment has its limitations, which are extended. What in the Middle Ages was outrageous, as the Earth was round, after it was discovered that it was not flat, but it was round. Now there are things that are being discovered, on energy, on subatomic particles,that physics is discovering, especially quantum. This is also in the spirit world.

Not because we do not see the angels, which are embodied in the physical body, does not mean they do not exist. Those who have seen a ship can have a proof that we are visited by beings from other places.

Deborah: Were few or many that see them?
They are more than people think, what happens is that for fear of ridicule or think they're crazy say nothing, but there are many already. There are many already, and each of those has had a vision, whether of a being, or either of an interplanetary vehicle, each time there are more, but they are not all that talk about it. And each of them is well recognized for these brothers who visit them and to each of them it is offered the visual experience, because they are prepared for it. Or simply it is not shown. Or sometimes they are not prepared to see it, but it is given the experience to cause an impression, you understand? To change a layer of disbelief.

But because there is always a possibility, or they see it, it is detected as there is a possibility that this being can go beyond where it is now. Because you never do anything in the universe, spiritually speaking, that does no have a reason. Whenever something is done there is meaning, there is an existing reason for that being to evolve. If not, it simply is not done. The energy and time is not wasted. They are used in things that are salvageable. If not salvageable, simply because is not the momento for that soul, time is not wasted on that. It acts on those who can be saved.

Deborah: Saved what does it mean, evoluir, evolve?
'Saved' means ... are those that will turn to another plane, where they will participate in new laws, with all the people who are related to them, because they are trained to know what will be the New Age. Those who are not prepared, it is not good nor bad, they just are where they should be. And they will continue their evolutionary process in a place that corresponds to them, by vibration affinity and spiritual evolution. Here it is measured only by his spiritual evolution, because the scientific or pragmatic evolution they have it will useless in this regard.

Deborah: Thanks for the post, very interesting, yes. I know scientists that were shocked as well, yes.
Yes, more than one. Some have reacted favorably; others continue being attached to their old believes and have not been able to make the leap. You are a very clear example of those who have managed to move forward, and have embraced a new belief system. You did not stay just in your scientific side, right? That is what is expected of all beings who are contacted, either consciously or unconscious6ly by them. Very good. Well, another day will visit you with a new conversation for everyone.

Deborah: Thank you.
The message I have come to bring you is summarized in one sentence: do not stay in the same spot where you were before. Continue advancing, continue discovering things, but with an open mind, thinking that there are many more things in Creation than you can see, smell, hear, taste and touch, okay? not only trust in the five senses, but know that there is much more beyond that way. Keep discovering, keep researching and you will continue evolving with the planet. Those who do not evolve with the planet, must embody in other more retarted. This planet is now called to give a very important step, and it will be contacted by beings alike in evolution, that will help you advance in the same way that they. You will always be helped, do not worry.

Deborah: Thank you.
Creator Light surrounds you and bless you.

Channel: Kris Won

Translator: Jimena

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