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Kris Won, March 7, 2015

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

A few years ago we contacted you through this same channel, Kris-Won, and we are doing it again today.

We would like to be able to talk with you, learn how you have been since our last communication (in truth, it is the only time we made contact with you) because there was a series of favorable circumstances for this communication to take place.

We like to interact with you in this way. It is useful and practical for establishing a link joining us together: on the one hand, the Tulya Spaceship, and on the other, the human beings who are destined to read this message because it was written in their book of life.

Three years ago we were giving you a simple way to contact us, but we noticed that the inner level of connection was still in a very preliminary phase and that you still had to develop more your telepathy.

“Tulya” in the intergalactic language, the irdin, is a word that means “a green recreational space.” Like the parks in your planet. Like an oasis in the desert. Like a green area in the middle of a cosmopolitan city. Like the adjacent garden of a house.

It is a name that suits very well our spaceship because the great majority of our tasks are for the safekeeping of the flora and fauna of your planet, Gaia, even at microscopic levels. That is very important because life originates, and it could also end, at invisible levels to the human eye. It is the power of the bacteria, for instance, and all that occurs, originates or dies at a cellular level.

The change that the human being of this planet is on the brink of experiencing, for his own evolution and for the benefit of all of Gaia’s biological system, has its beginnings at a microscopic level, directly in his genetic code, in his DNA. He is going to change the whole basis of his chemical, nuclear and biological systems, which will bring him progress in a way he has never experienced before.

Until now, man’s DNA helix chains have been double, but his whole energetic system is being bombarded, although gradually, in such a way that he is mutating at an atomic level, causing a restructuring of his genetic code until his DNA chain moves from having 2 chains to 12 chains, and at a later date, when your physical bodies are stronger and used to that genetic extension, you will be bombarded again at an atomic level and your DNA will adopt a 24-helix chain.

Nothing will be the same as before at a cellular level, and therefore, your mental, physical and spiritual abilities will increase at an accelerated rate. You will be able to do such extraordinary feats that you could only imagine in your science-fiction movies. But do not forget that reality ALWAYS surpasses fiction.

As most of you know, EVERYTHING is interconnected, also the different bodies that make up the SOUL. If the physical body is transformed and mutates its basic structure, all its subtle bodies it is connected to will also be affected.

Therefore, if we modify it at an atomic and subatomic level, we will also obtain a mutation in your psychic abilities. To give you an example, in the near future you will also be able to leave your physical bodies to go to the astral level without waiting to be asleep; or you will be able to know how your loved ones are without the use of any electronic device, like the internet or the cell phone. But you will still use them for some time until you realize that you don’t need them in order to communicate.
We, in the Tulya Spaceship, together with other brothers and sisters from other Solar Systems and beyond the Galaxy, are with you in these difficult moments of transition, supporting you in all the positive projects that humanity implements in order to achieve that quick leap in its evolution, and also to discourage you from those that are counterproductive for your development as a human race on this planet.

We are working not only from our position as visitors, but also from within your own race. Many of the children being born in your world are, in truth, your older brothers and sisters, like ourselves, and they are infiltrating your society in order to [help you] change it and working cooperatively with you on the changes that are coming your way very soon. They are those you call “Indigo,” “Diamantine” or “Rainbow” children.

In a few short years you will be able to see how much they are going to help you in that field. The force that moves these children to sacrifice and lower their vibrations to your level is the power of Love. They are imbued with an immutable desire to serve, and are ready to do whatever must be done to help achieve that which they have come here to do; to catapult you towards a supra-human condition, one of a Divine nature with a greater capacity that will become the common denominator of all the human race on this planet.

Be welcome, then, to the preamble of this inner and outer change of all of you, one that will fill your entire soul with Light and will unite and bring you closer, on the one hand, to your younger brothers of the lower kingdoms, and on the other hand, to the Divine essence that you are in truth and that you have come here to experience.

Source: Tulya Spaceship

Channel: Kris Won

Translator: Gloria

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