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Kris Won, October 29, 2012

In the Blessed Name of the Creator of the Universe, and with the approval of the Guardians and Protectors of the channel who is receiving and transmiting what I have to say, I begin this message I have come to deliver to all those who read this.

How wise is He Who Is All-Knowing, and from Whose marvelous Mind the entire Cosmos came into being! How sublime is His wisdom, that conceived a Universe so incredibly complex, with each well-placed piece in the entire machinery gear, where nothing is superfluous, no soul or being who does not fit in His Master Plan and who, at the same time, keeps evolving without hindering the evolution of the multitude of souls who accompany Him all around.

For he who still lives a life focused on his own individual benefit, this thought with which I start my message, lacks all beauty, the overpowering feeling that inundates the soul in complete gratitude before the Supreme Creator of so much beauty and sublime perfection.

But for someone who, like myself, has dived in each and every one of the dimensions that make up the different vibratory strata of His Creation, we will not cease to be amazed at the magnitude of the beauty and perfection of His Work.

Many and diverse laws govern each one of those dimensions, and there is nothing that can escape the achievement and bringing of those laws into being, each one of them in their respective stage. His Universe that forms part of those Universes that move and revolve around each other, following the Laws of Gravitational Attraction in an impecable and absolutely marvelous way are not an exception either.

I see Sublime Beings who have travelled different stellar distances that are inconceivable to your still finite minds, who are right now accompanying you in this precise moment of your planetary evolution, called in these moments you are living in to make an evolutionary leap the human being in your world has never experienced before, not even the most daring among you has dared to even imagine.

Some of them have opted to incarnate in your world in order to act from within, as one more among you. Some were even tortured and were assasinated when their only intention was to come and help you open your minds and wake up your consciousness; it is something that we know well happens unfortunately in worlds of lowest evolution in the universal scale.

But their sacrifice will not have been in vain, for they broke many stagnant mental patterns and opened the hearts of all those who had contact with Them during Their stay on Earth.

Now the moment is ripe for you, for up to now you have not known how to go out of your immediate surroundings, just like an eaglet at the beginning of his life did not know anything but the nest where he was born, until his wings grew and the precise and appropriate moment arrived to leap with courage from his nest, and flapping his still short wings he took off flying, under the protective and loving eyes of his parents watching over him. The eaglet's parents know when he is mature enough to fly and when his wings will be sufficiently grown with feathers to sustain the flight of their son. Before that moment, they would never prod him with their beak to go out of his nest because it would end up in tragedy.

You have also reached now a sufficient level of human evolution to leave behind your third dimensionl world (your nest), and to fly towards a higher dimension.

It is a very difficult moment in your evolution, and it is always the humanity of the inhabited worlds who have experienced this same evolutionary leap, just like the one you are experiencing now, that they have needed the help of their brethren from the stars and planetary systems next to them.

You, by yourselves and without help, could not have performed an evolutionary leap of such characteristics. It is such a conclusive change , so spectacular, that it requires a colossal effort and an essential outside help.

But I would like to advice you, if I may, to try and live these moments with absolute tranquility, even with abandon. That does not mean that you have nothing to do, for the changes are always built with the cooperation of all involved members in this transformation process.

What I am refering to, and understand this well, is to abandon all fears, anxieties and worries that you could harbor in your hearts, the product of a feeling of not knowing what is going to occur from this moment.

Do not harbor doubts, either, nor hesitate to do the great leap you are just about to perform. Know that you truly are before the dawn of a New Era for all souls inhabiting this world, not only for the human beings, but also for all the rest of the entities that inhabit in your physical, etheric, astral and mental worlds, on the terrestrial surface as well as in the depths of the oceans, even in the interior areas of the Earth.

Remember, then, my advice, and stop worrying or even being fearful about the marvelous moments that you all are about to star in; make that change of consciousness with songs and praise for the Creator, not crying for the world you are leaving behind.

Relax, and in profound love and gratitude, live this moment of profound transcendance, after which you will be able to get closer to the higher worlds whose inhabitants are waiting for you with open arms.

Source: Anonymous

Channel: Kris Won

Translator: Gloria

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