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Alpha Ship, December 15, 2010

Artist's impression of the Alpha Ship

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

Since time immemorial you have been prepared for a day like today, a year like this or a period like this so that you are ready and capable of taking a step of this caliber, along with the rest of the other beings, who we might call your "little brothers", who will also take this step forward from a grade of evolution to another [that is] higher.

Listen to me carefully. To accelerate the process of Ascension for all souls on this planet, it is important to maintain an inner state of calm and profound peace. That inner calmness is only possible on your part if you first have faith and trust that we are going to help in this evolutionary process. Do not lose faith, that is very important, my brothers and sisters.

Later, joined by faith and confidence, I would ask you to maintain perseverance fulfilling inner spiritual work. I ask you all to meditate every day, at least once every day, but you should ideally be entering your inner world two or even three times a day. Once in the morning before starting your chores or your daily work, and again before retiring to bed, would be a highly recommended practice for you.

You cannot imagine how important it is to do this daily. And unfortunately, it is an irrefutable fact that very few people do it. And that is detrimental to the "rescue" mission for an essential minority to form the critical mass necessary for the global evolutionary leap.

Some people practice more physical exercises, because they connect more with their inner reality through muscle stretches or slow movements accompanied by breathing, where they feel the energy flow that they draw with their body.

Others are more in favor of meditation, be it silent or accompanied by relaxing music to help them settle into a state of light trance. Some really meditate, while many others try.

The eastern races of humanity are more easily grounded to practice meditation, because they are accustomed to living with fewer things, and therefore have less objects to distract them. Westerners focus more on happiness in external objects, so their mind tends to wander more, as they direct their pleasure and sense of well-being to the objects that are external to them.

That is why meditation is usually practiced more in the eastern countries, more than in western countries, whose spiritual tendency leans more towards prayer or the chanting of religious songs.

But all of them look to connect from within with that part of themselves that is more subtle, more sublime, who feel what dwells inside.

And yet there are those who try to attain happiness through the hallucinogenic effects of drugs! That is, both your illegal drugs, as well as those that your governments tolerate, but that are ultimately just as or nearly as damaging as those which they prohibit, and I refer mainly to alcohol and tobacco.

It is a very hypocritical attitude that your governments approve the open sale of these products for consumption by its citizens, only because that allows them to collect huge amounts of money in the form of taxes from the companies that produce and sell them, caring not in the least that these poor victims remain enslaved to those self-destructive habits and in some cases even fatal.

That is one of the things that will be changed when you live in the New Earth that I'm announcing you will live in. The leaders will worry about that what comes to their fellow citizens will contribute to their health and well-being, with not one iota of personal gain and selfishness. And if that political leader does not think like this, then he cannot be an active leader.

Prayer is also a way for you to help to accelerate the Ascension process for present-day life on Earth, who constitutes the physical body of that living entity of the highest evolution, who is Mother Earth, or Gaia. To raise your prayers to the Creator, especially if those prayers are conducted in groups, will refine the mental aura of the planet even further, and that will allow more people to be elevated by this subtle energy and finally awaken from their thousand-year sleep.

So we ask you to use the technique that goes most with your character, that best fits your tastes, whether it be meditation, prayer, chanting, song, or physical exercises to harmonize your inner energy, or variations of these techniques at the same time.

Whatever technique you choose will be invaluable in helping to contribute your bit for the elevation of life present in the material body of Gaia, as well as for the personal and individual elevation of yourselves.

I bless and thank you for your collaboration as children (who are) of Gaia. Be blessed.

Peace and Love

Source: Commander Sohin

Channel: Kris Won

Translators: Steve, Gloria

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