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Alpha Ship, December 20, 2010

Artist's impression of the Alpha Ship

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

From the deepest and most hidden corners in space come the blessings of Sublime Beings, blessings that on reaching the mental, astral and physical atmosphere of your planet fill all living beings inhabiting the planet with Love and Fraternity. Their blessings, their good wishes and prayers are with the intention of helping the Earth and her inhabitants to achieve successfully the Ascension, in these most auspicious moments in which your solar system is beginning to traverse the fringe of energetic influence of the Galaxy's Central Sun.

There are so many wonderful souls, incarnated and disincarnated, who are offering their help in these moments of such great relevance! If you could see them all as we see them (disincarnated souls, travelers from distant points of the Galaxy and beyond, the intraterrestrial souls who inhabit the planet's interior and who are waiting to receive you with open arms, and, finally, the advanced terrestrial human beings), you would delight in becoming conscious of the support and cooperation with which you count on at this moment!

We, your brethren from Alpha Spaceship, are but an infinitesimal part of the enormous hordes of beings of Light who are entering into your three-dimensional plane in current times. They come (as we come) to offer you our help so that you grow spiritually, because it is that inner growth what will make it possible for you to make that leap to Gaia's next cycle, a cycle that is being reserved for you with great joy on our part.

If you could share with us the vision of so many hundreds, thousands of your fellow souls who are awakening to the reality, and who wish to free themselves from the oppressive yoke of those representing the dark!

Tell yourselves with certainty and vehemence, that you do not want to keep on being part of that great lie you were led to believe; that you don't want to keep on seeing yourselves as "sinners", but as divine beings by right and inheritance; that the only original sin is the feeling of guilt you've been carrying with you for mistakes you've made in past lives and which are, therefore, a product of your imagination; and that you, in short, do not wish to keep on living in this three-dimensional scenario. Tell yourselves that you are ready to coexist as brothers and sisters in love, fraternity and mutual cooperation in a fifth dimensional world.

And if what we are telling you is being said by many (it can be achieved, believe us!), then your Ascension to the New Earth is assured and will be a fact within a short period of the time you have left experimenting in your three-dimensional world, because for us only the eternal present exists.

And then, we will welcome you as new members of the Galactic Federation, members with full rights, having earned this with our help, yes, but especially through your own merits, fruits of the efforts of a big segment of your population who bravely seeks to free itself from the regressive forces that grip you and are still insisting on wanting to control you.

Futile pursuit, for your Ascension is skillfully programmed! Futile and useless effort, fot their days are numbered!

Believe it, those of you who are in deep despair, because you don't want to keep on living in a world dominated (until now) by the dark forces. As I have done countless times, I ask you once more to be patient, that that long-awaited day for all of us is not far away, and most of you will see it.

I leave you for the moment, [and] I trust you are feeling more hopeful, until we contact each other again, from the other side of your computers.

For the soon-to-be established fraternity, peace and harmony among all human beings on Earth!

Peace and Love

Source: Commander Sohin

Channel: Kris Won

Translators: Gloria, Steve

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