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Kris Won, December 14, 2014

Dear ones!

Time is going by and many amongst you are already getting impatient, questioning yourselves that, if it's true that times are accelerating, then why does the moment for First Contact never arrive?

It is possible that, rationally, by asking yourselves this question you might be correct; but in truth you are only proving that you have little faith in the doings of the Creator of all things.

There is a reason behind all that occurrs; and there is also a reason behind the things that are not manifesting themselves yet in the physical plane.

Why has First Contact between you and us not occurred yet? There is not only one, but several reasons explaining why we haven't openly made contact with the humanity of this planet.

The first and perhaps main reason is that we cannot carry out a large-scale intervention, for that would go againts one of the Universal Laws that prohibits us from interfering in a big way in the evolution of a human race.

We are at your disposition to help you with the change towards the New Age; but it must only be that, a help, not a total intervention.

We can help you understand many things; but is is you who have to make the decision to transform and take a firm and resolute step in your evolution as a human race.

When a child goes to school, the parents don't answer for him/her the questions in his/her exams; they let him/her answer them, otherwise the child would never really learn the lessons that he needs to learn by himself. They can help him with his/her homework, but it is the child who has to go through the tests given him/her by the "teacher."

Folowing the example given above, what would happen if the child were to fight in the school playground with other kids? Would the child's parents go to school to punish the other children with whom their child was arguing? You wouldn't do that, right? You would talk with your child, explaining to him/her that he/she should solve his/her differences without fighting with his/her classmates, and if the problem were to go on unresolved, then perhaps you would go to talk with the parents of the other children, or perhaps with the main teacher or mentor of the class their child goes to.

The fact that more and more amongst you are awakening to the reality of what is going on, that they have taken off their blindfold from their eyes and now clearly see that their world is not being managed by kind people, motivated by the pursuit of the wellbeing of all peoples, and who instead are only interested in their own benefit; that is what is allowing the change to start in a slow, yes, but more forceful and effective fashion than if the change were to come from extraterrestrial civilizations

This is another weighty reason why we have not intervened yet, and are, rather, helping you to provoke the change by motivating your psiquis instead of taking aggressive actions in a direct way, which would undoubtedly go against respecting your free-will, which is your right as a human being in this quadrant of the Galaxy.

We, your Gallactic brethren, love you beyond measure. You are not used to loving with that intensity. Most of the human beings of your planet love in a selfish way, waiting always for a benefit, something in exchange for their love. We love for your own wellbeing, without expecting anything in return, not even your gratitude.

It is this same love what moves us to accompany you in this journey towards the becoming of the Soul, towards an understanding of who you really are, and towards a profound understanding of what is it you have come into this body to do.

When you understand the motives for all this, then you will be aware that this change has to be done globally, all as a team, and not only thinking of saving yourselves, for instance, should some type of planetary disaster were to occur.

Know that we love you with a Love that is freeing, that eliminates obstacles, that overcomes disadvantages, and that provides peacefulsolutions without the abuse of power. Of an intelligent and well-organized form.

Receive all our Love and the Love from all our brethren accompanying you in this evolutionary leap that you, courageously and resolutely, are on the brink of starring in. We are accompanying you in this adventure, know that you are not alone.

And when this leap is made, because you have wanted it so, you will receive from us an incommeasurable help to ascend rapidly and become one of the most evolved races of the Galaxy, which you have graciously named "The Milky Way."

Peace and Love for you. And also Light and Harmony.

Source: Commander Sohin from Alpha Spaceship

Channel: Kris Won

Translator: Gloria

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