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Kris Won, November 27, 2014

Welcome to the Eternal’s projection room!

We are the Angels in charge of projecting God’s will in all the inhabited planets in the Universe.

Our mision is to give the information to all the different humanities for its flowrishment in wisdom, beauty and divine order.

What we want to talk to you today is in reference to the attitude of some people that are active in the Spiritual life, but in reality are resisting to surrender completely to the Divine will.

There are not few, they are a lot manifesting a self - misleading attitude. Why are we saying self-misleading? Simply because they believe they are having a high Spiritual life, but they are just moving thru life looking to satisfy their wishes and desires, and only for their own benefit.

This is not to give to God’s will. It is more to try to scape from the material problems. They look for Divine help (that is why they pray) and help from other beings more evolved than them (Wise Masters) because they can help their particular dreams to come true.

The Divine has an Evolution Plan for each inhabited world for beings like you, some humans and others not. All are children of God, creations of the Divinity, made in essence and same image to His/Her Spirit, that gave the substenance of life to all.
We, Your messengers were also created thru His/her Divine Breath, only that it was long time ago before that any of you that incarnated in this planet and in others of similar evolution.

Because of that we are not better or more special, we are just divine sparks created in remot times, even before the physical Universe started to expand in this current cycle and absortion from the original Source.

We have come now for that, for you to reflect and the ones that are not aware of it. It is importan to leave behind the small individual aspirations (even if they look important, in reality they are not), and give in totally to God’s plan that is reserved for you and all that are related to you: family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances, etc.

Nobody says you should not satisfy your basic needs to live in the Universe that has been assigned to you. Please put your goals to work for the path given by the Divine Creator; not only based on Your individual desires.

¡It is time to stop doing that! It is time to be interested in the well being of your community where you live, all the people of your country, and the people of this planet.

The person that only cares by himself without taking care on the well being of others, cannot be called a Spiritual person, nor even religious.

Watch over all the beautiful things that life has to offer; for sure God brings them daily.

The inclination of the majority of the people is to put their minds in fraude and corruption, and that keeps them continuosly in lower energies, far from love, truth and the beauty, that are your true nature.

Follow God’s Plan, forget to live only for your personal afairs Be One with the other human beings and feel identyfied with the ones that suffer, and be happy when the ones that are content and happy.

We bless you all, and surround you with Divine Light.

Source: God’s Angels

Channel: Kris Won

Translator: Gloria

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