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Kris Won, January 6, 2015

Blessings to all who read this message!

It is a pleasure for us to be able to send you our message, and for it to be able to reach your homes and for you to read it while sitting comfortably in front of your computer. Is n’t it fantastic?

A new day is dawning. Are you prepared to receive it, with all the events that it will bring along?

This year will be a very special one, a year that you will remember when you are old, and you will tell it to your grandchildren, who, siting on your lap, will be astounded when they hear your story about what began to happen in the year 2015 of the Modern Era.

In this year, since January 1st the old paradigms have begun to crumble, and the most psychic amongst you have felt this, even without consciously knowing it because no one had told you anything . . . until now.

But inside of you, you are nodding while reading these words that we are transmitting. They have felt it internally before the fact was revealed publicly.

So, if the old paradigms are beginning to crumble, what is going to happen with the planet? When will the much awaited New Earth arrive? How will the new paradigms manifest in your plane of reality?

You have asked yourselves all these questions, right? And if you haven't done it, surely you will be pleased that we answer them. Am I wrong?

Not even half of what we could tell you in advance about what you are going to experience during this year would be credible for many of you. For those who are more prepared and aligned with the reality of what is happening, these ones will feel that YES, they may be starting to happen.

For this reason, we are going to inform you of something that will begin to be expressed in your material reality, and we will leave other events that you will experience for later on, because it doesn't merit to talk about them now.

There will be more and more publicly well-known persons who are going to talk through the media about their discontent with the governments' policies, governments that until now have been the puppets of those who actually govern behind the scenes. Who hold the decision-making power over what's decided within the country, and even internationally, and who direct their political leaders, sometimes subtly and others openly/unashamedly.

These people, since they have a great number of followers and sympathizers, given their public character they are going to have an influence on many people who will start being interested on subjects they had not paid attention to yet, or which they had heard about but had not shown due interest on.

Political celebrities who were unknown before will begin to stand out, and who have the noble wish to clean up the political, legal and police establishments/strata that have become worldwide a putrid nest where corruption, fraud and hypocrisy dwell.

Fortified by the masses of people who are tired of so much corruption in all spheres, they are going to be the authors of a great change in the main nations of the planet; and that will be the wildfire that will initiate the regeneration of all the moral values that, unfortunately, had been lost. And those lost ethical values will soothe the thirst of all those who sighed for the dawn of a more just and better world.

You are going to be living through these changes. They will be gradual, but they will start showing their first steps in this happy and auspicious year of 2015.

The die is cast. The cards are on the table.

Now . . . let's play!

Source: Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

(Note from the channeler: During the whole transcription I had no idea of who was dictating the message, and when at the end of the channeling I asked to be told of his/her identity, I as surprised when he told me he was Cervantes, the author of Don Quixote; I asked again and he confirmed it even more vehemently. He is the transcriber, then, of this message).

Channel: Kris Won

Translator: Gloria

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