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Alpha Ship, January 8, 2010

Artist's impression of the Alpha Ship

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

People from all over the world with no previous interest in spiritual themes are now showing interest. They are being motivated by a "bombardment" we are carrying out now beaming all over the planet's surface a kind of energy that subtly stimulates the pineal and pituitary glands, which correspond to another vibratory level at the frontal (forehead) and coronary chakras. This provokes, among other symptoms, a state of mind that moves away from materialistic goals or wordly issues to states linked with non-superficial physics of no-matter, namely, Pure Energy. Pure Energy is manifested intrinsically in varied forms of sub-energies. Some of these forms are not known by humankind on this planet, but it is also our intention not to make them known before it is due time. You must be patient; when it is time, this and other things will be transmitted to all human beings who inhabit the Earth's surface in the new times which we are now beginning to envision and which are lavishing with their initial golden rays the geography and all living beings of this wonderful blue planet.

There is so much information, so many teachings we desire to start transmitting to you! It is our dream the arrival of that time when we can share with you so many things you still do not know about and which will help you by teaching you so that you can progress in your lives to a level much higher than the one you know now. We are speaking about improving your health, implementing new healing techniques much more advanced than those you utilize now; we are speaking about means of transportation that are harmless to the environment and of the possibility for you to take advantage of the resources that are available to you in nature itself and which are FREE; we are speaking about self-relaxation techniques and boosting one's personal energy, which will help you feel happy and joyful; and we are definitely speaking about helping you project your attention on others so that you do not live egocentric lives, rather, live a life of love and harmony among all humans and all living beings that surround you.

Those fantastic beings you have read about in books really do exist, it is only that they live in more subtle (ethereal) planes than the physical plane you live in and thus, they remain invisible to your physical eyes. We will definitely and finally teach you as soon as we have made first contact, first you need to be able to see them and know them and then, maintain a brotherly and harmonic interrelationship with them. Many of them desire that, as they also envision that their peaceful and harmonic encounter is near, while others are still distrusting of human beings, for they have seen you commit atrocities to beings from other kingdoms for many years, especially beings from the animal kingdom with whom they feel a deep inner connection.

There are some species of beings in nature who maintain a more intimate and close relationship with the animal kingdom than with the human one, and this is not rare as man sometimes kills animals for sport or for caprice to his brethren while other species do so only to get nourishment. Man is the most cruel being on the surface of the Earth because he unnecessarily kills other living creatures. But all of this will change, and the photonic energy that we are now beaming to the planet will help you recognize that your basic nourishment should come from the plant kingdom, and that the animal kingdom should not be slaughtered the way it has been by the hands of human beings just to become human food. Human beings should advance to a higher energetic level and they will only achieve this if they change the way they nourish themselves. The more subtle the energy from which they get their nourishment, the lighter their bodies will become and the more energy and magnetic fluids that will surround their aura. This will be one of the most notorious characteristics of the "New Man" who will walk on the face of the Earth in this New Age.

We wait with hope and longing for this moment to come.

Love and Peace
Alpha Starship.

Channeler: Cristian

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