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Alpha Ship, January 5, 2010

Artist's impression of the Alpha Ship

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

We are pleased witnesses of all the events that are happening, and great joy fills our hearts since we know that the inclusion of this new channel of communications between you and us is going to be of invaluable help. This is why we are so happy with this new step that God has given for the attainment of His Evolutionary Plan for this planet, which, by the way, is not only His but of All of us. But let us state it this way so that we can understand each other because in order to transmit our thoughts in an understandable form for the majority, it is necessary for us to transform our thoughts into words. In the future that will not be necessary because your transit to the 5th Dimension will give you psychic powers you have not dreamed of, among many other faculties that are dormant in you but latent in your minds. You will learn to use a greater percentage of your psychic powers, as you will be demonstrated by those who step forward onto the 5th Dimension. Your abilities will not be used to damage any living being, but only to help and do good for others. You will also use them (psychic faculties) as tools to carry on corresponding tasks. Up until now, you have been using traction or transport vehicles, kitchen appliances, office, laboratory or workshop supplies, etc. The reason why, dear ones, you are not using those faculties yet is because on the evolutionary level you are in, if you had, you would have misused those powers we have in natural form without consideration. When you demonstrate that you have no intention to harm any living being from whatever kingdom - and we include in this group your little brothers, the animals, as well as the plants and the trees, and even the minerals - then your psychic faculties will start to awake and gradually develop in a short period of time. But before this, you must pass the test of your voluntary change (from the inside) TO ONE OF COMPLETE INOFFENSIVENESS.

What motivates a smart being to want to do no evil to other beings and expect their well-being and happiness? What is so poorly understood on this planet is the supreme energy of Love. If a being is completely devoid of the desire to do harm to another or from desiring something another being has, his loving energy will flow from his heart and embrace all beings he is in contact with. God gives many internal tools to a being like this knowing they will be used only for the good. A person who loves, by the very act of loving unconditionally, will be a precious instrument to our service. But people like this are few and very hard to find! They are so few compared to the rest of humanity that when they become our instruments they are more precious than gold! Even some people who are offering their service onboard our ships and to the global purpose are sometimes tempted by the satisfaction one gets from recognition from others or by seeing their names tied to their actions. These should be impersonal, the only motivation being their commitment to serve others. But this is a detail we have to live with and be patient with at the moment.

Beloved brothers, be humble and agree to work with us and for the Evolutionary Plan unconditionally, without craving recognition or applause from others and without craving any spiritual promotion or privileged position. Because more will be given to the humble one and to anyone who has no personal desire. Love and humility go always hand in hand and, really, one cannot ascend without going hand in hand with each other. You see, you will observe that all men and women who have attained a higher evolutionary level on your planet have been extremely loving and are also characterized by their humble and gentle character. Yes, love, kindness and humility are the characteristics of beings who offer their service to God.

Dear ones, make an effort to develop these inner qualities because this is more important than the accumulation of information or showing off in metaphysical discussions between one another.

We, from Alpha Spaceship, and other ships that are available now orbiting the Earth greet you and wish you a new year of full inner and spiritual progress and wish you to share your achievements with your fellow brothers in a humble, helpful and selfless manner.

Love and peace.

Channeler: Cristian

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