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Alpha Ship, January 9, 2010

Artist's impression of the Alpha Ship

Greetings from Alpha Starship!

Millions of years have passed since the first life form was introduced on this planet by our ancestors. Through the course of this long time, evolution has seen to it that beings progressively mutate and adapt to a better natural environment, as well as attending to their basic survival needs.

One of the results of this, and the most spectacular one, is the evolution of the human being since the first "hominids" to the actual man. That is undoubtedly the most transcendental miracle that God has done on this planet. Interminable discussions have taken place around the origin of man, whether it was the monkey or if he was created according to the Bible's teachings, "in the image and likeness of God".

And what do you, accustomed reader, think the truth is?

Interpretations of reality abound, yet Truth is only one. There are no two Truths; there is only one. And the Truth of the origin of the human being on this planet is that he was brought to this world from very distant and disparate locations of the galaxy. One who believes that human beings originate from this planet is mistaken. Therefore, it is less likely he could have evolved from another living being such as the monkey, as defenders of the Darwin Theory state. If humans had evolved from the monkey, why would there be white, black, yellow or red human races? Why would there be such a great variety not only of races but also of languages, cultures and life habits? You were brought from other Milky Way locations, as you name the galaxy, and you were distributed in different locations of the terrestrial crust, some on high mountains, others on fertile valleys and others at the edge of lakes, seas and oceans.

I am not going to expand too much on this, but I will tell you that even though the original intention was for you to live peacefully among others, greed and ambition in humans caused the first attempts of battle between different groups, and sometimes between tribes of the same origin, namely, the same racial root. As a consequence, thousands of people were slaughtered and there were empires which reached their zenith and then, were eliminated by other civilizations. We have been silent witnesses of those sad and sometimes tragic confrontations, but we could not intervene for there is a Cosmic Law of Free Will which allows all people of all worlds to decide their own destiny by themselves, whether it is taking wise decisions or sometimes taking wrong ones, with fatal consequences.

The world you know today is fruit of the madness of a few who misused their political and economic power, and it will go through a change as yet unknown, and it will lead you to make an evolutionary leap from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th without having to pass through the 4th. Once you have achieved this evolutionary leap into the 5th Dimension, nothing of what you now know will be the same, nothing! You will see how your psychic faculties develop to unimaginable levels (like the ones some beings of your past used to have, only a few which allowed them to achieve titanic tasks such as the construction of the three pyramids of Egypt). The way time is measured will be very different from the one we use now where you live your life preoccupied with how you will be able to cope to survive... Fear will stop grabbing your throats and will give way to having trust on others instead of the competitive feelings you have now.

You will be witnesses of all that and much more. In order to achieve this goal, we will work together - you with our help, your brethren from other planets along with your brethren from Inner Earth who have lived in peace and harmony for aproximately 2,000,000 years. Achieving this will need team work, and our mission will be carried out as this is the Will of God. The forces that are instigating against our Father's Will, will be defeated in the same way the ancient civilizations we named before were. They will see their futile dreams fail, dreams of greatness and oppression of the masses. Evil will not triumph, believe us; darkness will not prevail, as there cannot be anything higher to the Father Creator and even though there may be confrontations and some beings might riot against the Law established by the Supreme Being, at the end they will lose -here and in every inhabited place of the Galaxy and the Universe.

In such a way you will soon see your dreams come true, where we will all work hand in hand to create a New World and where everyone will live in harmony with one another.

Peace and Love
Starship Alpha.

Channeler: Cristian

Comment from one of our readers:

"Dear Universal Citizens:
Thank you to all who bless this weary world, regardless of species. If we choose to see this issue with open eyes, we are well aware that love is beneficial to every being. When we utilize our knowledge, skills, and abilities to uplift those who suffer, we display God beautifully and honor that from which we came. Let us honor all that is, with our love, compassion, kindness, care, and concern for the suffering and transform tears of sorrows into tears of joy in the understanding that love and Divine force will uplift us all. Let us direct our efforts to the lesser than and display that compassionate love. No being should be living in poverty, squalor, starvation, or negative circumstances. It was intended that you live in Divine contentment. Let the healing begin. God Bless ALL who bring help and healing. You have certainly EARNED your blessings! Thank you for your Divine efforts. I am truly grateful, and honored to stand at the side of truth, love, and the Godly. Godspeed.
R U" (01-12-'10)

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