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Kris Won, August 7, 2011

Hello! How are you all, dear brothers and sisters of the surface?

Here we, all aquatic beings, are spending very active days due to all the volcanic eruptions that have been occurring during the last few days, and that continue to occur, from the Etna volcano in Sicily, to the volcano of the biggest island in the Pacific archipelago, close to the United States...

Those explosions and the rivers of lava that flow from the mouth of those erupting volcanoes, provoke great movements under the sea level, which although not as powerful as the earthquakes or the tsunamis, could nevertheless come to destroy one of our submarine cities.

We are also worried by the radioactive material which your fellow kind from Japan are throwing daily into the dead waters of the Sea of Japan, and which is contaminating to a high degree all of our habitat. Millions of fish species have died or have been contaminated by the tons of radioactive material that the Japanese have thrown into the sea, in an unconscious and irrational manner.

Fortunately, we count with the assistance of our Brethren from the Stars, who are helping us from their spaceships to decontaminate the terrible radioactivity that your race brothers are generating. And because it is quickly expanded by the ebbs and flows and the currents which abound in that seismic zone, were it not for the help of our Galactic Brethren, the radioactivity would have extended to far away zones from the Sea of Japan.

They utilize an extraordinary technique to neutralize the expansion of that radioactivity towards other zones in the Pacific Ocean, and utilizing a transmuting energy manipulated by them, they manage to lower the radiation levels to some quite bearable ones for all the beings who live below the sea. Blessed be them!

Well, I wish you much happiness, and we will soon be in touch again. Thanks for listening to me.

Source: Iris

Channel: Kris-Won

Translator: Gloria

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"My heart goes out to Iris! Thanks, Gloria!
T." (August 10, 2011)

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