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Kris Won, July 24, 2011

"Learn to love, and you will recognize the authentic joy, which has nothing to do with the strong emotions of the sensorial pleasures."

It is certain trustworthy sources who allow us, the Masters of the White Brotherhood, to transmit and bring to you all who are searching for the Light and the Truth, the means to go out of the illusion and deception to which you have been subjugated during many lifetimes, (so that) you can embrace the only thing that is Real and True.

I, Saint Germain, along with other Masters of Wisdom and Love, are endeavoring every day so that most of you can leave the contaminated river waters where most of humanity resides, and to be able to flow into the sea of Divine Consciousness where you will be cleansed and healed.

None of us will rest, know this, until all who are called to awaken from this deceptive dream, do it.

You, who reads these lines, who are looking for a way out of the mediocrity of an empty and frivolous life, or one uselessly wasted. You who aspires, not to discern the truth but to fully enter it and bathe in its all-embracing Light.

If you want to free yourself from your previous loads and wish to advance with a firm step to the next threshold awaiting you with a door that is ajar, release your mind from all that which keeps you imprisoned, which keeps you blind to the wonderful and radiant Reality that YOU ARE; that you are no different from those surrounding you in the world and in the Universe; and that the only thing that can help you draw back the veil of the illusion and to open fully that door that is ajar, is the Divine Power of LOVE.

The sovereign Love that gives without a second thought, without even thinking about what could happen to you if you offered unconditional, unlimited love, a love that cleanses your heart and your mind, and dislodges them from the sharp claws that want to keep you distracted and entertained in the world of shadows and deception.

Learn to love, and you will recognize the authentic joy, which has nothing to do with the strong emotions of the sensorial pleasures.

Do you think this is difficult and unreachable? Ask God for assistance, so that He helps you to press the switch and change the flow of Divine Love. Surely He will assist you, from your inner conscience, which is permanently united with the Supreme Consciousness as the electrical current that flows to unite the positive with the negative poles.

Remember that YOU ARE ALL, and that within you, you possess infinite possibilities in order to undertake any task that you decide to do. You just have to do it from your Inner Soul, for there is no adviser that is more faithful than him.

Saint Germain

Channel: Kris-Won

Translator: Gloria

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