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Kris Won, March 3, 2011

Peace to all my brothers and sisters. I am Iris, from the bottom of the ocean, and I come back again to be with you a few moments, and to share some of our thoughts. I will start by answering a question that I was posed directly, and which I came to know about thanks to the mental connection I have created with Kris.

An astute reader has asked me why we live at the bottom of the ocean, as that world belongs to the third dimension; therefore, it is one more illusion as the rest of physical manifestations and which, according to our reader, are forms created by our mind.

Dear one, the fact that you live in a third dimensional world does not mean that it is false or unreal. It exists in the physical world; therefore, it is real. And it is real for you and for me while we live in it, just like when you are dreaming, the world that surrounds you, created by your mind, is real for you while you are dreaming. That does not mean that all dreams are product of your imagination; sometimes they are places you have traveled to with your astral body and which, when you awaken, you confuse with your creations while you dream.

Because of that, to know that the world you live in is a creation of the Universal Mind or Supreme Consciousness, will help you to 'get out of this dream' that is the life; but while your consciousness is in the world, because you are experiencing certain experiences that you will take with you when you leave your body at the end of your life, then the 'game' continues.

Nevertheless, to live in the world being conscious of everything that surrounds you is an illusion of the Cosmic Mind that will help you to maintain your equanimity in your life, whatever may come to you during your lifetime. Play, then, your role, and interact with the others while being conscious of everything that is illusory, but which is also real while you are living in this world.

For instance, if you were to see us, you would prove that there are some physical differences that exist between you and us, because, obviously, your physical bodies have evolved in order to be able to breath air, while ours have evolved to be able to breathe under water. Our physical bodies differ a little, not much; however, the soul that gives them life is exactly the same, there are no differences between both our species.

And that is the paradox, that while the physical Universe expands, that is, it moves away and expands, our souls, as they progress spiritually advance with firm steps toward the One. What is physical, will distance itself, will move away; what is spiritual, on the other hand, tends to unify.

That is a great teaching, the lesson we learn when we get to the end of the physical path, be it in the ocean or on mainland, no matter what species we belong to: that we are all One without exception; nothing exists beyond that One, that Unity in Consciousness. What differs are the bodies, but our souls are only One, and it belongs to God.

Thank you for listening to me, and until another day, beloved ones,

I embrace you,


Channel: Kris Won

Translators: Gloria and Macarena

Comment from one of our readers:

"Hi Kris :)
I found this message from Iris quite interesting and I think I speak for many when I say it would truly be an honor to hear more from her. I especially would love to know what her take is on the Gulf oil spill that occurred in 2010 and if and how it affected her people.
Thank you Kris (and all channelers!) and those in the non physical realm!

Peace, Love & light,
Adrianna" (03-10-'11)

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