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Alpha Ship, January 3, 2010

Artist's impression of the Alpha Ship

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

We are certain we will initiate a very useful and rewarding period of interaction by incorporating you to the group we are working with, bringing to the maximum the number of people interested in the information we are providing you.

The Alpha Spaceship is located 200,000 kilometres (124,300 miles) from Earth, and it is prepared to rapidly and effectively act on any needed location on Earth. Our technology is many thousands of years more advanced than yours, allowing us to remain invisible to your simple aerial sighting devices. In case we had to intervene, we would be able to do it without being detected by your governments, as most of them have no intention to openly cooperate with us in spite of their being aware of our presence.

Were it not for the interference of some human beings, those occupying economic, social and political positions of power and control and who are actively lead by the dark forces, we would have helped you a long time ago to improve all your social structures, to produce more natural food and to provide all necessary resources without polluting the environment, and as a result of this, the extreme climate you are suffering now would give way to a much more stable and tempered climate.

We are a group of varied and very heterogeneous civilizations who are keenly keeping track of your evolution, as the next step you are about to take soon will not only improve the lives of all living beings on Earth but also positively affect the aura of all the planets around your Sun, and even those of other adjacent Solar Systems.

Thus, it is so important that the mission we have been entrusted with be carried out well. And we will achieve it with the collaboration of all of you. Each person who volunteers to help in the Evolutionary Plan will become a piece of the puzzle, as no action from your side is without value. On the contrary, the work that each of you does, as little as it may seem, is of a great importance to achieve this planet's global mission.

Do not lose hope, keep full confidence and faith that we will not fail and that soon -very soon- you will be able to see all moral values restored on your planet, which other worlds like yours already experience, and allow for the vanishment of today's social abusiveness from the Earth. Then you will live in Paradise on Earth.

Peace and Love from Alpha Spaceship.

Channeler: Cristian

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