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Kris Won, March 1, 2011


My name is Adonis. In Ancient Greece I was adored as a God of Olympus, and as the summit of beauty in a male human body. Likewise, Goddess Aphrodite was considered as the maximum apex of feminine beauty.

But I’m no god, neither were Zeus, Aphrodite, Heracles, Athena or Apollo. I was a common man, but due to my physical beauty I was so admired by women, that the fame they gave me raised me to the altars of the Greeks.

As you all know by now, there is only one God, and the “gods” or semi-gods, as some called them, were human men and women who excelled at some deed or exploit in a far past, and humans created legends about them, giving them supernatural strengths or powers.

It’s true that man’s imagination has no limits.

The old inhabitants of Greece were obsessed by physical beauty, which you can corroborate by looking at the paintings and specially sculptures of the artist from those times, which reflected in those male and female bodies of perfect complexion the concept that each one of them was capable of conceiving and reproducing.

Each soul can choose the type of body it will flaunt when it is born on Earth, being one that most adapts to the type of experience the soul shall live in its voyage through material life.

Then you could say: “If this were so, everybody would choose a body of incomparable beauty, be it as a man or a woman”. Well, this is not so, because beautiful people have different problems to those who are not so graceful in appearance; ask anyone who, like me, had or have at the moment beautiful bodies.

A man or a woman with a more common physique will go more unnoticed, and his or her physical imperfection will force him or her to make a bigger effort to be well prepared intellectually, artistically or in a craft. On the contrary, the disenchantment of a beautiful person when he or she loses her beauty with the passing of time can sink him/her in the deepest of depressions, for believing that he or she has lost the power of attraction over others.

The current times, of films, television, music or fashion catwalks, are filled with cases like this.

My advice is, and this is why I’ve come, don’t lose heart if you are not physically graceful; in one word, if you’re ugly! Because you won’t have to pass as many tests or as many troubles as the beautiful people throughout history. And for those who are beautiful or gorgeous, my comment to you is be aware that there will be peak and euphoric moments, and others of sadness and disappointment; but don’t center your attention exclusively on physical beauty.

Remember, all, that you are in essence is spiritual, that the physic that you have is only your outer shell, and what is really important is what is within. Inner beauty is more important, much more important than exterior beauty!

Take that into consideration when setting eyes on the person that will be your partner, look more into their interior, in their values, aims, way of thinking, and do not only judge them on their good or bad looks. Specially young men and women!

A greeting to all who read this, and my gratitude to the channel who has picked my thoughts, to get them to you.


Channel: Kris Won

Translators: Gloria and Macarena

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