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Alpha Ship, January 2, 2010

Artist's impression of the Alpha Ship

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

We have said several times before that the situation in 2010 will be difficult, seeing it from a physical point of view but one very rewarding and of great inner development for all those of you who are working for the planet and her living creatures.

Even though there will be certain planetary events occurring in specific places, you should not let anything disturb you or distract you from your work during these times of worldwide changes. We assure you that nothing will happen to you as we are monitoring each one of you so that in case of danger, we would immediately go to your rescue. Although some of you have been contacted before, even though you may not consciously remember it or the fact that some microchips have been implanted in certain parts of your anatomy - and we consider better not to reveal their location - so that you can be found at any moment should we need to know your exact location. You should in no way take this as a loss of freedom or intimacy, for our intention is only to be ble to quickly help you should you need it, or for us to offer you any type of assistance either to you or someone near you.

There are people on your planet (Earth) who have reached a state of great spiritual development, and that is a motive of great satisfaction for us making us feel proud of you for we know you are not in an ideal environment to lead a spiritual life. Nevertheless, the Light in some souls is so powerful that it dissipates the darkness striving to get into your minds and habits. Through our latent psychic powers, we enhance and increase the Light within you but we cannot change any wrong decision you make because it is necessary for you to learn through trial and error and it does not matter what type of mistake you do, it is always due to your lack of connection with your inner Self. Your Inner Self will always direct you to the right path. Therefore, it is of vital importance for you to stay connected, if not continuously at least often, with your inner consciousness. This will insure you make the right decisions and choose the appropriate path at every moment.

We do all we can from our spaceship in order to help you radiate more of that inner Light, and with many of you this is easy. However, in some cases the ego or the personality of the contacted person makes our work difficult requiring from us to be patient and wait until that person has done some self-work and he/she has a more humble attitude, or a gentler and harmless one. These are the two major impediments we have found in our work. In any case, assistance from us is available to you at all times and if our contribution does not achieve the expected benefit it is because of the conscious or unconscious blockage by the person we are trying to help. Therefore, leave your selfish interests behind, like the desire to stand out or need to be admired, and carry out your work silently in the background, if possible. As the Master said 2,000 years ago, "So that your left hand does not know what the right hand is doing," this is what working for the good of all means, for Mother Earth's Evolutionary Plan, without seeking recognition. Your only motivation should be to contribute your "grain of sand." Yes, it is only a grain of sand, but one here and one there and another over there will make the entire mission a success and our planetary rescue work will come to fruition. As many of you unselfishly offer your help in the achievement of this Divine Plan, the greater the possibilities of success will be and the greater the level that can be achieved.

Carry on with your work without expecting anything in return, for when you are able to live in a clean, pollution-free planet, free from the opposing forces who have had you under their control for thousands of years, that will be a reward big enough! And that day, believe us, is not too far.

With the help from all of you and your cooperation, we will surely see our efforts crowned with success!

Love and Light from Alpha Spaceship.

Channeler: Cristian

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