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Alpha Ship, December 24, 2009

Artist's impression of the Alpha Ship

Beloved brother Cristian:

This day marks a new beginning in your life, for you will have developed the skill of channeling to transmit privileged information to other beings on your planet.

Your incorporation to the community of channelers will mark a milestone in the lecture of channeled messages, specially for the Spanish-speaking readers.

Our first message channeled through you is simple, but in future communications we will be communicating in greater detail and scope. You are being presently "bombarded" by a great deal of information coming to you about the changes humanity is going through on this planet as well as the changes on other realms of existence, but this is so overwhelming that you are almost on the verge of leaving... Some of the information you have received is true, but there is also some interference by the dark forces who are doing all they can to keep this world as it has been until now.

But the Light will finally triumph, and those who have taken advantage of others with the purpose of enriching themselves will see their empire crumbling and will loose the power they so selfishly and with such impunity obtained. All those who have enriched themselves at the expense of others and who have fomented pollution at all levels on the planet will receive a fair punishement for their actions according to the Law of Karma, which governs all facets of Creation in any dimension or reality.

But now it is time for human beings on this planet to ascend to that state which is their birthright, that of a loving being concerned with helping one another and living in adoration of the Divine Creator.

That moment has arrived, and we feel great joy and contentment witnessing this evolutionary change and its effects on the planet and the defeat of the dark forces by the victorious Army of God.

Listen to your inner voice, be in touch with your heart always as it will never deceive you and will guide you to the immediate actions to be taken while in the midst of chaos in finances and spiritual values of our time.

We will be here, next to you, guiding you step by step to assist you during this transition leading to the "New Humanity" that will live on planet Earth. Fear not, as you are accompanied by civilizations from all across the universe who have come gladly to offer their assistance.

We leave now, and we will come back soon with more information to share with all of you.

We are here, and we will stay until the end of times in a future of brotherhood and cooperation between all humans and non-humans of the universe.

Light and Love,

Galactic Federation of Light.

Channeler: Cristian

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