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August 29, 2010

My dear Veronica, you and I came to know true love late in life, we understood and valued it, we continue to do so. You now surround yourself with photographs of happy times together, you listen to the music we both loved so much, I show you and our friends that I am still there with you, love my dear, true love never dies. So few in your world now speak or write of love, it has been systematically removed and de-valued, replaced by possessions and power. I guided you to a book by David Icke, "INFINITE LOVE IS THE ONLY TRUTH, EVERYTHING ELSE IS ILLUSION" He asks "What is Mind and Emotion and why do they control us.? "Who created Religion and what are its advocates really worshipping".? He quotes;


I ask that you give this some thought.

Reach out with Love and compassion to those who suffer as part of the changes that are happening in your World, many countries will experience such changes, they have only just begun. As you have been told no man has the power to prevent what is to happen. Earth is an important planet, it will be preserved but not quite as you know it today. The Corruption must be removed so that a better World for all will replace it. Many will come to Spirit during this transition. You must learn to recognise the Natural Disasters as opposed to the MAN-MADE Disasters that they try to force you to believe are natural. They do not hesitate to "Remove" those who dare to question the truth of their actions.

Again someone has questioned our Crest, who designed it and why it was designed in this way. As we pointed out before it was done EXACTLY as I instructed after my passing, what it is showing that the Knowledge will no longer be with the few but will be with all Mankind. We will bring much information through our Portal, no longer can anything be kept hidden. Control of the masses will become a thing of the past, equality for all will replace it. The Dark Side is desperately lashing out at all and sundry to try to hold on to the power that is not theirs by right. All the Great's who ever walked the Earth and some who never incarnated are part of this Mission to restore the Light, Truth and Justice for all Mankind. There are many from other Planets who will assist in this transition, they are ready and are fully prepared to take you forward. They are far more advanced on all levels, you have been kept under control, this is why you have been told you must be frightened of those from other Planets even though they are fully aware that they come in peace. Your Earth has become an open Prison with the few controlling the masses. Those whose eyes have opened to the truth can see this clearly, I am happy to tell you that many more are awakening to this and are asking questions , demanding answers. Do not allow fear to deter you. This is the time for truth to be revealed. There are many Societies in your world who profess to research the Truth but trust me, their main object is to prevent the truth from ever seeing the light of day, I learned this when I was on Earth, in fact I belonged to many of them thinking I could change them but the opposition was too strong for one man alone, they cannot stop me now. It takes courage to stand up for the truth, those who do should be supported and encouraged, they are the leaders who will guide you.

Veronica look at the good people who have written and called you to show their support during this difficult time, they share their Light and so help to create a better world. We will all come together one day. This side of life surpasses all one could ever wish for, we have shown you this. I say to all of you that the work that you do will create a better World for all Mankind, it will bring the Universe together as never before, you have the technology to do this, there is nothing to fear except fear itself. Look to the God of Love, the Supreme Being for guidance, love alone will set you free.

My dear, again I say, you need to rest, build up your strength for what is to come. I am always at your side, your adoring Husband, Monty.

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