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August 22, 2010

Veronica my dear, we in Spirit ask that you gently ease yourself back into the work of the Foundation, the purpose of which is to firmly establish Light and Truth once more in a World that has been struggling with the Darkness that uses every devious means to destroy the Light. People who work with the Light have had to stand firm and fight the attacks directed at them by the Dark. I have shown you my dear the extent of the Dark control, they worm their way into all governing bodies, be it Politics, Religions, Business, anything and everything that gives control over the lives of others. They even have the audacity to use the name of God to fool the impressionable into believing and trusting them. They create such FEAR, they talk of enemies where none exist. This constant talk of war is a ploy to prepare you mentally to accept it when they decide to attack. Their decisions have already been made, do not be fooled by this game they are playing. You are looking at a take-over by those who see themselves as superior beings. Trust me, every man is equal in the eyes of God, the Superior Being, each has chosen to be on Earth at this time some to learn, some to guide those who have fallen by the wayside The Path of Light and Truth is opening up and as it does so the dishonest find themselves in the spotlight, totally exposed, their corruption visible to all, there is no hiding place, their control is over. As they struggle to maintain their control, they attack on all levels those who speak and write the truth. They cannot exist in the Light so they do all in their power to destroy it, they will not succeed.

As people of the Light reach out to each other thus creating Beacons of Light that draws Spirit towards them to guide them forward out of the darkness that was inflicted on them by the Evil Ones. You are merging from an Evil Period of your History when Fear was used to control you. Very little of what you were taught is true, your history certainly is not. There is very little truth in the many religions that were used to control, to create fear in your lives. Where is the God of Love in all this.? That which separates and divides is not of God, God reaches out to all Mankind.

Veronica my dear you are tired, I would like to take this opportunity to say a big Thank You from Spirit to all those who reached out to you my dear wife as you coped with a difficult time. It will take some time to recover completely, we are with you every step of the way. We in the Network reach out to each and everyone of you in the many Countries who come together in Light , Love and Truth to create a Family of Light in a world that is desperately seeking Light for all. One day when you come to Spirit, you will each look back and see for yourself the importance of the work that you are doing today. You are each a Beacon of Light, each part of the Whole.

My dear, we will get back into our stride soon, please do not worry, this was just a blip. My love surrounds you always. I will be forever be your adoring Husband, Monty.

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